Monday, December 31, 2012

Natural disaster throws children into the arms of pedophiles

Natural disaster throws children into the arms of pedophiles

Can someone explain this?

Laurens Kids, a non profit started  by Lauren Book has estimated the United States has an estimated 39 million yes 39,ooo,ooo survivors of sexual abuse in the U.S.

Sex Offenders and or Thier advocates swear sex offenders have the lowest rate of recidivism of all crimes (except murder) ..Now if we are edging up around 730,000 (thousand) convicted sex offenders in this country  I cant seem to quite square those figures with one another ..

Not to mention SO's are always plying the "he only made one mistake and is paying for it for the rest of his life crap" umm ONE mistake uh? Our definitions of a Mistake must be 180 degrees fom one another..I liken a mistake as missing your exit off  I-95 not diddling kids but hey potato, potado.

If anyone has some magical mathmatical theory on  how these numbers can remotely jive with one another? Let me know..

Sunday, December 30, 2012

What is the definition of a "simpleton"???

poor little anarchy304/5 is too stupid to realize he leaves a web trail miles long. Suppose that is why he has Sex offender status..
He spends his miserable days in Online Gaming sites " A Clash of kings" which is prohibitive and toggles back and forth on FREE PORN Sites..
Free Porn, free porn ...{ Banzai fuck vids Anarchy 305 Viewed; Home vids of amateur teens 1579 Viewed} Tons and Tons of Porn sites and signs in with Anarchy305 ..

amateur Teens Really anarchy?? for those who dont know Anarchy has been diagnosed with classic pedophilia with preferences for girls or boys...He calls himself a Diaper Sniper ..
Anyone want to start a pool that anarchy305 days on the outside are numbered? Maybe I can help that along a little bit..

Brian Drew Watkins alias Oneofthem

Oneofthem is a particularly agitated sex offender who encourages other sex offenders to "buck the system" anyway they see fit..He is particularly offended by the state of North Carolina who refuses to give him a grant for some sort of business and bases that refusal on the States Prejudices against him due to his status...well duh ..considering Brian likes diddling with little boys maybe just maybe his business plan he submitted was put in the "no fucking way risk" pile..he has alot of Disdain for  Linda Harrington at NC governmental offices and encouraged his other "no fucking way risk" buddies to bombard her office with allegations of "discrimination to a sex offender" letters..
I thought it my civic duty to give Ms. Harrington a "heads up" on Mr. Watkins and his websites where she may read for herself our "discriminated against" woe to me sex offender. I thought it could be more enlightening for Ms. Harrington to feel Oneofthem's Pain in his own words..and perhaps her and the state of North Carolina could be more cognizant of what happens in the hearts and minds of persons requesting grant money from their state..
ahh good times, good times..

Umm does this sound Healthy???

"""My bf popped the question on Christmas Day. I said yes of course. I love him but I am scared for the future. All my siblings know of my bf's status but I have not and don't plan on telling my parents or any of my extended relatives.

I'm so glad that he is done with parole. If Utah stays away from the AWA (which means his crime involved a child) act he will only have 10 years on the register. Of course I was so happy when he proposed but at the same time a lot of concerns came to mind all about his SO status."""" .....

I don't plan on telling my Parents or any extended relatives?? Now isn't that just a healthy head start? Of Course the "Misery loves Company" crowd at Daily Strength are just giddy for this "not so bright" example of the typical female species that trolls the forum over there. As a Not So casual Observer of the Human Condition that dissects these people's post in that crowd It would seem someone, anyone would point out that her "proposal" may have more than one devious intent behind it. I like to compare these situations to Shana over at the "I love a Sex Offender" fame. Shana is betrothed to a guy willing to let her run interference for him at every curve. The more Heat her "sexually violent offender" deflects from himself onto her the better he likes it. Gotta give Shana some credit "the girl has heart" even though she isn't terribly bright in the big picture. All Shana's boyfriend has to do is let her fight his battles and sit back and drink a beer

I am always amazed by sex offenders who "embroil" another human being into their "shit world" as a cover. I guess I am more amazed how women willingly allow themselves to be entangled by them. The term "not so well thought out" comes to mind. The fact the above poster has not divulged to her family this reckless intent Gives me hope. Perhaps she has more fear of them (the family) and a healthy respect for their opinion on the matter. But Knowing what I know about this Motley group, she will probably elope and then dump the expense and aggravation on her family to dissolve it..We may need a prayer circle to hope she doesnt get KNOCKED UP in the interim..

Saturday, December 29, 2012

dont these numb-nuts Know they make my arguments for me???

On the topic of :
Change the way we treat sex offenders? From the Forum "families of Sex offenders" at Daily strength

justinthomas133 writes: So because I have a problem that I was "born" with I am expected to be on that list for the rest of my life? No thanks. I was "diagnosed with pedophilia "exclusive to boys and girls. So because of that I have to be shamed forever? No thanks. I'll do my 10 years on the registry and move on.

Im so tired of people telling me that I should KILL myself because I downloaded child pornography. I say go fuck youself because YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE about me. I was molested multiple times as a child. Because I didnt seek any treatment for my incidents I ended up going down a very bad path in pornography.

Now this is interesting, first this idiot swears he was "born" with the problem and in the next breath blames his dysfuntion on the fact HE was molested and didnt seek treatment..Wonder which one he used in front of the judge??  Makes my point that the abused often grow into abusers, and these freaks cannot connect the dots of wanting to keep these pathetic examples of DNA away from our children..

Friday, December 21, 2012

Here is a good one

One poster is bitching and moaning her "friends and family" dont include her "sex offender husband's name on Christmas cards she is recieving???

she says and I quote: " i have made my desicion if people will not recognise us as a couple i do not want them in my life any more that will be the majority of my family my husband looked at pictures he shouldnt yes it was wrong i am so sorry for the victims he is attending a course he will not do it again my 14 year old son has been crucified i have been vilified ENOUGH i will stand by the man i love who has made a MASSIVE mistake if anyone has a problem leave our lives does any one understand where i am coming from ? please""

umm Valigator is curious? I wonder what the "parents" of the child and or children her husband was "getting off too" think about her little delimna??  She makes mention her 14 year old son as been crucified? Another poster states: """wbat your 14 year has had to endear is shameful! "" She  responds: "please remember the children suffer soo much they have done nothing wrong but their lives a are ruined my son can never have a sleepover or even have a friend""
Ummm perhaps if little Miss "christmas card" booted that pathetic husband to the curb in favor of her son's well being" she may very well enhance her and her son's standing in the community.. But something tells me in the above "black and white" her perverted pillow partner ranks higher than her own flesh and blood..

Is it just me ?

Now this particularly forum jumped out at me as being disturbing, but obviously to other members of this pathetic site it didnt raise an eyebrow!

anarchy304 asked- my victim was 15 years old. let's say i want to move to spain (age of consent 13 yrs old), would they laugh at my crime o.O? would they allow me to move there?

is there a way to do so?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finally a lowlife sex offender admits the truth

Westley Allan Dodd

Executed in Washington on Janurary 5, 1993 for molesting and killing 2 children.

“I was once asked by somebody, I don’t remember who, if there was any way sex offenders could be stopped. I said no. I was wrong.”

At least he admitted he was wrong? And now we know of one way to stop a sex offender… catch him and have him executed. Westley Dodd endured the first legal hanging (as per his own request) in the United States since 1965.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Usual Quote of Sex Offenders, it is tiring

I am not a particularly religious person, in fact if one searches the web I have been called the "Devil Incarnate" by sex offenders and Or their advocates. The "Daily Strength" is especially gifted at posting  this observation of me.
Once the conversation deteriorates, my spelling errors are pointed out and my arrest record for "Standing My Ground"  is posted and ultimately  just before I am banned "oh my", Here  are a couple of  common themes and quotes that are posted:
""Do not judge others, and you will not be judged."
""Judge not, that ye be not judged""
In my many many years of observing these abhorrent crimes and the people who commit them, the one common denominator always comes down to either "judgement or Forgiveness" and if it is not "forthcoming fast enough? You can take to the bank the above quotes and smell the seething of "righteousness" permeating from sex offenders towards those (like me) who have NO tolerance for their whining. Well as I was channel surfing the other nite ( I wont call it an epiphany) but something did catch my attention and I lingered to listen.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

More words of Wisdom from Daily Strength

One post indicated from the resident (pretend voodoo) doctor that they hoped I was reading their post. How can you not? Its like a train wreck you cant take your eyes off of.

The title of the forum was "for those married to child molesters"
Mystified123 wrote a very prolific expose' that left me "high fiving" her in relevation about relationships. In this post she sounded healthy and grounded. the link is

Needless to say the comments degenerated by these examples:
Mamabear: I dont believe this is a healthy post. It may cause someone to second guess themselves. In a marriage you shouldnt have the option to run for the hills! Now of course when sexual offens comes into play it is def a valid reason but no one sin is worse than another. (keeping in mind) they are talking about married to those who are (CHILD MOLESTORS).

Honest witness: post was especially disturbing with the ". I am the former spouse of the man who molested two of my children. I am still connected to him through our children and "all the good things we had". But I am so glad I am not married to him any more. Interestingly, now that my children are adults, the same two that were molested are "convicted sex offenders themselves".( now keep in mind I had my ass handed to me for intruding on their site and bringing up the fact the Government Grant VAWA was a mismanaged and under utilized) program that in premise should be aimed at (helping the abused) and yet no one on this forum knew about it.
Continued: Believe me it gets worse:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Words of Wisdom from Derek Logue

Oncefallen, Fallenone and a myriad of other screen names after being banned

"Healing is not profitable. And if you keep people in perpetual victimhood, you not only justify your hatred, you keep your victim industry afloat."
What numb-nuts "sexual predator who the State of Ohio deems most likely to re-offend really is saying is "If forgiveness for my crime isnt as forthcoming and as fast I think it should be and the offense against your loved one or yourself isnt forgotten fast enough than "victim" becomes a dirty word to him. 
How a site who deals with the pain of those who are living with and coping with these crimes allows someone like Derek to be a member is beyond me. Derek is the textbook offender. He has no remorse for his crimes due to the fact he profiles his victim as a "slut". He started a petition online about some such rediculous thing and what many people may not have read was his "victim" commented on it. In as few words as the site would allow her to comment, she in no uncertain terms made it quite clear that his version he tells the world on any forum he can land on is not true and in her world he was suppose to be the "adult" and she was only a child. She is older now but Derek himself keeps her in perpetual "victimhood" by his ongoing rants and lies about his conviction and the circumstances of the event. How a forum can welcome him as a member is ludicrous. Derek Logue is every definition of the perpetrator these families are looking to heal from. He latches onto women (never men) unless they are as dysfunctional as he is to gain acceptance for his crime, he thinks women who "bite the bullet" and stand by their  sex offenders will be a more vulnerable audience for his tyrades. All the while he is the very definition of the guy who tore their world apart. Derek Logue for those who do not know is a member of "visions Of Alice" website. For those who do not know this site its members are comprised of men who like to have sex with pre-teen girls down to toddlers. He petitiones on these sites for money to travel to various functions to "reform sex offender laws" . Make no mistake, Derek Logue hates adult women, he is most hateful to those women who find his crime abhorrant. For any group to align themselves with Derek Logue aka Oncefallen, Fallendown, etc. is a group who will bever be taken seriously.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank You to Daily Strength for the Traffic

I appreciate your link to my blog .."unlike yours" you wont fund much "fluff" or psycho-babble surrounding this issue by members "Pretending" to be mental health experts (TrustingtheMystery) and  rather than linking to cyber bullying, you might want to check out the "practicing medicine without a license" link in your respective states..

Dont panic If I dont post your comments as timely as you think I should, or insinuate that your statement is a "win" if it doesnt appear the moment you click send. This is my blog, I "rule" what is posted here and control the comments. I am still very generous with opposing viewpoints as you can see with my tolerance of "Fallenandcantgetup" Derek. He has been on a time out lately due to his favorite usage of the term  "Cunt" in his daily rants. I get an average of 10 comments every two days by Derek, blustering about his ability to circumvent the system, his bragging rights he will go for a "stroll" on the nearby college campus, and his never ending self pat on the back when he thinks he has done damage to another Anti.  How silly of me, to describe One of Daily Strengths most "coveted members" must seem redundant. But I digress, feel free to hang around..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

another are you friggin kidding me post

Thoughtofasweak wrote:

I too am in the same boat - my husband has been in my daughter's life since she was the age of 2, and was molesting her for 4 years until I found out about it in May. My daughter will be 16 next month.

This is a difficult situation you are going through, but only you can make the decision of staying with your husband or leaving him. No one else can make that decision. Only you can determine if he is truely repentant and wants to seek help, or if he is playing you. Visit him, talk with him - try to get a true since of his remorse.

I disagree with those who said that you will send the wrong message if you decide to forgive him and give him a chance to prove himself. My daughter knows that I fully support her, and I advocate on her behalf - what she wants. She knows that my first priority is her. She has also come to forgive the only father in her life and she sees the changes in my husband. She is willing to allow him to prove himself (just not living with us).
MY OPINION____This broad isnt "weak" she is "Brain-dead" and a HUGE embarrassment to other women.
These posters dont realize it, but the common denominator among them? Most have been fractured by the Men in their lives and rather than making adult decisions that may be the hardest thing they will ever confront? They leave it to prayer  and of course the other fractured members who influence them in negative innuendos and the need to daily correspond with others who will validate their fractured lives and the miserable decisions they have made. They feed off each other and call themselves a support group. You wont find much healthy support here. And of course Derek Logue is high profile and has found his nest with these women who do nothing but validate his pathetic need to be embraced by the very segment of society he violated against. The fact these women dont have their own registry is amazing to me.

another tale of woe and a perfect RSOL mindset

Now this one is very telling of the mindsets of women who are involved with sex offenders and are some of the loudest voices in RSOL. If you dont think this one is fucked up then nothing will shock you?

Hcjfctc is a very vocal RSOL voice around the web: Out of her mouth and onto the web we have this in response to Mystified123:

and I quote from her stupid mouth : ""That is a tough situation. My husband touched a neighbor girl, so I understand your confusion and uncertainty. However, I honestly believe if it had been our daughter, I'd be gone. I couldn't do that to her. (She may not have realized it but what she said was its ok to abuse someone else's child that can be forgiven and I am willing to "stand by my man" as long as it was another familes child who was sexually abused..
Claire53- chimed in with "What a terribly complex and difficult experience for all concerned. The good news is, your daughter is not a little girl. She is a young woman, and, I assume, looks like a young woman"
What does that mean Claire? Why include that in a response? Does her maturity aspect give a pass to the "stepfather"? sure sounds like it..

and of course while Mystified doesnt realize it she has officially folded with "I don't know if my daughter will ever come to the point of being able to give him another chance. I am afraid, if I choose him one day in the future she will resent me. I have decided to lay it all down and just focus on taking care of myself, my children and get through my graduate program. I asked him to leave us some space for a while so that I could heal. He will keep in touch through skype, email and telephone while seeking out a 12 step program for SA and a ministry that can help sort his own stuff out.
 Another family bites the dust under the "guise" of I will blame it on addiction and not the pure truth that my husband isnt worth the ink to write his name, but rather than admitting I made a poor choice in a life partner I'll stick it out and leave it in GODS hands..(that way I can play martyr while throwing my daughter under the bus) and round and round we go..

and even more dysfunction

Mystified 123 wrote: torn between divorce or reconciliationPosted on 09/04/12, 12:07 pm

1)My husband about 2 months ago molested my daughter of 15 by touching her inappropriately while I was at work. I called the cops and had him arrested. He had raised her since she was 3 years old so I see it as extremely sick that he do such a thing. He tells me that he is repentant now and wants to get help. He says the reason he believes he did such a thing was has become addicted to porn and drank alcohol on the night of the offense. (ahh the I got drunk and watched porn and went after anything with a warm body excuse) always a favorite?? The bottom line is after much back and forth by various members she is folding like a cheap suit and throwing her daughter under the bus with this last comment, "He tells me that he is repentant now and wants to get help. He says the reason he believes he did such a thing was has become addicted to porn and drank alcohol on the night of the offense. He has asked that I wait for him to go through treatment and change to prove that he is different."" MY OBSERVATION? Financially she is between a rock and a hard place and as many women in this group I have observed many of their opinions are centered on that aspect. Too bad they arent realizing these guys are gonna cost them so much more than the rent money.. the other question is where was she while his addiction to porn was growing? How good of a provider and husband could he have been prior to the incident while feeding a porn and alcohol addictions? My recommendation? Mystified should stand back and consider herself lucky by ridding herself of this Not so BlueRibbon example of breeding stock.                                                                             

another interesting day on the web

I ran across a website the other day and needless to say it validates my theories on the WOMEN who choose offenders over their own and or their childrens self preservation. An casual observer of these women and their post  will find themselves shaking their head and asking themselves "what can they possibly be thinking"?
1)  Cantbemylife wrote:    The girl he had an affair with has major mommy/daddy issues and he said that she kept persuing him. He says she does not look or act 15yo and yes she does look older. He is having a hard time managing all of these things he is supposed to be doing like spending time with the kids and me and the counselor and lawyer. (She mentions she has three children) An "affair" means her husband repeatedly tapped this 15 year old on muliple occations but its inferred he was oblivious to her age, or he was just tapping what was there for the taking either way? He threw his wife and children under the bus for an underage girl who has now become the pariah and he the victim??
2) Amymesa responded: I came to the conclusion that the 15 yr old girl MUST have serious mom/dad issues, probably doesnt really know her dad and mom probably gets high..i knew so many girls like that growing up. And they did in fact do things like have sex with older married men. Im sure im going to get plenty of shit for this, but if this girl is anything like the white trash (sorry if that offends anyone, but its true) that I went to school with, than sorry, the only person she is a victim of is herself.
Then the "group" goes on to offer advice to the woman to look for signs of remorse?? I'll bet he has plenty after that introduction to the judge and that "come to Jesus moment" and realizing that the "wife" is going to be the only one sending money to the commissary. Not the 15 year old. This group is encouraging her to stick it out with the freak, "misery really does love Company" ..

Sunday, August 26, 2012

No appeals for '08 gang assault in Seneca Falls

 Love this, this is a family of pervs who attacked a guy posting a flyer on a freak. Next time they want to talk about percieved vigilantees give them this to read..
No appeals for '08 gang assault in Seneca Falls

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sarah's Law Success.

Sarah's Law Success.
England's citizens demanded a public registry due to the heinous crimes committed against its citizens. This is important due to the on going efforts by anti-registry groups to take the registry back underground and be made non-public.

Detectives: Man took pictures of 12-year-old boy using mall restroom

Detectives: Man took pictures of 12-year-old boy using mall restroom

Comes down from Michigan and figures he will expand his CP business freak

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why am I surprised?

I have always maintained sex offenders and or their advocates have no boundaries when it comes to "anything sex offender" was a New Low ..I accidently ran across Marc Klass's facebook page. I doubt I need to remind most of you but his daughter was kidnapped out of her sleeping bed, raped and murdered by a career criminal . Marc started the Polly Klass Foundation that has helped stiffen sentences for sex offenders and educate the public of their dangers in our society. Sex Offenders and their advocacy groups "hate him" along with many other parents of murdered children and will literally go to great lengths to defame or antagonize them thru a key board. Today was a new Low. Maddy Farfan (our little illegal) who muliple family of convicted sex offenders and gang bangers posted on Marc Klass's facebook page a picture that even I thought was beyond the boundaries of even basic good taste, but what does a (border crosser) know about good taste when they lay waste to a country and their citizens like Maddy's family has. After the picture was posted? Shana Rowan RSOL put her seal of approval on it with a "like" .
Here is the picture: You tell me, who post something like this on a parent of a murdered child's website??

And I am the Vigilanti??? (funny if not so pathetic)

And I am the vigilante???

Brian ask “who is Valigator”?

Joe Sanders Valigator is Valerie Parkhurst, a vigilante from Davie Florida who goes around posting lies about people on Facebook and also threatens people here, as well as around her neighborhood.

Nathan Rabalais (Nathan being very dim-witted) She better not come to my state or she'll have hell to,pay. ,,Umm (hell to pay)??

Shana Rowan I REALLY can't wait for the day when someone finally has the balls to confront me in person?? Oh really Shana then what??

Will Allen Lila: Your husband should have carefully provoked the neighbor into moving toward him and then defended himself by beating the person to within an inch of his life. That is how to deal with rednecks. It's all they understand

Britty Morgan another supporter of sex offenders:"" this video make me so fucking angry. I wanna just shoot all of them!

Shana Rowan ‎Casandra A Borland I agree. Don't cow-tow to this bitch. I'm so sick of the BS...POs are not the police, they can't put you or I in jail. Someone needs to knock them down a peg or two. I'll even help you if you want. Just give me the deets.(referring to a probation officer)

Johnathan Smitty Marc No-Klaas the aas strikes again. He's such a douche.

 (Another new freak referring to the father of Polly Klass, who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Richard Allen Davis). He goes on to say, “Funny, in the eyes of God, he's as much a killer as Richard Allen Davis, because he commits murder in his heart daily.

 ”” Are you frickin kiddin me Johnathan Smitty? The above are comments made by posters on a site dedicated to exposing “vigilanti’s” read the mindset of sex offenders and their pathetic advocates. Jeez no wonder their lives are miserable and they are considered a “boil on the butt of Humanity”

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gotta love this one

RSOL groups are gearing up for their 4th annual conference in New Mexico in September, boy oh boy are they pushing for everyone to "make their reservations at the Ramada Conference Center" at a special room rate of just 59 dollars a nite..I am still giggling

I didnt want some of the local Albuquerque News outlets to miss out on this one so I gave them the heads up that their fair city was going to "host" a mixture of speakers and plenty of sex offenders that will probably do some real neat sight seeing in their fair city in between those "prolific" speeches they are going to give.

I also e-mailed the Ramada and asked them if their was any pesky legalities that they might have to adhere too if MY FAMILY just happened to want to visit during that week-end and stay in their facilities?? I'll let you know when and if they respond. In Florida if I check into a hotel and apon registration ask if they are housing or accomadating any convicted sex offenders? By law they had better respond honestly.
Oh and a word of advice to RSOL if any of your planned guest have terms and conditions that mandate they get permission to leave their state for New Mexico?? Better have their papers ready due to the fact my next correspondence will be with the Local police Chief and Chamber of Commerce..Could be like shootin fish in a barrel????

Monday, July 2, 2012

Who is Derek Logue "fallenone" aka other bullshit names

Here are some quotes from Derek:

"as a weak child I took my frustrations out first on animals, then eventually people."

"My only thing is, however, is that those of us who have these "illicit desires" are obligated by the law of the land to either not participate in these illicit activities or suffer the consequences. And that doesn't matter whether you think that is fair or not.
"I once worshipped Satan so believe me there are stronger powers in this world"
" Yes I suffer from both bipolar AND Borderline Personality Disorder and I'm on 2000 mgs of Depakote but I keep forgetting to take my meds."I've been diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and chronic depression. I've been on a variety of meds-- prozac (which drove me crazy), tegretol (they had to monitor my blood for that one-- joy), etc.

 Derek admits he was attracted to his victim and again passes the blame for his actions to an "11 year old"

I'm attracted to women only if they are aggressive in pursuing a relationship with me, my "victim" included.

Derek W Logue:The following Official Record of Derek W Logue is being redistributed by under the Freedom of Information Act. This Official Record was collected from a Law Enforcement agency on 7/08/2012. Address herein provided within Official Records, visualization provided by Google Maps.

Home » US Counties » Ohio » Unsorted, OH » Derek W Logue » Official Records

Age: 35

Arresting Agency: Attorney General's Office Ohio

Birth date: 10/31/1976


Description Conviction State Details

0000.00 - Other state's charge code Alabama (Pre AWA) Sexual Predator


Eye Color: Brown

Full Address: 2559 EDEN AV #14 CINCINNATI, OH 45219

Gender: M

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6′ 0″ (1.83 m)

Inmate Number: 1571576

Race: Caucasian

Registration #: 25874

Weight: 190 lb (86 kg)

Zip: 45219

gender_of_victim: Female

secondary_victim_classification: Juvenile

volunteer_addresses: N/A ID: 8652122

Address: 2559 Eden Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219, USA

Dereks new Facebook name ""Jonathan Smitty""

Saturday, June 16, 2012

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Shaun Webb Michigan sex offender

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Shaun Webb Michigan sex offender

I am rather curious Shaun as probably others are also. You advertised to the public that "YOU" Shaun Webb were invited to the Miami Book Fair to be held in November. (and I quote)
Dakota0526 aka Shuan Webb said...

""""""Speaking of Florida, look where I've been invited in November!"""""""

Miami Book Fair International

Mr. Webb,

Welcome to our 29th Miami Book Fair. This year we have so much new, so much much to do and read (and discover!) at the Fair.

Our featured country is China, and the Fair has partnered with the Confucius Institute at MDC to present a day-long symposium on China’s culture and language, including a round-table discussion with China’s most important contemporary writers. This is a very significant program and part of our ongoing goal of bringing global literary perspectives to our community. Our international scope also includes thought-provoking dialogue as part of our IberoAmerican program schedule, and author presentations in French and Portuguese.

Out-of-the-box events at this year’s Fair include cooking demos by cookbook authors/chefs at the Miami Culinary Institute; the Book Fair debut of Literary Death Match, an Idol-style reading event that pits authors against each other; and a "date night" twist to one of Friday’s Evenings With that comes complete with free drinks and celebrity guests. Fairgoers will also enjoy the return of Twilight Tastings—five happy hours prior to our weekday evening programs, courtesy of some of Miami’s coolest restaurants.

Then, there’s the main event: the Festival of Authors—celebrities, promising debuts, controversial topics, enthralling novels, lyrical verse, edgy graphic novels, tell-all biographies, teen favorites, and so much more.

Yet, I think the real winners at this year’s Fair will be...the kids! We’ve added an extra day of presentations to our student program, and invite all schools, private and public, in Miami-Dade and Broward counties to come on field trips, Children’s Alley will feature a bigger stage and more children’s authors, storytellers and magical performers, and Sunday, November 20, has been officially declared Wimpy Kid FUNday at the Fair! That’s right! Jeff Kinney, beloved author of the megaselling series Diary of a Wimpy Kid, returns to the Fair and brings a load of fun activities for kids along with him, including a street full of snow! All to celebrate the latest book in the series, The Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever.

Every year, the Street Fair throngs and sold out Book Fair events give me great hope for the future. The book is not dead; people will never stop reading.

See you at the Fair!
Alina Interián

Executive Director

P.S. The Center is about to turn 10! Join in as we begin to celebrate a wonderful decade with a wonderful new name, new look and another year of amazing literary programs.
(sounds rather official to the average reader, dont ya think?) But there is a problem with the above Grandstanding by Mr. Webb! The Miami Book Fair never heard of him and never issued him any such invitation and is not very appreciative of his misrepresentation of their event! Now one must ponder, if Shaun Webb will ""lie""" to his own sex offender groups who go to the wall in support of him (kinda like his family/friends) about something so trivial to enhance his standing, ya have to wonder about everything else he puts pen to paper about also????

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sometimes a Thank You is in order

Please allow me to take the time to Thank Florida RSOL members for reaching into their pockets and assuring I will have a nice vacation this year (among other things) and that their generosity has really touched my heart. I also want to thank so many of all the "little" RSOL members for linking the story of my encounter with their favorite Son (Dale Weeks) it was amazing how valuable in a monetary... sense that link was. The various Judges and Lawyers were very impressed with your dedication and commitment to profiling the story and the accompanying comments that went with it. Once again, let me thank you for allowing myself to spend more time to interact with all your members , more time to banter and share our thoughts and feelings with each other. My story only highlights that whatever your RSOL groups are doing to educate and inform their members really does help others in more ways that are so under appreciated..and undervalued..(where are those little smiley faces when you so need them)?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hastings man sentenced to life in prison for teenage rape |

Hastings man sentenced to life in prison for teenage rape |

You really have to wonder how a guy like this can be released to revolve thru the public to feed off them as if we are buffet tables.. My saying "you can't fix this kind of broke" is on point. Stick a needle in his arm and be done with him.. Florida has the worst of the worst slithering thru our streets..This freak was on the registry, he is one of many freaks that Sex offenders groups "RSOL" swear is over prosecuted and "harmless" ..Visualize how harmless this worthless excuse for DNA climbing thru your families window would visualize him blown into a thousand peices ..I  like the second visual better..

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Shaun how old is this these young girls parents know a convicted sex offender is following them on social websites??
Laci couldnt be more than 16 and I noticed you have an abundant amount of teenage girls you follow. an hour ago, 4 hours ago its all there in black and white..ya know this blog will appear shortly anytime your name is searched..ask Gail Colletta..
Red flag #6 offenders are obsessed with retibution, even at the expense and embarrassment of their friends, families and employers..for those who stumble on this blog? Shaun has sent no less than 10 comments to be posted on this blog this am only, not to mention yesterdays submissions. "who does that"? most are redundant and I have not allowed them "more to spare his wife and kids than anything ..Shaun I will type very slow for you " you obviously do not know with who you tangle with" I only indulge in verbal pissin contests for a few hours, then I go beyond that..ask a couple of other offenders that thought they were on a level playing field with me...Oh thats right ..may be tough to do when those "violations" interfere with their profound communication skills...
.Red flag # 7 so far you have proved your bluster is bigger than your bite, your web tracks in an ongoing "communication mode with underage girls" ....a blind and deaf hunter could follow, "you do know I am a hunter right"? Your reckless disregard for the standing of your wife, children and grandchildren who you obviously are not taking to a completed thought due to your obsession with me will linger on the internet for years. You wanna go toe to toe on sex offender issues no problem but we both know you are way past that and its gonna hurt ya..and being the "textbook" socially disordered offender that you are? It will be all my fault right??? You have been warned in "spades" ..
update Sunday - 1st page 4th paragraph in "google Search "Shaun Webb sex offender-ouch!!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Shaun Webb Michigan sex offender

Ahh my new little stalker Shaun Webb..seems Shaun took issue with some of my post on an article on sex offenders.. So the usual tit for tat thats escalated to a playground bully exercise in futility on his part.

What was one of the comments? "you brought it on yourself Valerie" anyone notice how my boots are shaking? Remember my mantra of offenders "can be their own worst enemies" well old Shaun here fashions himself as a writer and has a couple of books he is hawking on the internet. Thats all well and fine and I cant critique his books due to the fact I am not interested in reading them (obviously not many other people are either). But thats not my only thoughts on Mr. Webb.
Shaun Webb professes his innocence any and everywhere he lands..His tales of woe involved a school he worked at as a janitor and was accused of sexual misconduct by a student. I dont think anyone is oblivious to the fact that there are false accusations out there and being caught up in that has got to be one of the worst situations a truly innocent person would face. But I am not Mr. Webb's judge and jury. But I am an observer of human behavor, espcially behavor by convicted sex offenders.
My opinion is based on my feelings after interacting with Mr. Webb, keeping in mind that my feeling's are neither right or wrong but come strictly from a perspective I get from those (feelings).
Shaun Webb makes no secret about the vile contempt he has for his accuser thats (red flag) #1 and I will tell you why..absolutely every quote I have ever read from a "truly innocent" person looks at the accuser as misguided, manipulated and are being or have been guided by those who have more nefarious motives. Not Shaun Webb, his rantings are directly aimed at the accuser with the infamous quote "a snot nosed kid" . Mr. Webb may defend that quote with being in a bad mood or other justifications of having a bad day, but the majority of those of us who have observed sex offender rantings over our many years, see something "textbook"in Shaun Webb's mindset. Blame the Victim, Blame the judicial, blame the system, and make the convicted the "wronged" one.
Red Flag # 2- Shaun Webb is openly hostile to persons on the web who find these crimes abhorrant. (take me out of the mix) Everyone knows how curt and short I can be with these crimes with my comments are harsh, but then again my tolernace level is non existant with these offenders and or their advocates at this juncture. But Mr. Webb is hostile towards the general public who are offended by these crimes and express it on public forums. He inferrs they are stupid and uninformed.
Red flag # 3- One poster on this particular forum where I had the misfortune to become aquainted with Mr, Webb posted a very profound  account of her 13 year old daughter had been violently raped and this Parent made no bones about her frustration with her feelings in relation to that rape. What did Mr. Webb do? Never acknowledged it or empathized with the woman, No what Mr. Webb did was to ignore it and continue to focus on me and his wrath that he would make me his "pet project" and I "only brought it on myself" ..Now you know me, the Shaun Webb's of this world and their attempts to defame me in some way is little more than poop on the bottom of my shoe, but thats not the flag, the flag was he became obsessed with me at the expense of this womans profiling the  victimization of her child, and his responses to her and others who made comments of being victims were offhanded, short and often demeaning. Never taking his focus off me..I found that to be a Large red flag.
Red flag #4- Shaun Webb never missing the opportunity to "hawk his book" (s) has a "backpage" written by Shana Rowan, the New Yourk Chapter of RSOL. You know my feelings on her, but this goes deeper than that. Why would a "truly innocent guy" align himself with groups consisting of any and all members regardless of "convictions"? Never quite understood that about sex offenders, Doesnt matter if the Sex Offender was every definition of a Romeo or tore the insides out of a 4 year old, they are all one brotherhood and stand together in a United front for no other reason than the common denominator of Sex offender status..I was always amazed at that, oh I have come to accept the reality of it, but one really has to wonder how a guy who professes such innocence can find any common ground with persons who have criminal histories that to the majority of society would warrant a needle stuck in their arm?? Big Red Flag to me!
Red flag #5- And this should be more to his wife than to myself, Nancy and Shaun from what I gather had been married prior to his conviction. Nancy dutifully stands behind her husband and supports him in his endeavors. Ok I get that..I wouldnt do it, but thats just me, I refuse to walk on that glass for the rest of my life, but does his wife realize or has she read her husband's rants on the internet? I have these visions of this woman getting up everyday carrying the weight of support for this family not to mention the anchor of Sex offender status strapped to their necks and here Shaun is roaming the internet "making someone like "Me his pet project"..think about it..he spends hours and hours a day "focused" in retalitaion against persons who have an aversion to Sexual abuse??? Who does that? Who can actually look at their wife as she walks out the door putting another 8 hours a day to keep a roof over their head and then you can envision Shaun rubbing his hands together counting the seconds until she pulls out of the driveway so he can resume his retaliation and google searches of "me"? If I were his family I would be livid about his post and wasted days and put his worthless ass and his manuscripts out the front door to fend for himself. I can hear him now as she walk in from another long day blowing smoke up her backside that a "movie" will be made from his books and life will be wonderful..yea that the same thing is "it will never happen again honey, I promise"???
Now I am no voodoo doctor that watches these freaks heads spin, but I would venture if their were "red flag manuals" on sex offender behavor? Shaun Webb would be quickly on his way to fulfilling all of them..

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bill Would Allow Death Penalty for Repeat Sex Offenders

Bill Would Allow Death Penalty for Repeat Sex Offenders
Best news I read all day..

Lila Folster

I have a correction to make on Lila, I think it makes it worse not better but here goes. Lila is the mother and the wife of Convicted sex offenders. Steven is the husband and Lorin Duckworth is the Son. Both live with Lila and I am sure her neighbors are none too happy getting two for the price of One in their neighborhood. Lila was very adamant I correct the status on her son, so I have.. I doubt the correction enhances her reputation very much..but offenders and or their wives, mothers arent known to be the brightest bulbs in the box...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Repeat sex offender arrested in Reno as he was leaving home of victim | The Republic

Repeat sex offender arrested in Reno as he was leaving home of victim | The Republic

Here is the poster child for the death penalty..the story is chilling but I am sure his mother will start blogging that his crime was "he only fell in Love" right Lila???

Lila Folster

Just when you think you have seen or read  just about everything and anything when it comes to sex offenders you run across a """Lila Folster"""..Lila is the mother of one Steven Larry Folster convicted out of Michigan for a 1st degree sexual assault (that is rape) while in the commission of a felony. For those anywhere near Chester ,South Carolina I am sorry to inform you Lila's son now trolls your neck of the woods...far cry from Lilas's version of her sons crime.. according to Lila the only crime her son committed was "fall in Love" with a 16 year old while he was 17. Funny thing about Lila though, she trolls the internet landing on any blog that remotely has the topic of sex crimes and plys that story to anyone who will listen..while in reality her kid is a train wreck. Multiple Failures to Register and far from being that lovestruck 17 year old,,low and behold we find he is almost 50...Oh one can empathize with her "whitewashing" a member of her families crime and downplaying it..we all know offenders and their advocates do that but Lila goes to the extreme..She actually interacts and ingratiates that Romeo Bullshit story to Real Parents of those who were convicted of Real Romeo Crimes to garner their sympathy..and has the pure audacity to offer advice..I mean who does that? Really who does that? Lila Folster is the definition of Offender Munchausen Syndrome..its the attention she craves while her own son is the very defintion of what society deems dangerous..Her son is a level three, makes him the lowest rung on the ladder in societies and Law Enforcements Eyes ..yet she has the pure gall to align herself with Real Romeos..Lila Folster is the poster mother for everything I have always maintained, Offenders Lie, as do their mothers. Ya know I can almost wrap my head around a mother who defends their child no matter what, but its hard to grasp the extent and depths  Mothers like Lila will stoop too for attention. I would venture Lila Folster has done more to damage the kid she has brought in to this world than minimize his notoriety or enhance the efforts of the Various RSOL aka Nambla groups..If I were Lila? I would lay low for a while and keep my head down..alot of people are going to have to do alot of damage control for one of their own after the mess she has made..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A word from someone Who Knows..

Sex offenders who love to banter about sexual abuse always use "Abuse is usually perpetrated by someone close to the Victim" as if that is some kind of innuendo that as "Guardians or parents" of these Victims... it was somehow "OUR FAULT"..I have long maintained abusers are opportunist and if the opportunity does not readily present itself "they will creat one" ..and again offenders will construe that as a fault that lies with the victim, never the OFFENDER..
I relate some crimes to the average person who stumble on this blog "first to outrage you, second to mobilize any kind of effort you can make to stop these people anyway you can. GOD knows there are certainly enough Groups to accept any contribution you may want to contribute too... Make no mistake, you will never be able to have a lucid ,reasonable rational dialogue with Offenders or their Advocates. Dont waste your breath or your energies in trying to wrap your head around WHY they do what they DO  and or Attempt to reach any semblance of middle ground or understanding for any Plights of Status they moan about. It's a lost cause and ultimately you will be disappointed in your efforts. Sex offenders align themselves with any and all persons who have SO status, Its what they do, they make no distinction between a guy who kidnaps and rapes a 9 year old waiting at a bus-stop or the guy who was convicted of having "consentual" undersage sex..Offender Groups even have "Mission pages" that the disclosure of their crimes is not mandatory for membership in their groups. I still shake head over that one. But yet they form a "collective" to abolish the registry, alleviate any and all restrictions pertaining to their status and  moan how they should be left alone to have a normal life. Its the universial mantra of anyone with Sex offender Status..They want their crimes (who they all maintain just pee'd on a bush") by the way, be treated differently that a "dangerous child killer" ..funny thing about that though? There members include child killers and rapist "who will latch onto anyone advocating for less stringent repercussions" and defend each other to the heavens.. So I hope you heed my observations about sex offenders and never ever believe their version of their circumstances surrounding their convictions..They Lie and Lie very well. They have websites that teach them how to respond to questions asked by employers, neighbors and Family members. You must always go beyond the registry and look at Court records. Thats sometimes not easy to obtain, but your first instinct should be they are dangerous and you want them as far from your families aka Opportunities as possible. Oh and dont go by the Mother's, sister's or girlfriends version..they will construe a conviction faster than you can dial 911.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ahh it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood when you can take down a sex offender and the landlords who rent to them in one fell swoop..In this county its not nice to fool the Property Appraisers Office by claiming Homestead Exemptions and renting your place out to a sex offender. Seems some people just dont learn. Its only a matter of time before the offender gives in to their impulses draws the wrath of Law Enforcement and bam ..two birds with one stone ..The perv and the cheatin  homeowner..aint this country grand???

Monday, February 13, 2012

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Something to think about

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Something to think about: The more I read about this subject the more dangerous it becomes to me. You know all those headlines about guys or women but mostly guys who...

Something to think about

The more I read about this subject the more dangerous it becomes to me. You know all those headlines about guys or women but mostly guys who are taken down in child porn operations?? The TYPE of child porn that is searched for by these people are very telling indicators of how disturbed they are.

Seems those who search for very young children, toddlers and infants being sexually abused have some very real demons floating around their heads and more than not, these very people have already abused a child depending on the amount of material they have downloaded.. In many cases. the Abuser has himself been abused at an age somewhere around three or four years older than the children they search for. The age is an indicator of "POWER" their brains need to gain some sense of control OVER their vicitms. The amount of material they have consumed also is an indicator ..the more material? The better the chances are they have a live victim or victims under their belt. So the next time those sex offender advocates try and pass this off as a NO-CONTACT crime?? That is as far removed from the truth as possible. Not only the children being abused in these horrendous videos are very much in contact with their abusers, but those searching for these films are escalating from previous made contact to higher levels of seeking sexual gratification.
Remember what I have preached for years, Sexually based crimes are an infection on future generations, and re-offend rates that offenders LOVE to throw around like rice at a wedding are as varied as the offender and or their crimes they prefer to indulge in and the reasons behind them. Dont ever clump child porn in one basket, there are some serious freaks in this sandbox !!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Illegal alien charged with molesting 13-year-old Florida girl

Illegal alien charged with molesting 13-year-old Florida girl

Carlos Urbano Teran-Ponce

Osceola County Sheriff's OfficeEarly Christmas morning, deputies in Osceola County arrested Mexican national Carlos Urbano Teran-Ponce, 34, outside the home of his alleged teenaged victim.

About 4:00 a.m., the girl’s mother walked into the 13-year-old’s bedroom and caught Teran-Ponce, who tried to leave. However, the woman blocked his pickup truck with her vehicle and called 911.

The arrest report states: "Once inside, they [the deputies] found the victim … curled on the living room floor crying.”

The victim told detectives that Teran-Ponce, a friend of the girl’s mother, gave her a mixed drink with tequila before she went to bed. She also said that he had molested her at least 20 times before the Christmas Day attack.

Teran-Ponce was charged with nine counts of sexual battery on a child and 21 counts of lewd and lascivious molestation.

The police report stated that Teran-Ponce who works as a window tinter "provided a full detailed confession on each count."

He faces possible life in prison.

*Reporter’s note: It should be noted that in Mexico, the crime of child molestation is almost never prosecuted, in fact if a rapist (even a child rapist) proposes marriage to his victim before a judge, all charges are usually dropped.

The reason so many Mexican nationals are committing horrendous crimes against children in this country is due in large measure to the vast cultural differences between the two countries. The fact is that the lives of little girls, and women in general are simply not valued in Mexico.

The most glaring example of the sad aforementioned fact is the age of sexual consent throughout most of Mexico is only 12 years of age!

If this nation does not soon begin to defend our border with Mexico, as well as begin mass deportations of illegal aliens, the United States will become just as inhospitable to children as is Mexico.

Now here is our Peice of Shit of the week

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gail Colletta is at it again!!

Lake County toughens restrictions on sex offenders

I applaud the citizens of Lake County. They stood up and demanded action against these insedious crimes and the people who commit them. Make Florida the least attractive State for sex offenders to thrive in and the public will see a marked decrease in vicitims .. Its a no brainer! Gail Colletta is the NEW FACE of advocacy for Sex Offenders for no other reason than her kid stuck his hand in the fire and got burned. Yet Now she is Florida's go-to person on quotes about sex offenders? Amazing a womans "claim to fame" is based on her kid looking for toddlers and infants getting raped on the Internet. But yet she has a website begging for donations and offering "expert advice" on educating the public about SEX CRIMES? Where in this womans history does she have the audacity to educate anyone about anything concerning sex crimes? Hell, her kid was under her nose with the families computer searching this stuff! But after his conviction, she is now an Expert??

Good for You Lake County and a great step towards making Florida a better place to live!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cost of Sexual Violence

The Costs and Consequences of Sexual Violence and Cost-Effective Solutions April 2011

The best available research tells us that crime victimization costs the United States $450 billion annually (National Institute of Justice, 1996). Rape is the most costly of all crimes to its victims, with total estimated costs at $127 billion a year (excluding the cost of child sexual abuse). In 2008, researchers estimated that each rape cost approximately $151,423 (DeLisi, 2010). Sexual abuse has a negative impact on children’s educational attainment (MacMillan, 2000), later job performance (Anda et al., 2004), and earnings (MacMillan, 2000). Sexual violence survivors experience reduced income in adulthood as a result of victimization in adolescence, with a lifetime income loss estimated at $241,600 (MacMillan, 2000). Sexual abuse interferes with women’s ability to work (Lyon, 2002). Fifty percent of sexual violence victims had to quit or were forced to leave their jobs in the year following their assaults due to the severity of their reactions (Ellis, Atkeson, & Calhoun, 1981). In 2008, violence and abuse constituted up to 37.5% of total health care costs, or up to $750 billion (Dolezal, McCollum, & Callahan, 2009).
Rape Crisis Services are Scarce According to a 2010 Internet survey by the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence of 644 rape crisis centers from all 50 states, Washington D.C. and two territories:
56% of rape crisis centers had been forced to reduce staff in the past year.

 25% of rape crisis centers had a waiting list for crisis services.

 66% of rape crisis centers had to reduce prevention education/public awareness efforts because of funding losses.

 61% of rape crisis centers had three (3) or less staff.

 60% of rape crisis centers indicated they need at least four (4) full-time staff to meet the current demand for sexual assault services in their community.

 93% of rape crisis center employees were paid less than $40,000 a year.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gail Colletta

Boynton Beach man sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison for child porn

Now if ever there was a sitcom to prove my point about "sex offender advocates" this one reigns supreme. Seems Gail Colletta's son decided he was going to "lower the bar" in his sexual experimentations and decided "Kids and infants" might do the trick. Obviously Alex, her son "not being the brightest bulb in the box googled one too many times for his perverted thrills and found himself on Law Enforcements radar.
So fast forward and now we find Gail (who started her own little PAC committee) jumping on any and every proposed or existing legislation to do with Sex Offenders. To make matter worse she seems to be the offical spokesperson for newspaper writers looking for a quick quote to "fill" in dead space on their articles. Its a hell of a note when your claim to fame is for your son getting arrested for trolling to watch infants getting raped on the internet. I read quite a few of Gail's "quotes" and funny thing though, she never quite volunteers the details of why she is so adamant about abolishing and or diminishing sex offender laws and restrictions.. gotta laugh actually, maybe she thinks people won't put two and two together or memories will fade? Thats ok, I have Gails efforts on MY RADAR and I will be right there to remind all the good folks "why Gail" is determined to diminish sex offender laws. I assume it will be because ALEX is going to be an anchor around the families neck for life (after he gets out of prison, that is). So much for that vacation home Gail? I think women like Gail Colletta and society would be better served if she started saving for that rural trailer her son is gonna have to find due to the residency restrictions Florida has in place (for good reason by the way) rather than try and push guys like her son into my airspace when he finally does slither out of incarceration.
Gail Colletta uses terms in her blogs like "non-violent" and "victimless" . Umm Gail I wonder if the Parents of those infants that were being videoed think your son's conviction was "non-violent or "victimless"???
Gail Colletta like other so-called" SO advocates" is doing what they do best ..Trying to make a Mink coat out of a Rats back" and in the process? She is undermining mine, yours and your neighbors families safety, security and well being of our children . For no other reason than her kid stuck his hand in the fire and now she blames the fire for his getting burned.
I have no tolerance for Sex offenders, I have even less for wives, mothers, girlfriends who preach their kid or family member "just got a raw deal" and then have the balls to be a big mouth to try and change laws that were written with the blood of many victims only because "those same laws" entangled her clearly disturbed kid!

Repeat sex offender arrested - Breaking News -

Repeat sex offender arrested - Breaking News -

From my Observations? Repeat Offenders are targeting children younger and younger and figure if the child can't communicate it must be a "win" for these pervs.

How a human being can possibly step over into this dark world and commit such a crime is still beyond me. Quite frankly, I have no desire to crawl into these freaks heads and determine "what makes them tick" ..I do however have very definite ideas as to what to do with them.

Its obvious that some people have no place in society and never will. They have earned their place on this planet as lepers and cast outs. After reading the above article along with so many other daily atrocities that hit me in the face everyday, its more than apparent that "society" will have to deal with this issue due to the fact the "system" refuses to.