Sunday, December 30, 2012

Umm does this sound Healthy???

"""My bf popped the question on Christmas Day. I said yes of course. I love him but I am scared for the future. All my siblings know of my bf's status but I have not and don't plan on telling my parents or any of my extended relatives.

I'm so glad that he is done with parole. If Utah stays away from the AWA (which means his crime involved a child) act he will only have 10 years on the register. Of course I was so happy when he proposed but at the same time a lot of concerns came to mind all about his SO status."""" .....

I don't plan on telling my Parents or any extended relatives?? Now isn't that just a healthy head start? Of Course the "Misery loves Company" crowd at Daily Strength are just giddy for this "not so bright" example of the typical female species that trolls the forum over there. As a Not So casual Observer of the Human Condition that dissects these people's post in that crowd It would seem someone, anyone would point out that her "proposal" may have more than one devious intent behind it. I like to compare these situations to Shana over at the "I love a Sex Offender" fame. Shana is betrothed to a guy willing to let her run interference for him at every curve. The more Heat her "sexually violent offender" deflects from himself onto her the better he likes it. Gotta give Shana some credit "the girl has heart" even though she isn't terribly bright in the big picture. All Shana's boyfriend has to do is let her fight his battles and sit back and drink a beer

I am always amazed by sex offenders who "embroil" another human being into their "shit world" as a cover. I guess I am more amazed how women willingly allow themselves to be entangled by them. The term "not so well thought out" comes to mind. The fact the above poster has not divulged to her family this reckless intent Gives me hope. Perhaps she has more fear of them (the family) and a healthy respect for their opinion on the matter. But Knowing what I know about this Motley group, she will probably elope and then dump the expense and aggravation on her family to dissolve it..We may need a prayer circle to hope she doesnt get KNOCKED UP in the interim..


Anonymous said...

Oh, now you're a marriage counselor? In reality, you're nothing more than a hateful douchebag. Why won't you publish my comments? Truth hurt?

Valigator said...

Hey I throw you a bone every now and then..and like a trained mongrel dog that you respond when called..

Valigator said...

By the way it must have been your side to complain about the comments on the "how we treat pervs" forums..I never ever report a post or complain about a post anywhere..why should I? One of you numb-nuts got the forum closed it certainly wasnt me.. funny you idiots spent so much time blogging about How "I must have got it shut down" now take this to a completed thought if your serves me no purpose to get a site closed now does it?? Its in my best interest to expose you freaks for the sick bastards you really are..

Valigator said...

"""Why won't you publish my comments?"""

umm I got lots of (anonymous) comments ..want me to just Pick one??
you do see me shaking me head right???jeez. Everyone wants to be a star..