Saturday, April 19, 2014

Now isnt this Interesting

I am always amused by RSOL (anystate) WAR (womenagainstregistry) and a few others who "go out of their way to distance themselves from Nambla" but when slumming on Nambla's website "Boychat" and reading the comments from the resident pervs it is downright amazing how they let the cat out of the bag when they think no one is looking. Reminds me of Kimberly Dubina who in one fell swoop and in her normal mode of ignorance made public RSOL's alignment with Nambla in her tear-jerking prose of Tom Reeve's passing, but I digress, obviously Nambla has their own version of Kim Dubina (Shrink Wrap) and here is what he said. Quote From Nambla website (BOYCHAT) As explained in an earlier post about B4U-ACT,(pedophile group) progress will come in small steps. B4U-ACT is working on getting improved mental health services for MAPs(minor attracted people) who want them. That is important. Here “we” have ""RSOL""" doing their part by working to modify the inhuman, unconstitutional, and counterproductive registration laws. If they can get rid of registration laws, that will do more good for pedophiles than almost anything to date. Posted by Shrink Wrap (pedophile) on 2012-September-12 11:04:24, Wednesday Love the Term "minor attracted person's, now there is the definition of making a "mink coat out of rats back if I heard it" One must keep in mind that SOSEN's Randy English on Jan.2013 wrote "2012 saw the uniting of SOSEN, RSOL and WAR(womenagainstregistry) to form a more united front in the fight. This was an important step towards becoming a force for change". I think they mean the "fight to make sex with kids mainstream"Some days are just Gifts from the Gods when your literally handed MORE proof of what you already know.