Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gail Colletta and Shana Rowan

Valerie Parkhurst July 21, 2013 at 07:08 am

The Very real aspect people should realize is the loudest mouths of the pro-offender abolish the Registry bunch, openly communicate on Facebook with each other "Knowing" their members are convicted sex offenders have Facebook pages. Take Gail Colletta out of Florida, and Shana Rowan out of Oneida New York, these broads protest daily for the rights of offenders yet freely banter back and forth with offenders signing in with a facebook page? They KNOW its restricted, do they care? No because offenders and the women who support them dont obey the rules if it isnt convienant, They "overlook" the simplest of restrictions for no other reason than they "dont give a damn". It is a very good indicator on how much they OVERLOOK an offenders crimes if it helps them reach an end goal. Thats why the public should never take these groups or these women seriously, they have no respect for laws or boundaries on even the most mundane levels. Facebook and other Media sites have left no doubt that convicted sex offenders are not allowed on their sites, Shana Rowan, Gail Colletta and a myriad of others go out of their way to let sex offenders violate the terms and conditions of any social media site that expressly forbids offenders participation. While they are garnering support from their "freaks" they are also allowing the perpetration of offenders trolling facebook for more devious intentions.. Gail Colletta and Shana Rowan are intent on "educating" the public about their poor poor sex offenders, what should happen is to prosecute both of them for being co-criminal conspiriters for helping offenders offend against more children.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sex offender sexually assaults two children, Oklahoma City police say - Oklahoma City - OKC -

Sex offender sexually assaults two children, Oklahoma City police say - Oklahoma City - OKC -
Sex offenders are busy this week, not a place in the country they arent re-offending at lightening speed. Sex Offenders are the only group of lowlife criminals that pose a bigger danger the longer they are on the outside. Ya know that offender who has lived down the street for a while and no one thinks about much anymore? He is a time bomb. Sex offenders are Impulsive, Compulsive and will literally explode if they dont re-offend.
They should be Eradicated on Site!