Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 year in Review

2013 legislation to toughen Laws against Sex offenders. This has been a year with milestones for Familes who are seeking Legislation to strengthen the repercussions of those who would like nothing more than to decimate our society. With the hard work and dedication of many who endure hours spent on research, contacting Legislators and taking time away from their families to advocate stronger laws against these people I say THANK YOU. Hawaii is not tough enough on child predators, according to Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom, who wants to change that. The East Oahu Republican introduced Jessica’s legislation in this session and hopes Hawaii will become the next state to mandate that sex offenders who abuse children will spend at least 25 years in prison. SB 799 and SB 1223 require electronic monitoring for those who sexually assault of a minor and it establishes mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years for felony sexual assault of a minor. ______________________________________________________________________________ “I will always vote to be the one that’s tough on crime,” Rep. Leslie Osborn, R-Mustang, recently argued during debate over a bill to impose mandatory prison sentences for those who fail to register. “I want us to remember that the people that are registering here include people who are rapists, child molesters. These are people that have done heinous crimes to members of our communities.” McKay testified before legislators as the House considers laws that would keep sex offenders out of state parks and prohibit them from going to schools unescorted if their victim was younger than age 18 — rather than 13, as the current law reads. It passed on a 12-1 vote. _______________________________________________________________________________ TALLAHASSEE -- Outraged by cases involving repeat sexually violent predators, four Florida senators filed bills Tuesday to signal an aggressive approach to protecting the state’s children. “Together these bills will make Florida scorched earth for those who seek to harm our children,” Senate President Don Gaetz said in a statement, calling the legislation a “centerpiece” of a joint House and Senate agenda.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Maybe Gail Colletta's friends should sit down with their children.

76% of individuals who were arrested for Internet child pornography had molested a (live) child according to the American Psychiatric Association, I would highly advise Gail Colletta's inner circle of friends to have a chat with their children about Gail's son Alex. The more we know about these deviants the worse it becomes.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Gail Colletta and her co-horts on Preventing Sexual Violence.

Ahh another morning of reading (trying to make sense) of the Shana Rowan's, Gail Colletta's and other numerous words of wisdom from Pro offender divas about educating the public on sex offender myths. After all is said and done, I liken their prophetic words of advice to closing the barn door after the animals (literally) have been let out. Now I am not oblivious to their motives, but one is left wondering what their efforts have to do, with "preventing" sexual violence in our culture??? Stepping back to their "educating/prevention" mantra. In all these years I have yet to find one of their groups offering up a Hotline for offenders who for whatever reason may find themselves on the verge of re-offending and need to reach out to a "voice of reason" to circumvent another possible assault. I looked everywhere and for the life of me cant seem to find one of these groups who offer that option. I see plenty of ink begging for "donations" or a Hotline offering up how to weasel around the terms and conditions of their status, but not one link that could potentially PREVENT an assault from an offender who has been "triggered". Kinda leaves one wondering what these groups definition of Prevention actually is, dont ya think? The great thing is I can offer up some very profound advice that is free. Now I happen to think once some poor bastard has committed an act(s) of sexual violence and had his butt run thru the judicial/correctional his "chances" of rehabilitation are slim to none. He may have developed a "fear" of the repercussions, but his or her ability to filter healthy sexual boundaries have been pretty much shot. My definition of PREVENTION is exactly what it means. Smarter people than myself have determined a persons sexual proclivities are created very very early. Taking into consideration the existing cultural and family dynamics and leaving out the very real aspect of any form of sexual violence perpetrated against this young person and or members of their immediate family, then the prospects of prevention become more successful. I think it should be mandatory that later age elementary and middle school children, be forced to attend a SCHOOL forum where "sex offenders" are schlepped up on the stage handcuffed, surrounded by Probation and police to Expel their tales of woe" of why they found themselves on their perspective states sex offender registry! Not the watered down version but the court record's version. We do these seminars on drunk driving, we do it for the "just say NO to drugs" campaign, I think we should do it for sexual violence and how to recognise it and what the consequences are.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

RSOL "Gail Colletta's how to bullshit Legislators Conference

RSOL’s Presentation for effective state advocacy and lobbying strategies "how to bullshit Legislators Conference Featured speakers Eric Imhof Suzonne Kline Gail Colletta Now this was interesting to say the least. This (how too) You Tube version of loosening the noose on sex offenders in your particular state, came across more like a sitcom of the old game show “What’s my Line”? Gail Colletta and her collection of EXPERTS sat on a panel and instructed the audience how to get Up Close and Personal with those who have the power to turn a sex offender’s world up side down. 1) Never use the term “Sex” Offender. Seems to be a mood killer. Use the term “Offender” and confuse them with drug dealers and gang bangers and when you think you have them (coming over to the dark side) in legislation verbiage quickly insert the term “sex offender” before they know what hit them.. 2) Don’t use the term “victim” it brings to mind blubbering beaten, assaulted and tearful persons which can be a “mood killer”. 3) Get in their Faces; make sure they acknowledge they know you. They may not remember where they know you from, “doesn’t matter” after a while they will think your old friends and they will introduce you to their colleagues whom will think your all on the same team.. 4) Recruit experts (even if they have been forced to resign from previous positions) that can razzle dazzle them with big words and confusing statistics. Approach the ATSA (voodoo doctors) who want to be taken seriously and have the need to garner more respect than they actually have in the mental health field. 5) Leave legislators with a “packet” of information that “glorifies” and highlights your position and include footnotes. Even if those “footnotes” include not so flattering statistics, chances are they won’t read them anyway. 6) Pretend to be on the same side initially to get an audience with them. Butter them up and congratulate them on their efforts to make their state safer, then throw them a curveball to cut cost by abolishing the registry and don’t mention the “cost” of diversion programs which ultimately will cost a bundle. 7) Tell them your there to educate them and again insert into conversation that offenders, (never sex offenders) are just nice guys and you want them fully informed by leaving them a Bar graph comparing them to shop lifters. 8) Never approach 1st year legislators, they aren’t savvy enough find their way around the Capitol Building much less due anything of substance for anyone. Why waste your time?? 9) Kiss up to legislators even if they are opposite of your party affiliation, tell them you VOTED for them. 10) Make sure you attend political gatherings and make a donation, soon you’ll figure out who can be bought and for how much.. 11) Never bring up the Adam Walsh Act, even though it’s proven to be positive for moderate risk offenders, RSOL needs to oppose every aspect of AWA. After all RSOL doesn’t want any oversight for offenders at all. 12) Even if the esteemed panel of Imhof, Kline and Colletta hate the Florida Governor and the entire Republicans smile and tell them you VOTED for them..

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How many "Anonymous's" are out there?

The last couple of days I spent some time (observing) on blogs that dealt with the wives, mothers and children of incest survivors. The sheer turmoil and pain of these people can leave you on your knees asking how do they endure such betrayal? Each deal with it differently but at the end of the day its such an agonizing postion to be left in when a husband, son or significant other steps over the boundaries to rip apart the very fabric of the family unit. In between reading these post, "Anonymous" loves to send pithy comments of a deranged nature to this blog and I am left wondering, "what line did he cross"? What family unit did he desecrate? Its insighful to read from Offenders who "anonymously" reach into some inner percieved depths of hell and decide to lash out at us who have no tolerance for these crimes. I find it justifies my position on this issue when you KNOW "anonymous" is sitting behind a keyboard after having ripped any semblance of a normal life for those closest to him and the word "trust" is nothing but a word in the dictionary he betrays as soon as he opens his worthless eyes in the morning. It leaves me wondering, how many anonymous's are out there sneaking onto keyboards while their mothers, wives, sisters and fractured loved ones are going thru the grief trying to "buy back" the life they "thought" they had before they got hit in the face with the reality of a truly mentally deformed human being? From the amount of these survivors and their stories, it sounds like plenty and I know where at least one is "addicted to this blog".