Sunday, January 4, 2015

Seems once again the proverbial "feces hit the fan" over at Daily strength's Families of sex offenders. It isnt a leap to conclude why so many of these members are considered "anti-social". A new member made the mistake of seeking advice from this board and promptly got her head handed to her for using the term "pedophile". Seems thats a big NO-NO in the world of sex offenders. Hell, to hear this bantering and in fighting "even when a pedo had admitted his sexual attraction to children" it is never acceptable to use the term. One really has to "smile" when reading the various opinions on "correct terminology" this group finds printable. Of course WisconsinRSOL rules with an iron fist and promptly slaps the hands of the usual instigators with admonishments of being "banned" threats. She won't of course, due to the fact this pathetic group needs as much traffic as possible when they align with other pro-offender groups to propagandize Or as they like to put it "educate" the general public in numerous media forums. (cracks me up).. It doesnt take long to distinguish the "hierarchy" in these groups. If observant enough (as I am) one can determine the "jail house legal eagles, the Predators, the social butterflies, the needy, the defiant and the passive in one huge sinking ship. It should especially be noted that those whose crimes can be considered especially egregious have the "highest ranking", given the widest berth and the most respect. It also doesnt take long to determine that this board is a microcosm of information that "therapist" should take a closer look at.

Sexual violence against the populace After viewing a documentary on Link Tv, I wanted more info to relay here. The link is just one from the World Health Organization that shows data on sexual violence and its implications on societies as a whole. To put it graphically, countries with the highest numbers of sexual violence just happen to be some real "shithole" countries. But I, as usual, look for data/opinions/conclusions that re-enforces my position on the issue and as predictable isnt hard to find. Seems "harsher legal sanctions" are the most immediate effective deterrant to these crimes. Dysfunctional, dangerous cultural/religious mindsets seem to be large factors in the highest majority of countries who use their own citizens as a sexual buffet. They coincidentally also happen to be the most uneducated.