Monday, April 14, 2014

Now this cracked me up

oncefallen aka Derek Logue out of Hamilton County Ohio Level 3 predator wrote on Daily strength (families of sex offenders) I always tell people I meet relatively early. I want them to get to know me before my label, but at the same time, I don't want to get someone too attached to me and feel like I misled them or manipulated them somehow, so I try to let them know before that person falls for me. Thats hysterical I'd say most of the time I've had success. On a couple of occasions, I had a woman freak out about it. But on the upside at least it wasn't before we got close. I also try my best not to date women with kids (sometimes they don't let me know up front they have kids, I guess since many men don't want to date a woman with kids, can't say i blame them considering our stranger danger climate). He tries to date women without kids??? Umm wonder how hard that has to be for a pedophile I will say this much-- online dating is far worse than meeting a woman in real life, because it is just like an online job interview, and it seems the women are pickier.Umm wonder if his profile says " i am a freak and a level 3 sexual predator, could be a mood killer?? Oh, my principle also applies to friendships as well. But if they are just acquaintances, like the people at my gym, I don't tell them squat. The gym?? Derek has never seen the inside of Gym, his definition of exercise is going to Kroger with coupons for Little Debbie Cakes and pies"