Sunday, August 26, 2012

No appeals for '08 gang assault in Seneca Falls

 Love this, this is a family of pervs who attacked a guy posting a flyer on a freak. Next time they want to talk about percieved vigilantees give them this to read..
No appeals for '08 gang assault in Seneca Falls

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sarah's Law Success.

Sarah's Law Success.
England's citizens demanded a public registry due to the heinous crimes committed against its citizens. This is important due to the on going efforts by anti-registry groups to take the registry back underground and be made non-public.

Detectives: Man took pictures of 12-year-old boy using mall restroom

Detectives: Man took pictures of 12-year-old boy using mall restroom

Comes down from Michigan and figures he will expand his CP business freak

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why am I surprised?

I have always maintained sex offenders and or their advocates have no boundaries when it comes to "anything sex offender" was a New Low ..I accidently ran across Marc Klass's facebook page. I doubt I need to remind most of you but his daughter was kidnapped out of her sleeping bed, raped and murdered by a career criminal . Marc started the Polly Klass Foundation that has helped stiffen sentences for sex offenders and educate the public of their dangers in our society. Sex Offenders and their advocacy groups "hate him" along with many other parents of murdered children and will literally go to great lengths to defame or antagonize them thru a key board. Today was a new Low. Maddy Farfan (our little illegal) who muliple family of convicted sex offenders and gang bangers posted on Marc Klass's facebook page a picture that even I thought was beyond the boundaries of even basic good taste, but what does a (border crosser) know about good taste when they lay waste to a country and their citizens like Maddy's family has. After the picture was posted? Shana Rowan RSOL put her seal of approval on it with a "like" .
Here is the picture: You tell me, who post something like this on a parent of a murdered child's website??

And I am the Vigilanti??? (funny if not so pathetic)

And I am the vigilante???

Brian ask “who is Valigator”?

Joe Sanders Valigator is Valerie Parkhurst, a vigilante from Davie Florida who goes around posting lies about people on Facebook and also threatens people here, as well as around her neighborhood.

Nathan Rabalais (Nathan being very dim-witted) She better not come to my state or she'll have hell to,pay. ,,Umm (hell to pay)??

Shana Rowan I REALLY can't wait for the day when someone finally has the balls to confront me in person?? Oh really Shana then what??

Will Allen Lila: Your husband should have carefully provoked the neighbor into moving toward him and then defended himself by beating the person to within an inch of his life. That is how to deal with rednecks. It's all they understand

Britty Morgan another supporter of sex offenders:"" this video make me so fucking angry. I wanna just shoot all of them!

Shana Rowan ‎Casandra A Borland I agree. Don't cow-tow to this bitch. I'm so sick of the BS...POs are not the police, they can't put you or I in jail. Someone needs to knock them down a peg or two. I'll even help you if you want. Just give me the deets.(referring to a probation officer)

Johnathan Smitty Marc No-Klaas the aas strikes again. He's such a douche.

 (Another new freak referring to the father of Polly Klass, who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Richard Allen Davis). He goes on to say, “Funny, in the eyes of God, he's as much a killer as Richard Allen Davis, because he commits murder in his heart daily.

 ”” Are you frickin kiddin me Johnathan Smitty? The above are comments made by posters on a site dedicated to exposing “vigilanti’s” read the mindset of sex offenders and their pathetic advocates. Jeez no wonder their lives are miserable and they are considered a “boil on the butt of Humanity”