Saturday, February 14, 2015

Child Porn What does it mean??

It has been my observation that  Child Pornography has been the "red-headed" stepchild of both the justice system and the supporters of those who have been arrested, convicted or involved in this horrific crime.

Confessing that I derive my opinions from various forums, groups and newspaper articles, it "appears" that this crime and the people who indulge in it have a myriad of reasons for doing so.

What is enlightening are those "family members" responses to a loved ones entanglement in this insidious mess. After the initial shock of a swat team knocks on the door wears off, the full force of the "system" hits them in the face and like clockwork the "minimizing" begins to take on a life of its own. "How do I explain this to my immediate family? What will I say to the neighbors who witnessed my "son" or "husband"  who was hauled away in handcuff's? The wheels start spinning and the mad dash to "bring him home" begins to take on a life of its own. That first collect call from the arrestee  sets in motion  a firestorm of activity that is always prefaced by " I don't know how that got on my computer" "It's all a mistake", " I didn't do this" and a hundred other feeble, desperate excuses to placate the person responsible for securing bail and ultimately release.

Now my personal opinion is that those who indulge in this type of crime are not that bright. Oh they may have PHD's be CEO's but overall in this day and age one has to be relatively stupid and very self centered to engage in this activity. Even with todays standards of technology the risk is unacceptable. It has been determined that LE only catches a small percentage of CP viewers, processors and distributors, but WHEN THEY DO and take the time to knock on one's door with a warrant, there is no "accidently downloaded" anything, despite what the immediate family wants to believe.