Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So nice to follow Gail Colletta's links

Have to laugh really, How she does my legwork for me..with her "call to action" post. Pleading with her "followers" to contact their representatives on house bill "such and such".. Of course I respond immediately at her request with introducing exactly WHO Florida Action Committee is and pretty explicit backgrounds of "who" the players are with their respective "flyers and newspaper articles" accompanying my "call to action" Seems Our legislators are very grateful for that information and never fail to "respond" with just the legislation I am always looking for. Remind me to thank Gail someday for those "easy links" she provides..cracks me up..oh and I need to thank Dave in the Philippines also, he seems to like to linger on my site also. His timely notifications of "calls to action" is really quite helful..He is such a putz.

Leon County Sex Offender KAGS TV - College Station, Texas

Leon County Sex Offender KAGS TV - College Station, Texas

Umm wonder if it was "accidental"???