Friday, February 27, 2015

Facebook Rapist

Facebook rapist

As usual the sex offender apologist jumped all over this one.

1) where were the parents? Asked one member whose child was sexually assaulted by the New Husband..umm ya just want to scream out "Yes where were YOU??

2)Eleven-year-olds aren't supposed to be on Facebook, but what does Facebook care?
Umm now they are outraged an 11 year old is on Facebook, but don't give a shit about the Sex offenders they communicate ALL DAY LONG thru that particular social network?

3) Ivy Dog (resident dumbshit) says..""The story does sound odd. I'm guessing the girl misrepresented her age and the 'rape' may have been consensual""" "consentual rape uh? Even that's a new one for the books..

4) No one seems to mind the guy was trolling for females after posting about his newly born child, but then again in this group's heads, sex crimes even rape are just a "boy's will be boy's" mindset.