Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ahh Shaun Webb is at it again

Our pathetic Mr. Webb is ranting again. The humor being while seeking sympathy for his self-inflicted tales of woe he toggles back and forth on the web encouraging any "young female" to show him pictures of themselves in various stages of undress with blatant sexual request and or sexual overtones..umm and one doesnt have to be a genius to correlate the timelines..as Shaun is standing over his daughter with "tubes" coming out of her as he describes, he is at the same moment asking some young girl if he can "lick her" ..I have often told Shaun his tracks are easy to follow but he gets lazy and his "compulsions" take over and like clockwork gets stupid. Ahh yes the last couple of days Shaun's meds are off again. An observer can liken him to a ping-pong ball emotionally. Might need to check in to a facility Shaun obviously your relationship with Mr. Hoke isnt helping you, hope your not spending your families hard fought dollars to pay for this voodoo doctor..