Saturday, May 3, 2014


I was reminded this am of how some people especially in the pro sex offender arena can behave like a "shoal of sardines" who ball together on instinct regardless of what or where the sharks are in the water. Seems smbr7996 (prison groupie) married a rapist with multiple charges of sexual assaults by the name of Philip McCarty. Looks like Mr. McCarty was released and rather than focusing on the straight and narrow and his unusually hefty new bride, he decided the thrill of another forced sexual assault would rock his world. Now the state of Texas has determined if it walks like a duck, its a quackin and Mr. McCarty needs to be "civilly committed" due to the very real determination by multiple voodoo doctors that his sexual instincts are still very much bipedal in his particular stage of human evolution. SO smbr7996 found herself a free "sign my petition" website and asked all the other sardines at "families of Sex offenders" to sign the "half truthful" description of his circumstances in a plea for her "husbands release". Of course they all "responded in a syncrinized fashion obliging this dimwit by adding their John Does. What none took the time to do was actually research Mr. McCarty to determine he is indeed a "bug that should be kept under glass". Various doctors have described Mr. McCarty as and I quote: The experts’ testimony regarding the evidence surrounding the three attempted-sexual-assault convictions was sufficient to support a finding that McCarty was a sexually violent predator.The record reveals that McCarty pleaded guilty to and was convicted of three offenses of attempted sexual assault, and he acknowledged during his trial testimony that he committed those offenses. Both experts testified to McCarty’s risk factors for reoffending with a sexually violent offense: escalation of behavior that becomes increasingly deviant, violent, or abnormal; pattern of sexually deviant behavior from age twelve through adulthood; history of antisocial behavior and difficulty controlling his impulses; history of difficulty following rules and laws; reoffending with a sexually violent offense after completion of the sentences for the first two offenses; failure to recognize a need for sex offender treatment; minimization and rationalization of his offenses; drug abuse history; and an unstable relationship history.The jury determines the credibility of the witnesses, weighs the testimony and the other evidence, resolves any conflicts in the evidence, and draws reasonable inferences from basic facts to "ultimate facts". And these broads Say,"I Have problems"?? Funny.