Friday, April 24, 2015

Who is Robin Lippold?

To enhance my point ..Oncefallen aka Derek Logue's,  largest supporter on his "restricted Facebook page" is Robin Lippold
Who is Robin Lippold??

The memory of the break-in still stirs terror three decades later: The Rockville woman was ordered out of bed at knifepoint by a teenage burglar, who commanded her to stare out a window as he started to take off her robe.
Before anything else could happen, the woman's husband, who had been "tied up in the bathroom", broke his bonds and violently tackled the teen, leaving both of them with stab wounds. That ended Robin Lippold's 1981 summer crime spree, which included other burglaries and a rape.
But it did not eliminate the woman's fear, which lingered long after the pre-dawn attack. That dark emotion surfaced again last week, when she learned that Lippold had been removed from Maryland's sex offender registry, a searchable public database that lists each person's residence and place of employment.

Robin Lippold also contributes to WAR, RSOL, SOSEN and other Pro offender groups with commentary..