Monday, December 31, 2012

Natural disaster throws children into the arms of pedophiles

Natural disaster throws children into the arms of pedophiles

Can someone explain this?

Laurens Kids, a non profit started  by Lauren Book has estimated the United States has an estimated 39 million yes 39,ooo,ooo survivors of sexual abuse in the U.S.

Sex Offenders and or Thier advocates swear sex offenders have the lowest rate of recidivism of all crimes (except murder) ..Now if we are edging up around 730,000 (thousand) convicted sex offenders in this country  I cant seem to quite square those figures with one another ..

Not to mention SO's are always plying the "he only made one mistake and is paying for it for the rest of his life crap" umm ONE mistake uh? Our definitions of a Mistake must be 180 degrees fom one another..I liken a mistake as missing your exit off  I-95 not diddling kids but hey potato, potado.

If anyone has some magical mathmatical theory on  how these numbers can remotely jive with one another? Let me know..

Sunday, December 30, 2012

What is the definition of a "simpleton"???

poor little anarchy304/5 is too stupid to realize he leaves a web trail miles long. Suppose that is why he has Sex offender status..
He spends his miserable days in Online Gaming sites " A Clash of kings" which is prohibitive and toggles back and forth on FREE PORN Sites..
Free Porn, free porn ...{ Banzai fuck vids Anarchy 305 Viewed; Home vids of amateur teens 1579 Viewed} Tons and Tons of Porn sites and signs in with Anarchy305 ..

amateur Teens Really anarchy?? for those who dont know Anarchy has been diagnosed with classic pedophilia with preferences for girls or boys...He calls himself a Diaper Sniper ..
Anyone want to start a pool that anarchy305 days on the outside are numbered? Maybe I can help that along a little bit..

Brian Drew Watkins alias Oneofthem

Oneofthem is a particularly agitated sex offender who encourages other sex offenders to "buck the system" anyway they see fit..He is particularly offended by the state of North Carolina who refuses to give him a grant for some sort of business and bases that refusal on the States Prejudices against him due to his status...well duh ..considering Brian likes diddling with little boys maybe just maybe his business plan he submitted was put in the "no fucking way risk" pile..he has alot of Disdain for  Linda Harrington at NC governmental offices and encouraged his other "no fucking way risk" buddies to bombard her office with allegations of "discrimination to a sex offender" letters..
I thought it my civic duty to give Ms. Harrington a "heads up" on Mr. Watkins and his websites where she may read for herself our "discriminated against" woe to me sex offender. I thought it could be more enlightening for Ms. Harrington to feel Oneofthem's Pain in his own words..and perhaps her and the state of North Carolina could be more cognizant of what happens in the hearts and minds of persons requesting grant money from their state..
ahh good times, good times..

Umm does this sound Healthy???

"""My bf popped the question on Christmas Day. I said yes of course. I love him but I am scared for the future. All my siblings know of my bf's status but I have not and don't plan on telling my parents or any of my extended relatives.

I'm so glad that he is done with parole. If Utah stays away from the AWA (which means his crime involved a child) act he will only have 10 years on the register. Of course I was so happy when he proposed but at the same time a lot of concerns came to mind all about his SO status."""" .....

I don't plan on telling my Parents or any extended relatives?? Now isn't that just a healthy head start? Of Course the "Misery loves Company" crowd at Daily Strength are just giddy for this "not so bright" example of the typical female species that trolls the forum over there. As a Not So casual Observer of the Human Condition that dissects these people's post in that crowd It would seem someone, anyone would point out that her "proposal" may have more than one devious intent behind it. I like to compare these situations to Shana over at the "I love a Sex Offender" fame. Shana is betrothed to a guy willing to let her run interference for him at every curve. The more Heat her "sexually violent offender" deflects from himself onto her the better he likes it. Gotta give Shana some credit "the girl has heart" even though she isn't terribly bright in the big picture. All Shana's boyfriend has to do is let her fight his battles and sit back and drink a beer

I am always amazed by sex offenders who "embroil" another human being into their "shit world" as a cover. I guess I am more amazed how women willingly allow themselves to be entangled by them. The term "not so well thought out" comes to mind. The fact the above poster has not divulged to her family this reckless intent Gives me hope. Perhaps she has more fear of them (the family) and a healthy respect for their opinion on the matter. But Knowing what I know about this Motley group, she will probably elope and then dump the expense and aggravation on her family to dissolve it..We may need a prayer circle to hope she doesnt get KNOCKED UP in the interim..

Saturday, December 29, 2012

dont these numb-nuts Know they make my arguments for me???

On the topic of :
Change the way we treat sex offenders? From the Forum "families of Sex offenders" at Daily strength

justinthomas133 writes: So because I have a problem that I was "born" with I am expected to be on that list for the rest of my life? No thanks. I was "diagnosed with pedophilia "exclusive to boys and girls. So because of that I have to be shamed forever? No thanks. I'll do my 10 years on the registry and move on.

Im so tired of people telling me that I should KILL myself because I downloaded child pornography. I say go fuck youself because YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE about me. I was molested multiple times as a child. Because I didnt seek any treatment for my incidents I ended up going down a very bad path in pornography.

Now this is interesting, first this idiot swears he was "born" with the problem and in the next breath blames his dysfuntion on the fact HE was molested and didnt seek treatment..Wonder which one he used in front of the judge??  Makes my point that the abused often grow into abusers, and these freaks cannot connect the dots of wanting to keep these pathetic examples of DNA away from our children..

Friday, December 21, 2012

Here is a good one

One poster is bitching and moaning her "friends and family" dont include her "sex offender husband's name on Christmas cards she is recieving???

she says and I quote: " i have made my desicion if people will not recognise us as a couple i do not want them in my life any more that will be the majority of my family my husband looked at pictures he shouldnt yes it was wrong i am so sorry for the victims he is attending a course he will not do it again my 14 year old son has been crucified i have been vilified ENOUGH i will stand by the man i love who has made a MASSIVE mistake if anyone has a problem leave our lives does any one understand where i am coming from ? please""

umm Valigator is curious? I wonder what the "parents" of the child and or children her husband was "getting off too" think about her little delimna??  She makes mention her 14 year old son as been crucified? Another poster states: """wbat your 14 year has had to endear is shameful! "" She  responds: "please remember the children suffer soo much they have done nothing wrong but their lives a are ruined my son can never have a sleepover or even have a friend""
Ummm perhaps if little Miss "christmas card" booted that pathetic husband to the curb in favor of her son's well being" she may very well enhance her and her son's standing in the community.. But something tells me in the above "black and white" her perverted pillow partner ranks higher than her own flesh and blood..

Is it just me ?

Now this particularly forum jumped out at me as being disturbing, but obviously to other members of this pathetic site it didnt raise an eyebrow!

anarchy304 asked- my victim was 15 years old. let's say i want to move to spain (age of consent 13 yrs old), would they laugh at my crime o.O? would they allow me to move there?

is there a way to do so?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finally a lowlife sex offender admits the truth

Westley Allan Dodd

Executed in Washington on Janurary 5, 1993 for molesting and killing 2 children.

“I was once asked by somebody, I don’t remember who, if there was any way sex offenders could be stopped. I said no. I was wrong.”

At least he admitted he was wrong? And now we know of one way to stop a sex offender… catch him and have him executed. Westley Dodd endured the first legal hanging (as per his own request) in the United States since 1965.