Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How many "Anonymous's" are out there?

The last couple of days I spent some time (observing) on blogs that dealt with the wives, mothers and children of incest survivors. The sheer turmoil and pain of these people can leave you on your knees asking how do they endure such betrayal? Each deal with it differently but at the end of the day its such an agonizing postion to be left in when a husband, son or significant other steps over the boundaries to rip apart the very fabric of the family unit. In between reading these post, "Anonymous" loves to send pithy comments of a deranged nature to this blog and I am left wondering, "what line did he cross"? What family unit did he desecrate? Its insighful to read from Offenders who "anonymously" reach into some inner percieved depths of hell and decide to lash out at us who have no tolerance for these crimes. I find it justifies my position on this issue when you KNOW "anonymous" is sitting behind a keyboard after having ripped any semblance of a normal life for those closest to him and the word "trust" is nothing but a word in the dictionary he betrays as soon as he opens his worthless eyes in the morning. It leaves me wondering, how many anonymous's are out there sneaking onto keyboards while their mothers, wives, sisters and fractured loved ones are going thru the grief trying to "buy back" the life they "thought" they had before they got hit in the face with the reality of a truly mentally deformed human being? From the amount of these survivors and their stories, it sounds like plenty and I know where at least one is "addicted to this blog".