Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank You to Daily Strength for the Traffic

I appreciate your link to my blog .."unlike yours" you wont fund much "fluff" or psycho-babble surrounding this issue by members "Pretending" to be mental health experts (TrustingtheMystery) and  rather than linking to cyber bullying, you might want to check out the "practicing medicine without a license" link in your respective states..

Dont panic If I dont post your comments as timely as you think I should, or insinuate that your statement is a "win" if it doesnt appear the moment you click send. This is my blog, I "rule" what is posted here and control the comments. I am still very generous with opposing viewpoints as you can see with my tolerance of "Fallenandcantgetup" Derek. He has been on a time out lately due to his favorite usage of the term  "Cunt" in his daily rants. I get an average of 10 comments every two days by Derek, blustering about his ability to circumvent the system, his bragging rights he will go for a "stroll" on the nearby college campus, and his never ending self pat on the back when he thinks he has done damage to another Anti.  How silly of me, to describe One of Daily Strengths most "coveted members" must seem redundant. But I digress, feel free to hang around..