Sunday, September 23, 2012

More words of Wisdom from Daily Strength

One post indicated from the resident (pretend voodoo) doctor that they hoped I was reading their post. How can you not? Its like a train wreck you cant take your eyes off of.

The title of the forum was "for those married to child molesters"
Mystified123 wrote a very prolific expose' that left me "high fiving" her in relevation about relationships. In this post she sounded healthy and grounded. the link is

Needless to say the comments degenerated by these examples:
Mamabear: I dont believe this is a healthy post. It may cause someone to second guess themselves. In a marriage you shouldnt have the option to run for the hills! Now of course when sexual offens comes into play it is def a valid reason but no one sin is worse than another. (keeping in mind) they are talking about married to those who are (CHILD MOLESTORS).

Honest witness: post was especially disturbing with the ". I am the former spouse of the man who molested two of my children. I am still connected to him through our children and "all the good things we had". But I am so glad I am not married to him any more. Interestingly, now that my children are adults, the same two that were molested are "convicted sex offenders themselves".( now keep in mind I had my ass handed to me for intruding on their site and bringing up the fact the Government Grant VAWA was a mismanaged and under utilized) program that in premise should be aimed at (helping the abused) and yet no one on this forum knew about it.
Continued: Believe me it gets worse: