Monday, July 14, 2014

ahh look Derek and his "words of wisdom" attempts to coach his minions

Derek Writes: You don't seem to understand the difference between a red herring and a talking point.( they should try not "cookin the books", if thats the goal) There are instances where we have to use examples to counter generalizations.(oh really? Yea I notice the "pissin on a tree works real well Derek) In this case, we use examples of people landing on the registry for petty actions as a counter to the generalization that all registrants are unstoppable and predatory in nature.(yea God forbid you should land on a forum and make any disclaimers against child rapist) You should consider the fact that we have a far more difficult task to prove our points, and we don't prove them by shrinking away from challenges.(cute yea just keep denying who you are and what your crime was when the cats let out of the bag) The other side can make generalizations and rely on dubious stats or anecdotes.Umm Derek how dubious is the criminal conviction? Oh silly me Your all innocent) We have the burden of proof because of our status alone. It is our STATUS that gives us difficulties with credibility, not our message.( No numbnut its your conviction) We are dehumanized. No matter what we say, people assume what they want about us. We waste far too much time trying to cater to those people (even those of the reptilian persuasion) than we do sticking to our message.(rally your warriors Derek, Your message becomes toast when your CRIME is exposed) If you understand anything about propaganda and persuasion, you should realize that consistency in our message and mission is key.(nice to hear you admit your message is propaganda and your persuation to minimize sex crimes are your goal) We have not been consistent because we waste time airing out our grievances with each other's philosophies in a public venue rather than a private forum. (does that mean YOUR minutemen are on unemployment) In regards to our reptilian admirer, the upside is few people pay much attention to her, even other vigilantes. (its not the vigilanties you have to worry about Derek, its the bullshit you feed the public, and I am very GOOD at EXPOSING that bullshit) However, the Internet has also changed the landscape of propaganda. Anyone, even an alcoholic reptile with a criminal record, can say anything online, and the victim then has to address the claim lest people assume it to be true. Most people are susceptible to believing anything they read on the internet.(you just now gettin that idiot? Thats why I exist) Poor Derek is starting to see his kingdom crumble under dissent and loss of spirit, what he doesnt get and the others refuse to have the backbone to Tell him is HE is their biggest disavantage, He is the biggest detriment to their efforts on reform, what this level three angry predator refuses to acknowledge is when you have a POINT man like Derek and other ANGRY OFFENDERS attempting to play this pathetic armies General? YOUR ALREADY DOOMED.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ahh the Daily strength crowd "Is valigator right"? Where Valigator is rightPosted on 07/06/14, 07:50 pm I know what you are thinking, there is never under any scenario where Val is right. But I think she raises a good point that we as a movement need to take into consideration. When we as the sex offender lobby state that there are many seemingly benign crimes that could land you on the registry we are not doing ourselves any favors. Yes, it is technically possible that crimes such as urinating in public, streaking, Romeo and Juliet statutory rape, making love in public etc, can land you on the registry. However, this is not the majority of the people on the registry. It is not a good idea to use these extreme examples to show why the registry is invalid. Valigator correctly in my opinion calls bull s*** on this, and I think she speaks for the average joe. If I did not have a background in this, I would say, well let's jus take those crimes off of the list of having to register, problem solved. We should not try and sell this to the public, because they are not buying it. Even if a majority of people on the registry were on it for those types of crimes wouldn't it make more sense to fix the problem of having those crimes on the registry? How many people on this forum have a loved one or are an offender because of urinating in public, romeo and Juliet statutory rape, streaking, making love in public? How many people on this forum are here for any of the above listed crimes? Just from casual observance of the posts, it seems like a majority of the people on this forum are here because of CP.?