Saturday, November 15, 2014

Amazing what some women will do

I could never quite grasp the concept of women actively searching out convicted sex offenders for relationships. But its not as rare as one would suppose it is. (Which is frightening). Many support groups (especially the daily strength) website have various forums for persons who look for affirmation from others and pour out their guts looking for the proverbial pat on the back from like minded persons in the same "sinking boat". What is common seems to be women who may have either had teenage relationships or had early aquaintance relationships with offenders. For some deranged reason many of these women re-connect with these offenders after 15-20 years. Seems after they have married, had children and then divorce do they actively re-engage with either someone in prison or have been released from prison and have sex offender status?? Of course the ever present "I always knew he was my soul mate" is the most prevalent "excuse" for resuming the relationship. What is very unsettling is these "women" have forfieted their relationships with Parents, friends and relatives when they expose their new "love interest" and even more disturbing is many times they give up their "children". If it were not so "pathetic" to read the predictable excuses and Promises these "convicts" make and these "women" fall for, it would be comical. "He swears" he would never "do it again"? He "cant wait to be in my arms"? "He has learned his lesson and All he can envision is a walk on the beach arm in arm"?? Oh and can you send extra "canteen" money for "tennis shoes"? "sorry about the $300 buck collect calls and that extra job you had to take to pay for my worthless ass while I sit in here". "It will be worth it, once I have you in my arms"? and these broads fall for it. Here is the clincher,the sheer number of excuses they make for their "soul mates" crimes. The pressure of their jobs, the unhappiness of their previous relationship, the meth, the coke, the alcohol, (and thats on the rare occation where the perp actually admits to the crime) seems to be a viable excuse for these women to look past the criminal histories and play martyr! One must ponder what will these "freaks" do when the pressure of parole, the registry, the hunt for employment, the GPS fees, the counseling fees and the residency restrictions hit them between the eyes. Wonder how long it takes for the "bloom to fall off the rose" then? I'll tell you how long, when these women realize they dont even KNOW this guy, but its too late because they dug their heels in with everyone who knew them, already spent thousands on the guy,are the predominant breadwinner and are too embarrassed to admit they "fucked up" by even attempting a life with this "stranger". But they will continue on these "forums" to get a high five from other women who chose an equally dismal road to travel so they can wallow in their stupidity together. Which takes us full circle, they seem to think the Post incarceration issues is the source of their woes, if society took all that away, abolished the registry, no fees, no restrictions, These convicts would actually have to "perform" being an equal partner in the relationship which they were never capable of being before they got arrested?? Chicken or the egg???