Saturday, March 14, 2015

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I did not know that my boyfriend is a sex offender

Posted on 03/12/15, 07:28 pm
My boyfriend lives in other state, a week ago of Valentine's day I asked him his address, because I wanted to send a gift for that day, when he gave me the address he did not put the zip code, so I was looking in google, I was really surprise when I saw his name in fact-home, I clicked over that link, and he was/is there, accused of sex offender. I felt really bad I was like WTF!!!!!!! I do not what to do. Actually he did not realize that I know that.
and the usual minimizing comes with
1) It is just a label
2) If you had just started dating then he probably did not want to scare you off since your relationship just started. If you have been together for awhile, he probably did not want to lose you .
3)don't jump to conclusions. 99% of the time the charges listed for someone is blown out of proportion (crack me up)" yea lets see out out of proportion it is when she brings the lying, manipulating perv home to momma and daddy) and then cant live within a thousand feet of an elementary school"??

They Very Lying and Manipulating Bitches of Daily Strength

mtbfan wrote: Ok, so we moved into a place, and the new neighbors had already said hello and welcome when they saw us moving in. They were told by the "landlord" that we are good people, and they would like us. The landlord does not know anything about our situation, but we made a very good impression. My guy is not on the public registry, so nobody would ever know his SO status. However, probation comes by every 4 months or so, and I know they will come by to see the new place. They always show up in pairs, heavy dark black clothing with guns. I am just trying to prepare myself to when they come, and if neighbors might be around. I don't want them to think we are anything to worry about, because we are not, but I know that people will think the worst when they see probation. I don't want to mention anything now since nobody may ever witness the "visits". I was wondering about a "cover up story" since I could explain that probation is good compared to jail, showing that he is no danger to anyone. Has anyone ever dealt with this or has any advice?

mtbfan, wonder what she will do if one of the Neighbors Happens to have access to her husband's criminal record? Then the neighbor spots probation and inquires as to "whats going on" and dumbass mebfan Lies to her or him? Goes to the landlord and well "what a tangled web we weave"?

Needless to say the respondents at DS encourage her to lie also in their subsequent post to her. But contrary to public knowledge, in as much as mtbfan wants to avoid any confrontation by her neighbors as to her husband's status and the answers she will inevitably LIE about anyway, this should go under my forum "How victims are born" .. and why convicted sex offenders should always be listed on a  registry. Little do these idiots KNOW at DS, the amount of AMMO they handed me when their favorite topic of "abolishing the registry comes up" and How they "conspire" to lie to Neighbors/Public about status.

Police: List of sexual battery victims by 'Mr. Good Guy' of Pinellas Park at 5 and growing | Crime | Bradenton Herald

Police: List of sexual battery victims by 'Mr. Good Guy' of Pinellas Park at 5 and growing | Crime | Bradenton Herald

Neighbors say when Shepard moved into Cedar Hollow apartments in Pinellas County, they received a sexual offender flyer notifying them of his record, but Shepard explained it, saying a girlfriend lied about her age.

"He told me it was a 16-year-old girl," his former roommate Kendra Shurtleff said. "I believed him. He had everybody fooled. He had this whole neighborhood thinking he was this Mr. Good Guy." Umm Wonder if the Neighbors feel Groomed???

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