Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ahh and another one

I did not know that my boyfriend is a sex offender

Posted on 03/12/15, 07:28 pm
My boyfriend lives in other state, a week ago of Valentine's day I asked him his address, because I wanted to send a gift for that day, when he gave me the address he did not put the zip code, so I was looking in google, I was really surprise when I saw his name in fact-home, I clicked over that link, and he was/is there, accused of sex offender. I felt really bad I was like WTF!!!!!!! I do not what to do. Actually he did not realize that I know that.
and the usual minimizing comes with
1) It is just a label
2) If you had just started dating then he probably did not want to scare you off since your relationship just started. If you have been together for awhile, he probably did not want to lose you .
3)don't jump to conclusions. 99% of the time the charges listed for someone is blown out of proportion (crack me up)" yea lets see out out of proportion it is when she brings the lying, manipulating perv home to momma and daddy) and then cant live within a thousand feet of an elementary school"??


Valigator said...

and of course the "truth finally comes out that:

"we are almost a year together, I love him with my heart, and I just want that he said to me - I want to talk about what happened time ago- and I said do not worry My Sweetheart the past is the past."

Okey Dokie then. Not quite a "graduate" from any accredited public school and the "PERFECT" example of a typical DS member. God help us all..

Anonymous said...

Hey val, wanna see the most twisted sick freak ever to grace DS? Look at the post titled 'a family torn apart'. This just set the bar for a new low. Unreal. This death deserving freak raped every little girl in his family and these disgusting freaks are defending him. I was disinterested and only read for morbid entertainment, now I find myself wishing that an extremely painful for of cancer wipes out that entire forum population and their sick child rapist husband's and sons

Valigator said...

I read the post ..amazing. Notice Advocate 2 copied and pasted her two cents and by the third post had the forum members thinking this family (children) had gotten this sexually transmitted disease from the "fairies". Of course she was high fived on her ability to "raise doubt" and these numbnuts universally agreed she should be an attorney?? No wonder their misplaced heroism's land them in the "shitholes" they wallow in daily. To this pathetic example of mother's, wives and family members "sexual abuse" is a figment of the public's imagination and really doesn't exist at all.