Friday, February 27, 2015

Facebook Rapist

Facebook rapist

As usual the sex offender apologist jumped all over this one.

1) where were the parents? Asked one member whose child was sexually assaulted by the New Husband..umm ya just want to scream out "Yes where were YOU??

2)Eleven-year-olds aren't supposed to be on Facebook, but what does Facebook care?
Umm now they are outraged an 11 year old is on Facebook, but don't give a shit about the Sex offenders they communicate ALL DAY LONG thru that particular social network?

3) Ivy Dog (resident dumbshit) says..""The story does sound odd. I'm guessing the girl misrepresented her age and the 'rape' may have been consensual""" "consentual rape uh? Even that's a new one for the books..

4) No one seems to mind the guy was trolling for females after posting about his newly born child, but then again in this group's heads, sex crimes even rape are just a "boy's will be boy's" mindset.

Friday, February 20, 2015

ahh Look another country is asking for a SO registry

Seems India's children are also being chewed up and spit out by anonymous pervs and society is asking for relief..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Child porn restitution bill passes Senate, sets minimum damages for victims - Washington Times

Child porn restitution bill passes Senate, sets minimum damages for victims - Washington Times

Good ..this is long overdue and the word should be spread. There is no earthly reason people should indulge in this crime. But as we shall see, the loss of one's freedoms, families, futures and economic opportunities wont stop many from their illegal and sick sexual compulsions..

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Poor "Coastie"

Poor little Coastie (Utah) over at "families of sex offenders" must be off his meds again. Obviously that "treatment" at Lifestar hasnt helped him a bit. Perhaps someone should reach out to Linda and alert her to his unstable behavor and she can bring him back to "group" before he hurts himself.

Coastie (6) years in Coast Guard and a couple in ARNG Army national Guard lost all his standing due to his illegal habit of surfing for Underage Porn and blames the world for it.

His occupation as a welder/machinist isn't too lucrative, considering how much time he spends on the internet its no wonder.  Since his parents live close enough they may need to do an intervention with this freak. When Coastie isn't slumming on God knows what sites he brags about his alone time with his nephews Logan and Ian and how "trustworthy" his family "thinks he is" ..

Guess some of us may have to reach out to mom and DAD at the body shop  and sent them Coastie's rants on the web..

Sex offender lashes out at sentencing - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

Sex offender lashes out at sentencing - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

If you closed your eyes you would swear this was Derek Logue..

Police: Sex offender caught on camera inappropriately touching himself | Oklahoma City - OKC -

Police: Sex offender caught on camera inappropriately touching himself | Oklahoma City - OKC -

drumroll...and here Ladies and Gentlemen is the argument that Pro-Perv groups use that anyone can land on the registry for "just urinating in an ally"....

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Child Porn What does it mean??

It has been my observation that  Child Pornography has been the "red-headed" stepchild of both the justice system and the supporters of those who have been arrested, convicted or involved in this horrific crime.

Confessing that I derive my opinions from various forums, groups and newspaper articles, it "appears" that this crime and the people who indulge in it have a myriad of reasons for doing so.

What is enlightening are those "family members" responses to a loved ones entanglement in this insidious mess. After the initial shock of a swat team knocks on the door wears off, the full force of the "system" hits them in the face and like clockwork the "minimizing" begins to take on a life of its own. "How do I explain this to my immediate family? What will I say to the neighbors who witnessed my "son" or "husband"  who was hauled away in handcuff's? The wheels start spinning and the mad dash to "bring him home" begins to take on a life of its own. That first collect call from the arrestee  sets in motion  a firestorm of activity that is always prefaced by " I don't know how that got on my computer" "It's all a mistake", " I didn't do this" and a hundred other feeble, desperate excuses to placate the person responsible for securing bail and ultimately release.

Now my personal opinion is that those who indulge in this type of crime are not that bright. Oh they may have PHD's be CEO's but overall in this day and age one has to be relatively stupid and very self centered to engage in this activity. Even with todays standards of technology the risk is unacceptable. It has been determined that LE only catches a small percentage of CP viewers, processors and distributors, but WHEN THEY DO and take the time to knock on one's door with a warrant, there is no "accidently downloaded" anything, despite what the immediate family wants to believe.


Friday, February 13, 2015

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Interesting

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Interesting
Ok I think we have this straightened out..those prison wedding pics are just so heartwarming, don't ya think??

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stranded triplets' dad arrested on sex offender violation

Stranded triplets' dad arrested on sex offender violation

Lets see if those "compassionate" Pro offender groups will step up to the plate for this family???

Where are you Vicki Henry??

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sex Offender Forces Way into Knoxville Home, Attempts Sexual Abuse |

Sex Offender Forces Way into Knoxville Home, Attempts Sexual Abuse |

and his wife states "“I 100% don’t believe that it was him,” said wife Lydia Smith. Umm sounds like a member of Dailey Strength's "Families of sex offenders"

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Idiots at Families of Sex Offenders

Seems the "daily Strength genius's" of Families of sex offenders have contributed their two cents on "child abuse prevention programs" by bashing and trashing Lauren Book of Florida in her efforts and success in implementing one of the most comprehensive and intelligent programs aimed at this issue.

It would appear from reading the comments that NOT ONE of these members of "Families of Sex offenders" has ever donated or been involved with ANY "campaign" to reach awareness about any cause whatsoever. Their sheer ignorance of how these "campaigns" actually work by these people are dumb-founding. The posters obviously have no concept of "sponsorship, tax exemptions and or the "business end" of campaigns like Lauren Book's. Yet they feel confident and "wise enough" to contribute their worthless 2 cents on the program by bashing and trashing Ms. Book's efforts. Every time I "slum" over to this site "Families of Sex offenders" it re-enforces my position as to why and how these people have found themselves in the legal "shitholes" in which they are living under.

One would think prior to "posting" a thread about abuse programs, they would have actually "googled" it and had a basic knowledge of the said program before attempting to sound knowledgeable on the topic. But alas, that little detail would once again is too much to hope for.

To date, there is not ONE PROGRAM these deviants and or their supporters would stand behind if that program included "telling" by the victim. That's says it all and should cement to the public that when these "groups" advocate "education" rather than "punishment" should be in the forefront of Sexual abuse?? They are lying and bull-shitting the world. It looks good in ink, but in reality they want sexual abuse to go back underground and leave it as the "dirty little secret" it has always been.