Saturday, February 7, 2015

Idiots at Families of Sex Offenders

Seems the "daily Strength genius's" of Families of sex offenders have contributed their two cents on "child abuse prevention programs" by bashing and trashing Lauren Book of Florida in her efforts and success in implementing one of the most comprehensive and intelligent programs aimed at this issue.

It would appear from reading the comments that NOT ONE of these members of "Families of Sex offenders" has ever donated or been involved with ANY "campaign" to reach awareness about any cause whatsoever. Their sheer ignorance of how these "campaigns" actually work by these people are dumb-founding. The posters obviously have no concept of "sponsorship, tax exemptions and or the "business end" of campaigns like Lauren Book's. Yet they feel confident and "wise enough" to contribute their worthless 2 cents on the program by bashing and trashing Ms. Book's efforts. Every time I "slum" over to this site "Families of Sex offenders" it re-enforces my position as to why and how these people have found themselves in the legal "shitholes" in which they are living under.

One would think prior to "posting" a thread about abuse programs, they would have actually "googled" it and had a basic knowledge of the said program before attempting to sound knowledgeable on the topic. But alas, that little detail would once again is too much to hope for.

To date, there is not ONE PROGRAM these deviants and or their supporters would stand behind if that program included "telling" by the victim. That's says it all and should cement to the public that when these "groups" advocate "education" rather than "punishment" should be in the forefront of Sexual abuse?? They are lying and bull-shitting the world. It looks good in ink, but in reality they want sexual abuse to go back underground and leave it as the "dirty little secret" it has always been.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the posts from that person who uses the screen name advocate with some numbers after it? She is the worst. Someone came up there with a story about getting raped by her father and the first advice advocate gives is to keep it quiet so the pervert doesn't have to spend his life as a sex offender. No thought at all for the victim or the serious nature of the crime. A couple people seemed to care about the victim and were struggling, but the majority just seem to think it's all a bunch of BS and the system is to blame for their problems. Following this train wreck is unreal..

Valigator said...

I am glad I am not the only one who follows this "train wreck".

People need to try and grasp the mindset of these people to truly understand how victims are born and groomed. Thanks..