Friday, December 21, 2012

Here is a good one

One poster is bitching and moaning her "friends and family" dont include her "sex offender husband's name on Christmas cards she is recieving???

she says and I quote: " i have made my desicion if people will not recognise us as a couple i do not want them in my life any more that will be the majority of my family my husband looked at pictures he shouldnt yes it was wrong i am so sorry for the victims he is attending a course he will not do it again my 14 year old son has been crucified i have been vilified ENOUGH i will stand by the man i love who has made a MASSIVE mistake if anyone has a problem leave our lives does any one understand where i am coming from ? please""

umm Valigator is curious? I wonder what the "parents" of the child and or children her husband was "getting off too" think about her little delimna??  She makes mention her 14 year old son as been crucified? Another poster states: """wbat your 14 year has had to endear is shameful! "" She  responds: "please remember the children suffer soo much they have done nothing wrong but their lives a are ruined my son can never have a sleepover or even have a friend""
Ummm perhaps if little Miss "christmas card" booted that pathetic husband to the curb in favor of her son's well being" she may very well enhance her and her son's standing in the community.. But something tells me in the above "black and white" her perverted pillow partner ranks higher than her own flesh and blood..

Is it just me ?

Now this particularly forum jumped out at me as being disturbing, but obviously to other members of this pathetic site it didnt raise an eyebrow!

anarchy304 asked- my victim was 15 years old. let's say i want to move to spain (age of consent 13 yrs old), would they laugh at my crime o.O? would they allow me to move there?

is there a way to do so?