Wednesday, April 16, 2014

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Utah sex offender Nathan Rabalaise bragging about Being back on facebook

sexoffenderissues-valigator: Utah sex offender Nathan Rabalaise bragging about Being back on facebook

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Utah sex offender Nathan Rabalaise bragging about Being back on facebook

Nathan is escalating. I have watched him for a couple of years and while most wouldnt Observe the signs, he is dripping in RED FLAGS. Oh he is your typical retalitory sex offender who figures the world has wronged him (textbook)..and One never did have to look too hard though to see his rampant stupidity, thats a gimmie and always has been pretty apparent. His twitter account, his never ending moaning about his "dating sites" all pretty standard for offenders trying to "buck the system" but this month you can SMELL the stench of Nathan approaching his witching hour of re-offending. His hostility is now approaching the angry, unrepentent I want a pound of flesh stage by re-opening a Facebook page under the guise of communicating with "friends and family". Umm wonder if those friends and family who are communicating with him know that Facebook doesnt appreciate pervs using their site and have made no bones about it? Of course not, that would be expecting too much. It is also too much to expect other offenders and their families to give a word of warning due to the fact they ALL buck the system if it makes communicating with each other more "convienant".Not to mention they feel entitled to have a restricted facebook page (wait for it) because kids under 18 have one and lie about their age?? Duh you idiots. Kids and pervs dont go together!!! But I digress, Perhaps the state of Utah should take a bat to Nathan's knees and reaquaint him with the idea that being compliant with the terms and policies of social media sites doesnt hinge on his whims. Guys like Nathan need a violation to remind him what "keeping your head down and walking the straight and narrow actually means".

Monday, April 14, 2014

Now this cracked me up

oncefallen aka Derek Logue out of Hamilton County Ohio Level 3 predator wrote on Daily strength (families of sex offenders) I always tell people I meet relatively early. I want them to get to know me before my label, but at the same time, I don't want to get someone too attached to me and feel like I misled them or manipulated them somehow, so I try to let them know before that person falls for me. Thats hysterical I'd say most of the time I've had success. On a couple of occasions, I had a woman freak out about it. But on the upside at least it wasn't before we got close. I also try my best not to date women with kids (sometimes they don't let me know up front they have kids, I guess since many men don't want to date a woman with kids, can't say i blame them considering our stranger danger climate). He tries to date women without kids??? Umm wonder how hard that has to be for a pedophile I will say this much-- online dating is far worse than meeting a woman in real life, because it is just like an online job interview, and it seems the women are pickier.Umm wonder if his profile says " i am a freak and a level 3 sexual predator, could be a mood killer?? Oh, my principle also applies to friendships as well. But if they are just acquaintances, like the people at my gym, I don't tell them squat. The gym?? Derek has never seen the inside of Gym, his definition of exercise is going to Kroger with coupons for Little Debbie Cakes and pies"

Friday, April 11, 2014

Boynton Beach man sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison for chil

Boynton Beach man sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison for chil

Wonder if Gail friends checked with their own children to inquire if Gail's son molested them? 68% of pervs like Colletta's son have Live victims. This isnt her deviant's son's first rodeo.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Do I tell my kids friends parents that my husband is a SO?

"""alwaysbyhisside" ask," My husband had to register this week and is not on probation. We have two girls ages 14 & 11 who live with us. I am wondering do we go and tell their friends parents that he is on the registry (his offense happened in 1990 when he was 18) ? My husband says that we just keep kids friends out of the house and have the girls do activities outside the home with friends; but a part if me wants to just get it out in the open and tell the parents that way if they search the site and find my husband on it they won't have any questions and won't assume that he is some kid of monster. Any advice would help." It's rather amazing that this woman actually had to ask this question. Since I am Banned from this site (families of sex offenders) I'll offer up my two cents here. If I was the parent of one of her children's friends and I was not made aware of his status? All hell would reign down. All too often I have read comments from this dysfunctional group that if the "neighbors were so concerned, they could find him on the registry" which in their screwed up minds alleviates them from all liability?? Of course on the other hand the registry in their screwed up minds "tells the world" of their status and should be abolished?? Typical, the registry is the "holy grail" when these misfits dont want to own up to their criminal convictions, buts its the "list from hell" on other days.

another gotta "shake your head moment"

Never seems to fail when one "slums" over to "Families of Sex Offenders" what new dysfunctional mindsets these "families actually have". Lets take "Hurtingfamily" for an example. Her bitch of the day was having to go with her husband for a 3 hour drive to take a polygraph test @ 175.00. She added that he passed. But the bulk of her post and what seemed to really bother her was the fact she and her significant other were restricted from accessing PORN and I quote " anyways the guy told hub that some providers wont even allow you to have someone look up stuff . like normal stuff u know news and etc ,or even have a computer not meanign so meanign their loved one like wife or gf what ahve you the ohter person not on registry . . i told him well u tell them im not on probation and if my hub and i choose to look at sites together , where i do the looking and he just sits there and read stuff while i do the browseing whats the harm .. u know what i mena come off it .. to me if no body is lookign at bad stuff porn etc wahts the big old harm anyways"?? Whats the big old harm? Umm, well if one spends anytime on this pathetic site You would be hard-pressed to count all the comments Blaming PORN for their "tales of woe" along with scantily clad women, provocative TV shows and umm what else? Oh slutty dressed pre-teens. Yet "hurtingfamily" thinks since SHE isnt the one registered her "freedoms" have been compromised?? Its no secret extended family members can often be the "KEY" to successful re-integration for these convicts and often family members are told to be aware of "triggers" that may be detrimental to the offender. Hurtingfamily and hubby are living in rundown hotels pawning everything they own and hitting up Her family to stay afloat, but she is "pissed" she cant troll for porn? I dont give Hurtingfamily's hubby too much time on the outside.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Optimist in a cynical world | Lloydminster Meridian Booster

Optimist in a cynical world | Lloydminster Meridian Booster

I was looking for the silver lining also since reading about the disposition of this case. To date, havent found one. I agree with your commentary except you left one thing out. Its ok to go out of your way not to be cynical, its not ok for good human beings to not try and correct a wrong into a right. This judge's ruling is a wrong and in this day and age when so many of our children are being used as a sexual buffet, perhaps it would be wise for the public to never ever forget this unholy injustice and remind the "players" involved of it everyday.