Friday, April 24, 2015

Who is Robin Lippold?

To enhance my point ..Oncefallen aka Derek Logue's,  largest supporter on his "restricted Facebook page" is Robin Lippold
Who is Robin Lippold??

The memory of the break-in still stirs terror three decades later: The Rockville woman was ordered out of bed at knifepoint by a teenage burglar, who commanded her to stare out a window as he started to take off her robe.
Before anything else could happen, the woman's husband, who had been "tied up in the bathroom", broke his bonds and violently tackled the teen, leaving both of them with stab wounds. That ended Robin Lippold's 1981 summer crime spree, which included other burglaries and a rape.
But it did not eliminate the woman's fear, which lingered long after the pre-dawn attack. That dark emotion surfaced again last week, when she learned that Lippold had been removed from Maryland's sex offender registry, a searchable public database that lists each person's residence and place of employment.

Robin Lippold also contributes to WAR, RSOL, SOSEN and other Pro offender groups with commentary..

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Registrants’ children matter too |

Registrants’ children matter too |

Now this was interesting .. Reading this so carefully and eloquently prepared speech concerning the "Rally in Tally" one is just left shaking their heads..

I quote  "Some members of ARM have attempted to reach out to Lauren Book and dialogue with her and her organization about the facts and evidence laid out through research that contradict a scorched-earth policy.

"" Now one must ponder?? "Some Members" ?? The Book family has not achieved the success they have by being stupid. Does "ARM" really think the Book conglomerate did not do their homework on these so called "members of ARM"? Does ARM think I and others haven't profiled and forwarded the nasty, derogatory and inflamed comments about the Books that the "not so bright" members of ARM have made about them for years??  Specifically Derek Logue . Mr. Book and myself have not forgotten about Mary Duval's radio show he was so gracious to participate in that "Derek Logue and Mary Duval while thinking they were "off mike" decided to call Lauren Book every "blond joke ever written" Ron Book was livid as well he should have been. ARM, WAR, SOSEN, RSOL can "attempt" to garner respect and standing in the world of politics and reform all day long, but will never achieve it, and you know WHY? Because these groups inevitably hold up as their "Heros" the same idiots that ultimately sabotage them with (1) their criminal histories (2) their failure to keep their tempers intact (3) their ongoing, tired, rehearsed, less than compelling arguments and or talking points that fly in the face of what the public reads with their morning coffee of another rape, another kidnapping, another child chewed up and spit out by MEMBERS who belong to ARM, WAR, SOSEN and any damn state RSOL aka the NEW Nambla. These same, tired, ill tempered, un-medicated posters who do nothing but at the end of any forum show their true colors and blow what ever gains of persuasion one may have gained on the topic.

That being said and that being fact, these GROUPS may grab a small win on residency restrictions in one or two areas of the country. But as far as "abolishment of the registry"?? Not in our lifetimes. And Registrants better kiss the ground they don't. Registrants (contrary to their bullshit) retaliation and vigilante stories, have more "protection" under the registry than without it. But I doubt they can grasp that fact.

Now for the Registrants "children matter" ploy. In as much as I hate to be the one to break it to these groups, the public will NEVER alter "their" right to know over offenders children. I think deep down as harsh as it may be, the public will never trump their kids for sex offenders kids. Why? Because the Public has never felt sex offenders received ENOUGH punishment. If an offender cant attend their kids soccer games, I think the public perceives that as "just punishment" it may not be rational, may not be fair, but society is never fair with what they really "want" to dole out to sex offenders. If we align that concept with the horrible headlines we read, offenders children become moot in the process. Just an observation. The Rally in Tally was an ill conceived idea from the get-go. It was in horrendous bad taste at a venue that could not have been more poorly chosen, by "protesters" that by all things holy should not have been in the same airspace with the Book family. I doubt I can even remember a worse execution of an attempt to bring issues of reform to the public. 'DEREK LOGUE"?? and VICKI HENRY??   Between the two of them the BLOODLINES are so tainted, even Vicki's grandmotherly aura wont help her and Tom Madison? Another hostile OLD Perv who wants to convince the world sex with kids is ok and bygones should be bygones. What were they thinking? ??

Lauren Book ends statewide trek with Tally rally to protect Florida children - SaintPetersBlog

Lauren Book ends statewide trek with Tally rally to protect Florida children - SaintPetersBlog

The marchers and spectators mostly ignored the """four"""" sign-waving protesters.

And once again a massive fail for Derek Logue..

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Interesting Quote from Derek Logue

"""So what does this have to do with AZUnites? Well let me explain. Yesterday morning, I received a call from an unknown phone number. The woman on the phone asks for the CEO of Once Fallen or something like that. Well, as the "only" worker of Once Fallen, I'm not "only" the president, I'm also a client.

So he question would be?? Oncefallen states his restricted facebook page titled Oncefallen is a conglomerate of persons...ummm