Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 year in Review

2013 legislation to toughen Laws against Sex offenders. This has been a year with milestones for Familes who are seeking Legislation to strengthen the repercussions of those who would like nothing more than to decimate our society. With the hard work and dedication of many who endure hours spent on research, contacting Legislators and taking time away from their families to advocate stronger laws against these people I say THANK YOU. Hawaii is not tough enough on child predators, according to Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom, who wants to change that. The East Oahu Republican introduced Jessica’s legislation in this session and hopes Hawaii will become the next state to mandate that sex offenders who abuse children will spend at least 25 years in prison. SB 799 and SB 1223 require electronic monitoring for those who sexually assault of a minor and it establishes mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years for felony sexual assault of a minor. ______________________________________________________________________________ “I will always vote to be the one that’s tough on crime,” Rep. Leslie Osborn, R-Mustang, recently argued during debate over a bill to impose mandatory prison sentences for those who fail to register. “I want us to remember that the people that are registering here include people who are rapists, child molesters. These are people that have done heinous crimes to members of our communities.” McKay testified before legislators as the House considers laws that would keep sex offenders out of state parks and prohibit them from going to schools unescorted if their victim was younger than age 18 — rather than 13, as the current law reads. It passed on a 12-1 vote. _______________________________________________________________________________ TALLAHASSEE -- Outraged by cases involving repeat sexually violent predators, four Florida senators filed bills Tuesday to signal an aggressive approach to protecting the state’s children. “Together these bills will make Florida scorched earth for those who seek to harm our children,” Senate President Don Gaetz said in a statement, calling the legislation a “centerpiece” of a joint House and Senate agenda.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Maybe Gail Colletta's friends should sit down with their children.

76% of individuals who were arrested for Internet child pornography had molested a (live) child according to the American Psychiatric Association, I would highly advise Gail Colletta's inner circle of friends to have a chat with their children about Gail's son Alex. The more we know about these deviants the worse it becomes.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Gail Colletta and her co-horts on Preventing Sexual Violence.

Ahh another morning of reading (trying to make sense) of the Shana Rowan's, Gail Colletta's and other numerous words of wisdom from Pro offender divas about educating the public on sex offender myths. After all is said and done, I liken their prophetic words of advice to closing the barn door after the animals (literally) have been let out. Now I am not oblivious to their motives, but one is left wondering what their efforts have to do, with "preventing" sexual violence in our culture??? Stepping back to their "educating/prevention" mantra. In all these years I have yet to find one of their groups offering up a Hotline for offenders who for whatever reason may find themselves on the verge of re-offending and need to reach out to a "voice of reason" to circumvent another possible assault. I looked everywhere and for the life of me cant seem to find one of these groups who offer that option. I see plenty of ink begging for "donations" or a Hotline offering up how to weasel around the terms and conditions of their status, but not one link that could potentially PREVENT an assault from an offender who has been "triggered". Kinda leaves one wondering what these groups definition of Prevention actually is, dont ya think? The great thing is I can offer up some very profound advice that is free. Now I happen to think once some poor bastard has committed an act(s) of sexual violence and had his butt run thru the judicial/correctional his "chances" of rehabilitation are slim to none. He may have developed a "fear" of the repercussions, but his or her ability to filter healthy sexual boundaries have been pretty much shot. My definition of PREVENTION is exactly what it means. Smarter people than myself have determined a persons sexual proclivities are created very very early. Taking into consideration the existing cultural and family dynamics and leaving out the very real aspect of any form of sexual violence perpetrated against this young person and or members of their immediate family, then the prospects of prevention become more successful. I think it should be mandatory that later age elementary and middle school children, be forced to attend a SCHOOL forum where "sex offenders" are schlepped up on the stage handcuffed, surrounded by Probation and police to Expel their tales of woe" of why they found themselves on their perspective states sex offender registry! Not the watered down version but the court record's version. We do these seminars on drunk driving, we do it for the "just say NO to drugs" campaign, I think we should do it for sexual violence and how to recognise it and what the consequences are.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

RSOL "Gail Colletta's how to bullshit Legislators Conference

RSOL’s Presentation for effective state advocacy and lobbying strategies "how to bullshit Legislators Conference Featured speakers Eric Imhof Suzonne Kline Gail Colletta Now this was interesting to say the least. This (how too) You Tube version of loosening the noose on sex offenders in your particular state, came across more like a sitcom of the old game show “What’s my Line”? Gail Colletta and her collection of EXPERTS sat on a panel and instructed the audience how to get Up Close and Personal with those who have the power to turn a sex offender’s world up side down. 1) Never use the term “Sex” Offender. Seems to be a mood killer. Use the term “Offender” and confuse them with drug dealers and gang bangers and when you think you have them (coming over to the dark side) in legislation verbiage quickly insert the term “sex offender” before they know what hit them.. 2) Don’t use the term “victim” it brings to mind blubbering beaten, assaulted and tearful persons which can be a “mood killer”. 3) Get in their Faces; make sure they acknowledge they know you. They may not remember where they know you from, “doesn’t matter” after a while they will think your old friends and they will introduce you to their colleagues whom will think your all on the same team.. 4) Recruit experts (even if they have been forced to resign from previous positions) that can razzle dazzle them with big words and confusing statistics. Approach the ATSA (voodoo doctors) who want to be taken seriously and have the need to garner more respect than they actually have in the mental health field. 5) Leave legislators with a “packet” of information that “glorifies” and highlights your position and include footnotes. Even if those “footnotes” include not so flattering statistics, chances are they won’t read them anyway. 6) Pretend to be on the same side initially to get an audience with them. Butter them up and congratulate them on their efforts to make their state safer, then throw them a curveball to cut cost by abolishing the registry and don’t mention the “cost” of diversion programs which ultimately will cost a bundle. 7) Tell them your there to educate them and again insert into conversation that offenders, (never sex offenders) are just nice guys and you want them fully informed by leaving them a Bar graph comparing them to shop lifters. 8) Never approach 1st year legislators, they aren’t savvy enough find their way around the Capitol Building much less due anything of substance for anyone. Why waste your time?? 9) Kiss up to legislators even if they are opposite of your party affiliation, tell them you VOTED for them. 10) Make sure you attend political gatherings and make a donation, soon you’ll figure out who can be bought and for how much.. 11) Never bring up the Adam Walsh Act, even though it’s proven to be positive for moderate risk offenders, RSOL needs to oppose every aspect of AWA. After all RSOL doesn’t want any oversight for offenders at all. 12) Even if the esteemed panel of Imhof, Kline and Colletta hate the Florida Governor and the entire Republicans smile and tell them you VOTED for them..

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How many "Anonymous's" are out there?

The last couple of days I spent some time (observing) on blogs that dealt with the wives, mothers and children of incest survivors. The sheer turmoil and pain of these people can leave you on your knees asking how do they endure such betrayal? Each deal with it differently but at the end of the day its such an agonizing postion to be left in when a husband, son or significant other steps over the boundaries to rip apart the very fabric of the family unit. In between reading these post, "Anonymous" loves to send pithy comments of a deranged nature to this blog and I am left wondering, "what line did he cross"? What family unit did he desecrate? Its insighful to read from Offenders who "anonymously" reach into some inner percieved depths of hell and decide to lash out at us who have no tolerance for these crimes. I find it justifies my position on this issue when you KNOW "anonymous" is sitting behind a keyboard after having ripped any semblance of a normal life for those closest to him and the word "trust" is nothing but a word in the dictionary he betrays as soon as he opens his worthless eyes in the morning. It leaves me wondering, how many anonymous's are out there sneaking onto keyboards while their mothers, wives, sisters and fractured loved ones are going thru the grief trying to "buy back" the life they "thought" they had before they got hit in the face with the reality of a truly mentally deformed human being? From the amount of these survivors and their stories, it sounds like plenty and I know where at least one is "addicted to this blog".

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

would you ever date a sex offender ??

Now here is a forum that will leave you shaking your heads?? This is on "Families of Sex offenders" and there is an over-riding theme that came thru. But here is the original question and read carefully "lets say you meet that special someone who you love very dearly with all your heart they give you butterflies and they are the sweetest thing you have ever meet and you parents love him and so do you friends but when that person says there a sex offender would you keep dating them or dump them once you found out about there history im saying someone because i know there are females who are sex offenders as well so i want answers from both male and female on what they think about dating a sex offender" Umm You love dearly? How can you love someone dearly when they werent honest enough to tell you in the first five minutes they are a convicted FELON? This is how devious offenders are, they are introduced to friends, family (children)? Then they fess up they are offenders?(probably right before some legal entanglement is going to hit the new girlfriend in the face) Some women stated "other people informed them" of the status of the "New Love of their Lives" Reading MANY of the comments on this particular forum leaves one with the screaming desperation of some women. Offenders are manipulative and devious, of course they (offenders) are on their best behavor when searching for relationships with women who will run interference for them. Of course they are charming with anything that has a "job" and will (gladly) fill in the slack of those pesky offender fees. Jesus Christ these women see themselves as Martyr's and angels who are "fighting the good fight". But what is particularly disturbing is the comments the offenders themselves posted. "She lets me babysit her kids, Her friends have asked me to babysit" as if its some form of validation that they are harmless. When in reality, not one person have bothered to look at "court records for these guys". These broads are going on what was told to them by offenders, then pushing those same offenders into the worlds of their friends and families. YOU wonder why we have a new dose of Victims EVERDAY? Most of these women are to blame for that.

This is how stupid supporters of Child Porn offenders can be

For "sport" I occationally drift over to "families of Sex offenders" website to read what the weekly outrage and view the latest on their "precieved Persecution" is over. I wasnt disappointed unfortunately. The forum starts out: Bitching about the WAR on Child Porn: (rewdiazeapm)says "Everyone in law enforcement has fallen in love with these fake "wars" and everyone benefits----except the curious young man or the older guy who is bored and has nothing to do but "explore" to see what all is on the Internet. The young men and the older, bored guy pays---and pays dearly. UMM curious young man or bored guy?? Thats how these groups define Children being raped on the internet?? She goes on to write: It is too damn bad that our Department of Justice could not go after the Wall Street bankers and other financial corporations who helped create our economic problems with the same zeal that they use on our citizens for LOOKING---merely looking----at a naughty picture. Merely Looking?? LegalGuardian says, "We have become a nation obsessed with demonizing sex, sexuality, and so forth even though such cannot and will not be snuffed out because the human brain, especially the male human brain, is wired for sex. It is a "war" that will never die so long as man desires sex. "legalGuardian has been wallowing in crap so long she obviously has no idea the odor permeating off her. Sounds to me she has embraced the concept that sex with kids is OK? rewdiazepam chimes in with trying to equate the United States using drones with CP WTF? "In order to get all these laws passed and to help law enforcement (the "good" guys ha ha) stop child porn, they have to constantly remind the citizens that they are only protecting the children and the children's welfare is at stake here. At the same time they demonize anyone downloading child porn as a "predator" or "pedophile." Yet the same country, the USA, that purports to love children so much has no qualms blowing the arms and legs off innocent children with a drone in Yemen or cutting off food stamps to low income families, which includes children. Or invading a country without provacation and causing the displacement of thousands of children." another broad who has layed in the gutter so long she cant smell herself!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

YEA ..over the last couple of years it became painfully obvious while this predator was "Hawking" for Donations for his pathetic website in one post he was inadvertently relaying that he was "subsidizing" his worthless efforts on another. I'll bet a hundred bucks Derek Logue's ego wont let him shut down his site..

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oklahoma sex offender Ruling
I am finding the info on this ruling "confusing". One article list the ruling as only encompassing offenders due to the date/ state of conviction and the registry not being applicable only due to those two criteria? Another article infers each offender will be reviewed with the caveat that the State needs to focus on the worst of the worst?? After reading bits and peices of the Starkey versus Oklahoma the court case centered around unlawful application of registery length  being applied retroactively, not taking into consideration the "heinousness" of the crime??? So which is it? When Oklahoma instituted a "Teir level rating" his "Mr. Starkey's" threat level jumped to three. This ruling could have horrendous repercussions or it could be a good thing. I havent figured it out yet..

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Florida lawmakers vow swift action to shield public from sex predators

Florida lawmakers vow swift action to shield public from sex predators All I can say its maybe some of the lowest of the LOW might want to think about relocating OUT OF FLORIDA and the others better think twice before moving IN.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Newtimes Article article
Want to thank all those who have bombarded this site with positive responses to the article. Thanks Again so Much!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fallenone aka Derek Logue

Sexual Predator out of OHIO (quotes from Derek) "as a weak child I took my frustrations out first on “animals”, then eventually people." Only since my own mother was released from prison a few weeks ago have I ever heard anything about what has happened to the victim or her family. He says the “11 year old” he molested was a slut, “someone who did a pre-screening at a mental health agency made the claim I stated that I "still lust" after and “fantasize about young girls”. The judge still lives in the fantasy land where all 11 year old girls are doe-eyed virgins that are ignorant of sex. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships. My arms have just healed up from cutting my arms 11 times under the stress. Even cutting on myself isn't enough to stop the pain. I've been diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and chronic depression. I've been on a variety of meds-- prozac (which drove me crazy), tegretol (they had to monitor my blood for that one-- joy), etc. I suffer from both bipolar AND Borderline Personality Disorder and I'm on 2000 mgs of Depakote but I keep (forgetting) to take my meds. I once “worshipped Satan” so believe me there are stronger powers in this world. I like particular features. “Some “children” have these features,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

By Valerie posted on Aug 17, 2013 at 7:07 AM Karen while your heartfelt words of wisdom may leave the unsuspecting reader pangs of empathy, there are those of us who have dealt more intimately with the wives, mothers, girlfriends and family members of sex offenders. People like myself have observed “support groups” read their postings and cringed at some of the advice coming from fellow members. Entangled with families seeking advice members include some of the most hard core sex offenders with horrendous crimes under their belts seeking acceptance within the groups. I find these offenders actually “grooming” wives and mothers who are still “shell shocked” by recent arrest and or convictions. Not grooming in a sexual connotation but grooming for “acceptance and forgiveness” for more nefarious motives. These offenders demand alignments with families who are in true distress to “do battle” for them. When truth be told the majority of these offenders have nothing in common with many of the circumstances these women are seeking support for. After a short “grooming” period it becomes painfully obvious these alignments have been forged and the “minutemen groups” are dutifully defending even the most unsavory offenders in a United front for no other reason than “status”. Your groups demand courts look at the serverity of the crimes and act accordingly . We may have our differences in what constitutes “severeity” but those differences are heightened to extreme when a person like Virginia Hall can actually encourage a “dangerous medically diagnosed pedophile” to be left alone and become “mainstream” in communities due to his “sentence” being up. Which leaves one to ponder, if your “minutemen” refuse to acknowledge any differences in the seriousness of a sex crime, how is you expect the courts or the public to do so? Virginia writes: We are ready to unite, to come out of hiding and openly support each other and our loved ones. It’s a new day, America and we’re here to prove it!.. Prove what Virginia? That you and your members will Unite with a repeat offender who grabbed a disabled little kid fishing by a lake, handcuffed him, raped him twice and tore his insides out? Because thats exactly the guy who RSOL CA encouraged to become a member.!! a member? How about a needle stuck in his arm Karen? Its just my two cents, but I see a huge stalemate between society and your efforts when the veil of reality is so blurred by your own groups and your members so “conditioned” by even the worst of the worst offenders.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Lawmakers grapple with high-risk sex offender case

Lawmakers grapple with high-risk sex offender case..

ahh Even I caouldnt have made a better example of RSOL and their love for Pedophiles. Case in point
Robert Curtis of Robert Curtis Salons in California made the plea on his FACEBOOK page (which violates Facebooks rules of offenders having accounts) but what does he care?? and I quote:
 Robert Curtis commented on a link.

July 28.I heard the guy is headed for California. We in California have a very strong support system that will give him help. Just have the gentleman contact the RSOL CA (Google). The staff there will give him guidance for therapy, work, training and possibly housing. I'm a registered sex offender that's very much involved in doing community service. These professionals are a God sent. Together we can make a difference.

Tampa sex offender Thornell Thomas arrested after driving to meet minor with monitor on his ankle

Tampa sex offender Thornell Thomas arrested after driving to meet minor with monitor on his ankle

Of course that was after he registered on a social media site and trolled for minors.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Newest absurdities from sex offender support groups.

I never fail to get a chuckle from sex offender groups who love to share their tales of woe and proclaim from rooftops what a raw deal they got. CASE in POINT "thoughtasWeak" wrote "I think the Weiner should be convicted of sex offenses as he "could" have sent photos to under age girls. Who knows, he may have pics of others too. He thinks he is too high up to have to be concerned with charges" "alladin4d" wrote "I'd be surprised if Weiner didn't send photos to an under age girl or at least a cop claiming to be an under age girl at some point. His latest victim said she was "22 and technically an adult" which kind of says he's attracted to young ladies that don't act adult. "peekachu" one of my favorites by the way, biggest mouth against the sex offender registry and one of the loudest proponents of women "standing by their offenders" wrote "Didn't Bill Vitter's wife stick with him after a prostatution scandal? So true. Its crazy. "thoughtasweak" chimes in "They are low information voters. They see party affiliations and check that box. I educate myself with all candidates & propositions, so I am we'll informed.(if your so informed oh sonotbrightone) why did you sign on for a life with a sex offender?? Weiner should drop out of the race and the San Diego Mayor should resign. As a person of power, you should be held to a higher moral standard"?? Oh really thoughtasweak? What standards should all men be held at? There are plenty more comments by the women who are "banging sex offenders" each ready, willing and able to throw politicians, cops and any other person in a position of power under the bus when it comes to sex crimes, but GOD Forbid it be the guy they share a pillow with?? The really funny thing about it is, if anyone of the people they proclaim should "endure" the registry and signed on to their pathetic pity party groups (anonymously) the next thing out of their mouths would be " you got a raw deal, you dont deserve this treatment, we need to ban together and abolish the registry" sign on, stand with us and DONATE to our cause!! What a bunch of fucking hypocrits..

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gail Colletta and Shana Rowan

Valerie Parkhurst July 21, 2013 at 07:08 am

The Very real aspect people should realize is the loudest mouths of the pro-offender abolish the Registry bunch, openly communicate on Facebook with each other "Knowing" their members are convicted sex offenders have Facebook pages. Take Gail Colletta out of Florida, and Shana Rowan out of Oneida New York, these broads protest daily for the rights of offenders yet freely banter back and forth with offenders signing in with a facebook page? They KNOW its restricted, do they care? No because offenders and the women who support them dont obey the rules if it isnt convienant, They "overlook" the simplest of restrictions for no other reason than they "dont give a damn". It is a very good indicator on how much they OVERLOOK an offenders crimes if it helps them reach an end goal. Thats why the public should never take these groups or these women seriously, they have no respect for laws or boundaries on even the most mundane levels. Facebook and other Media sites have left no doubt that convicted sex offenders are not allowed on their sites, Shana Rowan, Gail Colletta and a myriad of others go out of their way to let sex offenders violate the terms and conditions of any social media site that expressly forbids offenders participation. While they are garnering support from their "freaks" they are also allowing the perpetration of offenders trolling facebook for more devious intentions.. Gail Colletta and Shana Rowan are intent on "educating" the public about their poor poor sex offenders, what should happen is to prosecute both of them for being co-criminal conspiriters for helping offenders offend against more children.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sex offender sexually assaults two children, Oklahoma City police say - Oklahoma City - OKC -

Sex offender sexually assaults two children, Oklahoma City police say - Oklahoma City - OKC -
Sex offenders are busy this week, not a place in the country they arent re-offending at lightening speed. Sex Offenders are the only group of lowlife criminals that pose a bigger danger the longer they are on the outside. Ya know that offender who has lived down the street for a while and no one thinks about much anymore? He is a time bomb. Sex offenders are Impulsive, Compulsive and will literally explode if they dont re-offend.
They should be Eradicated on Site!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wonder what Pro-sex offender group this (mother of the Year) belonged too?,0,6727868.story

Sex offenders gravitate toward women with children. It s what they do. The women have issues I cant begin to get into here. Then these same women join "support groups" to whine and cry about the status and undo hardships they must endure living with a guy who just made a "youthful mistake" by joining groups like USA FAIR, Florida Action committiee, and Anystate RSOL to abolish the registry and diminish the repercussions to sex offenders by bombarding forums trying to convince YOU and I how harmless they are. Anytime you read a comment trying to pursuade YOU to "Reform" sex offender laws? think of this broad. Many of these women try and convince the public their "loved one" just went down for underage consentual sex, in reality many of these guys should have a had a needle stuck in their arm, but without fail the women swear by all things holy they have a 0% reoffend rate. Meanwhile the same guy is unzipping his pants around her kids while she tries to convince us all offenders just got a "raw deal". Make no mistake there are many women who literally "feed their children" to these freaks like its an all you can eat buffet. (Why do you think they offend with people they KNOW)? Put a bullet in his brain and be done with him. And hope to God her daughter may one day forgive her.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Will Gail Colletta ever shut UP?
I find it amusing , if the subject matter was not so pathetic that the mothers, wives and girlfriends of sex offenders attempt to make "legislative Policy" for the rest of us. Gail Colletta sees no further than letting all the rats out of the bag under the guise of alleviating homelessness. Lets dissect those "homeless" shall we? The sheer numbers of offenders who have committed their crimes in other states but are freely allowed to come into Florida is mind-numbing. Why should Florida have a welcome basket for every "felon with a sexually based conviction" for no other reason than they like the weather better here? Look at the offenders whose "country of origin" is outside the United States? Why haven't they been deported? Why do repeat recidivist have "gain time" early release from our prisons? No, Gail Colletta sees no further... than trying to cram 10lbs. of sex offenders in a 1 lb.s sack (that sack being Florida). Gail Colletta has an agenda, that being to alleviate any repercussions for those convicted of sex crimes. Namely (her son) Alex after he is released from prison. Alex liked looking at infants and small children being raped on the family computer. I want to know what gives Gail Colletta the guts to attempt to make legal policy for the families of Florida when she couldn't determine what her own disturbed son was doing on the family computer? But now wants to pass herself off as the Sex offender policy diva of Florida. I find the pure audacity of that insulting.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Police: Man kidnapped, sexually assaulted 5-year-old

Police: Man kidnapped, sexually assaulted 5-year-old

And we are still asking ourselves why these freaks dont have dead or alive (preferably DEAD) bounties on their heads?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Shana Rowan, so which is it?

Shana has her new little you tube video which is to enlighten us to her new endeavors..She speaks to her supporters and her detractors in which she emphasizes to "bring it on". Well when one attempts to bring it on what do we find?? Your comments are blocked by the owner of this video??? Umm Ok well here is my comment, Shana Rowan, your a Liar and a fraud. You are one of the most "vocal" threats" to America's Families. Women as yourself, need your own registry!!!

Oh and its not the "legislators" fault your freak boyfriend has no qualms about sexually abusing a 6 year old.
And stop with the Blue eyeshadow for For Gods sake, that shade doesnt look good on anyone and in conjunction with wet hair? You look like a drowned rat that sees its own ghost..just sayin ( again)

Gail Colletta is fine tuning her Bullshit Again

Gail Colletta of "Florida Action Committiee" is obviously hoping her activism will over-shadow her self serving motives and she is very vocal lately. Recently she (Gail), Shana Rowan and Derek Logue did an interview on the topic of a Florida Sheriff  posting Sexual Predator signs in Bradford County.

Derek did his usual inference that he was really a Romeo and is over prosecuted and underserved by his fellow man. Lets not leave out he strongly misleads the public by insinuating he is only a designated Predator due to the legal and verbal definitions of any particular state and those definitions have absolutely No Bearing on his crime...yea right..

Gail Colletta is as always ona rampage to make sure her "Demon seed" son wont have to face any repercussions when he finally gets released for his conviction. I just want to reach out and shake her and say Gail, "you really should get down and kiss the Judicial for giving your son the sentence they did, the majority of the public thinks he should be going to  a civil commitment center after his (too soon) release date"!!! It is my opinion Gail Colletta must not have any problems with freaks looking to "get off" watching infants being raped. Otherwise she wouldnt also infer her son's tales of woe begin and end with an illegal internet sting. Never does she look inward and come to the conclusion that the rest of us do, that indeed her son is a superfreak and he has issues that wont even be cured by incarceration. Yet Gail does what she does best, make useless noise about "educating" the rest of us who didnt raise a kid addicted to infant/child porn. I still cant decipher her "educational" bullshit stance? As hard I searched? All I found were links to take the heat off these pervs and petitions to demand the public "look the other way" concerning these crimes???

Last but never least is Shana, swearing by all thing holy, sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rates of any criminals (except murderers) .. Shana is a Liar and an enemy of families. She is self serving pillow partner of a guy deemed a sexually violent offender. But to listen to the perpetual Shana bullshit, you would think her lover woke up one day and accidently found himself on the registry? Kinda reminds me of other offenders versions of their convictions. "I accidently fell , and raped a kid on the way down" "it really wasnt my fault"?? These numb-nuts completely embarrassed themselves on this "Huffington Video" and it should be listed under a comedic sitcom category.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


SEX OFFENDER CAUGHT WITH HIS PANTS LITERALLY DOWN | BREAKING NEWS | Sky Valley Chronicle Washington State News This is why you keep the freaks out of parks!!

Bond remains same for sex offender accused of incident with 4-year-old - Crime - The Daily News, Jacksonville

Bond remains same for sex offender accused of incident with 4-year-old - Crime - The Daily News, Jacksonville The article states ":and is required to be registered as a lifetime recidivist" .I always find this "label" incredulous, or the "habitual sex offender" ?? One would think if society has deemed a person with these Labels, wouldnt a needle in the arm or the very least "civil commitment" be the order of the day??

Sex offender accused of being on Facebook - Crime - The Daily News, Jacksonville

Sex offender accused of being on Facebook - Crime - The Daily News, Jacksonville

Derek Logue might want to read this one..

Sex offender arrested at school in Mt. Juliet

Sex offender arrested at school in Mt. Juliet   another one who cant keep his compulsions to hurt another human being under control!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Massachusetts man pleads guilty to solicitation to kidnap a child

Massachusetts man pleads guilty to solicitation to kidnap a child

So much for child pornography being a "victimless crime"..
According to the agreed upon statement of facts, Geoffrey Portway, 40, of Worcester, engaged in numerous chats with many individuals about a mutual interest in abducting, raping, murdering and eating children. Many of these conversations were accompanied by the trading of child pornography. These chats also included images of children known to them, accompanied by discussions of the desire to sexually abuse, murder and cannibalize those children.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Good news

A new law, which goes into effect August 1, will require that sex offenders clearly state their criminal status on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter,
In addition to their criminal status, the law also requires sex offenders and child predators to include the location and description of their crimes, as well as their physical characteristics and addresses.

Sex offenders found violating the law could face imprisonment of up to 10 years, along with a fine of up to $1,000. A second offense could result in a maximum of 20 years in jail and a $3,000 fine.
This goes into effect in Louisiana . Other states are considering the measure as well ...heeehaww

The World according to Shaun Webb Michigan sex offender Level 2

« Watch for me on TV!! Valigator Chickens Out!!!!!!
As usual, Valigator is bending the facts to satisfy her fear of going on the show with me. She found out my daughter was to also face her and she wanted NO part of it. She knew it’d be tough to explain why she thought it a good idea to follow a 16 yr-old on Twitter and Facebook (among other social sites). Also, lets be accurate about my reasoning. This show wasn’t about my case but about Val’s obsession with me. I was more than willing to go under the lie detector as related to her endless harassment. The show also wanted her to go under the detector. Isn’t it funny how Val only gives half the story? You pussied out Val. You knew you’d get crushed and couldn’t take it. You’d rather hide behind your keyboard drinking your whiskey and harassing the world.
The Facts: The Shows producers indicated that Shaun's daughter may appear on the show. I stated to the producers that it isnt in an "anti's style" to use the children of anti's or sex offenders as leverage in these battles. I also stated that in Shaun's daughters eyes he is her hero and needs to belive in his innocence. That his daughter "isnt a game changer" for me as far as appearing on the show, but if they were expecting a retaliation from me towards her I didnt feel comfortable with that. I also stated that I can take her verbal lashing but my response would only be to re-interate that "we dont use kids" in this War. The show was very respective of that and made mention that it gives "what I do, more weight". I dont follow Shaun's daughter on any social media site, He follows her, and she followers him on twitter (dont know about facebook) I never looked her up. I followed him on Twitter due to the suggestive sexual comments he was making to women and or more often (young girls) without disclosing his status.

I’m not a bit suprised that she backed out. She wasn’t going to be the star she so wanted to be. She wanted everybody to cowtow to her allegations and it just wasn’t going to happen. Even the producers thought she was bat-shit crazy. It’s always funny how Val sticks her chest out and threatens everyone, but when it comes down to it, she backs out like the yellow-belly she really is. Remember, she only tackles alligators AFTER they’re already dead.
Again I didnt "back out" I requested and recieved time off work, and my employers were very happy I was given the opportunity to platform my commitment to this issue publically. A few days prior to the flight out for taping I recieved a call from Josh the producer and I quote "Shaun is becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with" "He is now refusing to do the polygraph". (which is the premise of the show) My response is and I quote " I am not surprised, initially I knew Shaun could not refuse the opportunity due to the fact his ego wouldnt let him" but I am sure once he had a rare moment of rationality (in the middle of the night) he would get cold feet and the entire world would realize what a compulsive Liar he truly is."Josh asked if there was another offender I could recommend a few more hours passed and Josh called to say that Shaun stated "it wouldnt matter if I passed or flunked the test, those who think I am guilty will always think I am guilty" I told Josh "you maybe able to pursuade him if he thought the show would promote his worthless books, Shaun is a shameless publicity hound for his writings " Josh said and I quote "the show doesnt want to appear to promote these guys" I found that odd, due to the trouble Shaun goes too to maintain his innocence . Then there was a comment by Josh that said the studio was located 500 feet from an elementary school and there could be legal issues with his appearance. I told them if that was the case any offender I recommended would have the same issue?? It may be prudent to ask "legal" what to do in that case. Josh then asked if there was anyone else I could think of that would appear with me, due to the fact they really liked me and would like to profile what I do on the show? I thought about it and came up (first with Derek Logue) and then with Shana Rowan. (not sure how the polygraph would come into play with her) but I sent them links to Shana, youtube clips and whatever interactions I could find between the two of us. I havent heard back and I do not know if they contacted Shana. "oh and my alligators are very much alive and anyone can see that looking at my videos "thats why its called a harvest Shaun" .

Monday, April 22, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Child sex offender accused of molesting 15-year-old

Child sex offender accused of molesting 15-year-old

According to police reports, the girl, 15, told police she took a nap on the couch after school Wednesday and woke up to find the man sexually assaulting her. He then retreated to the bathroom saying something like “that was stupid.” Well no shit Sherlock, "sex offenders the dumbest examples of failed genetics"

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Repeat sex offender sentenced to 15 years - Local

Repeat sex offender sentenced to 15 years - Local

Homeless sex offenders live under bridges for a reason, they BURN everyone they cross..
After he was allowed to stay in a tent owned by his friends, he was arrested Oct. 2 on two charges of third-degree sexual assault of a 12-year-old child. The girl was the daughter of his friends.

Child sex offender indicted for possession of pornography - Your Houston News: Safe Communities

Child sex offender indicted for possession of pornography - Your Houston News: Safe Communities

Freak OUT of OHIO, like thats a big surprise..for some reason this state breeds the worst of these guys..

Bill requires no parole for repeat child sex offenders - Your Houston News: News

Bill requires no parole for repeat child sex offenders - Your Houston News: News

Offenders rate of repeat offenses are off the charts. There is no re-integrating these deviants back into society. Think about it? How many mornings do you get up read the paper and some perv is acting out of "compulsion"?? AGAIN? Try EVERYMORNING.. its as if they have coupons to re-offend. Society is not being harsh enough on these crimes and with budget woes the correctional system is playing a ball toss with the public. At some point we are going to have to treat sexual offenses like we do DUI, make the penalties so harsh, so restrictive, so costly that maybe just maybe one of these freaks will think twice before creating an opportunity or stumbling on an opportunity to OFFEND.. think about it? This crime centers on the compulsion to unzip their pants..if they want to act like animals in heat, treat them like animals..

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Child sex offenders: short sentencing, early release, will re-offend

Child sex offenders: short sentencing, early release, will re-offend
Do my eyes decieve me???

Repeat sex offender from Linneus sentenced for crimes

Repeat sex offender from Linneus sentenced for crimes

This freak wouldnt make it one day in my neighborhood after being let out from his cage..perhaps the locals of the neighborhood this worthless POS lands in should ponder him not lasting a day in theirs either???

Sex offender wearing GPS device arrested in death of woman found near Coffee Co. cave

Sex offender wearing GPS device arrested in death of woman found near Coffee Co. cave

obviously another one who needed a needle stuck in his arm long ago..but NO the Judicial figures put a tagging system on him and the public is good to go, yea right.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Concern Surrounds Sex Offenders' Repeat Crimes

Concern Surrounds Sex Offenders' Repeat Crimes

Like I say the freaks must have coupons in their pockets for re-offending these days..

Convicted sex offender arrested for exposure - WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

Convicted sex offender arrested for exposure - WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida
today is a busy day for the pervs. The neighbors were more generous than I would have been. I would have caught this ONCE and this freak would have NEVER EVER done it again.

Wanted sex offender arrested in Beckley

Wanted sex offender arrested in Beckley

Umm next thing we will read is a daily strength member posting what a raw deal he got.. fry him..

Registered sex offender charged with rape

Registered sex offender charged with rape

Look another RSOL member

Sex offender arrested for child porn -

Sex offender arrested for child porn -

The people in the Keys should give this freak a Warm Warm welcome when he gets home.

Del. Sex Offender Arrested for Abusing Child

Del. Sex Offender Arrested for Abusing Child
Another RSOL aka Nambla member

Check Out How This Sheriff Informs Public of Area Sex Offenders | The Right Sphere

Check Out How This Sheriff Informs Public of Area Sex Offenders | The Right Sphere


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Larry Eugene Mann - Florida Execution - April 10, 2013

Think I'll buy a nice Pino Noir for this one ..   Larry Eugene Mann - Florida Execution - April 10, 2013

LaPorte Co. minister arrested for sex offender violation

Any freak who cant comply with the simple act of  Registrations isnt complying with anything else according to the terms and conditions of his release either. Notice the wife was also aiding in his "down-low" status as well...typical..LaPorte Co. minister arrested for sex offender violation

Florida authorities successful with catching child porn predators

Florida authorities successful with catching child porn predators

They have been warned. If a freak goes down in Florida for these crimes? They can quit blaming it on the weather or any damn thing else they love to blame..

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Here is my agitation factor for today

Sex offenders have registration forms they fill out and sign under penalties and hand over to whatever police department of the city they reside in. They must include age, DOB, address, and RACE. Now what do Valerie's eyes spot on so many offenders flyers where they list their races as WHITE, when they are Hispanic. Now before anyone thinks this is a race war, let me be clear. The FBI has a software program called ViCap. "The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) maintains the largest investigative repository of major violent crime cases in the U.S. It is designed to collect and analyze information about homicides, sexual assaults, missing persons, and other violent crimes involving unidentified human remains.
ViCap comes into play especially in the cases of abducted people.
Now think about this. Your child is in their front yard. a vehicle stops the driver gets out and takes your child. A Neighbor got  a look at the abductor and his vehicle, the neighbor describes to police the man was a "Hispanic Male, gives information on his height weight etc. (keep in mind your child has been gone now 30 minutes) The local police use the surrounding sex offender database as standard protocol when searching. Since this was an abduction the FBI is usually called in also. The FBI utilizes ViCap to correlate any similar crimes with offenders in the area. The database is accessed and one of the criteria is Hispanic Male. Here in lays the problem. It kicks out white males, Blacks,  females etc. Hispanic Sex offenders are filling out their own registration forms. They are listing themselves as White and as usual the ball gets dropped and they are in a database as White. That's an omission that should be prosecuted as a felony. Its bad enough we cant access "country of origin" on their flyers, now we know they are deliberately falsifying their information. This is a crime and should be treated as one.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Juan Carlos Chavez (Jimmy Ryce's killer)

For years I have been petitioning the governors office to fast track this man's execution. Like Clockwork I write to Florida's Governor and AG office to remind them how raw this crime still is to Floridians. I have recieved many responses over the years but here is the update on  Juan Carlos Chavez's the "political refugee" who washed up on Florida's shores to make a better life for himself, (yea right). For those not familiar?

Latest update:
Dear Ms. Parkhurst

Attorney General Pam Bondi asked me to respond to your email expressing your feelings about the tragic death of Jimmy Ryce, and frustration with the criminal justice process. The Capital Appeals staff of Attorney General Bondi’s office, myself included, share your sense of frustration concerning the lengthy appeal process which has followed this defendant's death sentence.

To give you some additional information the defendant still has an appeal pending in court. The Governor does have the right to sign a death warrant at any time. However, the Governor does not have jurisdiction over the court system, and his power is limited. For example, if a death warrant was signed prior to the defendant completing all of his litigation, then the appellate courts would issue a stay (stopping) of execution stating that the defendant had not been afforded all of his legal rights. This is the really frustrating part of the process. The reality of the criminal justice process as you have discovered, is that the defendant has all the rights in the process. This is the way our laws were originally designed. Please rest assured the Attorney General's Office is doing everything possible to see this defendant's sentence carried out. If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at ***-***-**** or via email. Thank you.


Jessica Allard

Victim Services Program Specialist

Office of the Attorney General

Sunday, March 3, 2013

another Waste of Human DNA

After being released on parole from the 1981 murder of a five-year-old girl, 27-year-old Timothy Buss murdered another child, Christopher Meyer, 9, who was riding his bike home from a boat ramp at a community park on August 7, 1995.

In 1993, Buss had been paroled after serving 12 years of a 25 year sentence for the murder of Tara Sue Huffman. Tara was sexually abused and murdered in Bradley, Illinois in 1981.
Dr. Larry Blum, an expert in forensic pathology, testified that he performed the autopsy of Christopher's body. The body was unclothed and showed signs of decomposition. Blum found a contusion to Christopher's jaw and 52 stab wounds and cuts on the body, primarily to the chest, abdomen, and back. In Blum's opinion, the stab and slash wounds were made by a sharp, single-edged knife that was relatively long and narrow. This knife could have been a filet knife. There was also evidence that this type of knife had been used to cut Christopher's genital area; his external genitalia were missing.

Pedophiles and more Pedophiles

Prosecutors: Man raped, killed grandmother |

Prosecutors: Man raped, killed grandmother |

Jerome DeAvila, a "registered sex offender", was arrested Tuesday following the discovery of his 76-year-old grandmother's body in the backyard of her southeast Stockton home

Detectives solve 1974 murder case with a DNA hit

Detectives solve 1974 murder case with a DNA hit

 Kifer was a "known sexual predator" who had been a transient most of his life, who had arrests dating back to 1963, and who had served at least two terms in prison for sexual offenses.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ahh Shaun Webb is at it again

Our pathetic Mr. Webb is ranting again. The humor being while seeking sympathy for his self-inflicted tales of woe he toggles back and forth on the web encouraging any "young female" to show him pictures of themselves in various stages of undress with blatant sexual request and or sexual overtones..umm and one doesnt have to be a genius to correlate the Shaun is standing over his daughter with "tubes" coming out of her as he describes, he is at the same moment asking some young girl if he can "lick her" ..I have often told Shaun his tracks are easy to follow but he gets lazy and his "compulsions" take over and like clockwork gets stupid. Ahh yes the last couple of days Shaun's meds are off again. An observer can liken him to a ping-pong ball emotionally. Might need to check in to a facility Shaun obviously your relationship with Mr. Hoke isnt helping you, hope your not spending your families hard fought dollars to pay for this voodoo doctor..

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shaun Webb is at it again

Shaun Webb's  meds obviously need balancing he is on his semi-annual breakdown and likes to make ME his target of his unfulfilled dreams ..

Read the article and scroll down to the comments: Thats the interesting part

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Serious criminals, including sex offenders, are walking free under Realignment

Serious criminals, including sex offenders, are walking free under Realignment
Told ya so!!!

This isnt going to make the Registry Opponents very happy

You know how those SOR abolishionist are forever Moaning and Crying the Registry has NO impact on sexual abuse??? Well In as much as I have little faith in anything coming out of the Justice department when it comes to "studies"   even they couldnt "paint lipstick" on this Pig.... My, oh My, whats Shana of  "I love a Sex Offender" gonna do now??? All those post of hers swearing its strange Uncle Joe the public needs to focus on and not her Precious Convicted Sex Offenders??? man oh man, wonder how she is gonna spin this one:

• In 2010, strangers committed about 38% ( of those reported) of nonfatal violent crimes, including rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault.

• In 2005-10, about 10% of violent victimizations committed by strangers involved a firearm, compared to 5% committed by offenders known to the victim.

• From 1993 to 2008, among homicides reported to the FBI for which the victim-offender relationship was known, between 21% and 27% of homicides were committed by strangers and between 73% and 79% were committed by offenders known to the victim

• Since 1993 the SOR (sexual Offender Registry has been implemented in all states) and is attributed to the Public’s access and use of the registry of KNOWN Offenders.

The stronger point of this is it has been determined that many crimes of sexual rape/abuse go unreported. So if one were to  incorporate those numbers into the mix? It would seem it would be safer to invite strange  "Uncle Joe" back into those family barbeque's he has been left out of.