Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Newest absurdities from sex offender support groups.

I never fail to get a chuckle from sex offender groups who love to share their tales of woe and proclaim from rooftops what a raw deal they got. CASE in POINT "thoughtasWeak" wrote "I think the Weiner should be convicted of sex offenses as he "could" have sent photos to under age girls. Who knows, he may have pics of others too. He thinks he is too high up to have to be concerned with charges" "alladin4d" wrote "I'd be surprised if Weiner didn't send photos to an under age girl or at least a cop claiming to be an under age girl at some point. His latest victim said she was "22 and technically an adult" which kind of says he's attracted to young ladies that don't act adult. "peekachu" one of my favorites by the way, biggest mouth against the sex offender registry and one of the loudest proponents of women "standing by their offenders" wrote "Didn't Bill Vitter's wife stick with him after a prostatution scandal? So true. Its crazy. "thoughtasweak" chimes in "They are low information voters. They see party affiliations and check that box. I educate myself with all candidates & propositions, so I am we'll informed.(if your so informed oh sonotbrightone) why did you sign on for a life with a sex offender?? Weiner should drop out of the race and the San Diego Mayor should resign. As a person of power, you should be held to a higher moral standard"?? Oh really thoughtasweak? What standards should all men be held at? There are plenty more comments by the women who are "banging sex offenders" each ready, willing and able to throw politicians, cops and any other person in a position of power under the bus when it comes to sex crimes, but GOD Forbid it be the guy they share a pillow with?? The really funny thing about it is, if anyone of the people they proclaim should "endure" the registry and signed on to their pathetic pity party groups (anonymously) the next thing out of their mouths would be " you got a raw deal, you dont deserve this treatment, we need to ban together and abolish the registry" sign on, stand with us and DONATE to our cause!! What a bunch of fucking hypocrits..

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Valigator said...

The newest studies indicate that sex offenders who abuse the children under their own roofs have a very poor prognosis of not re-offending. Seems "voodoo" doctors have determined a vast amount of expensive and long term treatment options must be on the table for the entire family. None of which I have ever read from the "daily strength crowd". Oh and when you read from the Mothers of Victims that they also were targeted for sexual abuse as children? The stats get even worse. So now we know why these "mothers" insist on keeping the family intact under any circumstances,regardless of the crimes committed against their own children. The common denominator is they were not "protected" or recieved treatment from abuse by their own mothers and the dysfunction goes round and round and round.