Saturday, March 1, 2014

ahh look another entire country has come to the conclusion sex offenders can't play nice so the public is entitled to KNOW WHO and WHERE these freaks live.. Guess that "shoots the shit out" of abolishing any registries anytime soon.. Just re-enforces that sex offenders are boils on the butt of humanity and regardless of whether they are publically acknowledged or NOT..they just cant keep their zippers up.

Child pornography not a "hand's off crime"

The effects of pornography on users have been extensively researched but results are contentious. There are at least five possible relationships between pornography use and the sexual abuse of children: •Pornography use is an expression of existing sexual interests. An individual who sexually abuses children seeks out child pornography as part of his/her pattern of sexual gratification.[35] The offender’s sexual interests cause his/her pornography use rather than the other way around. •Pornography is used to prime the individual to offend. An individual deliberately views child pornography immediately prior to offending. Pornography is used in the short term to sexually stimulate the offender in preparation for offending.[36] •Pornography has a corrosive effect. An individual becomes increasingly interested in child pornography, is attracted to images of increasing severity, and becomes desensitized to the harm victims experience. Use of pornography in the long term may also increase the risk that the person will sexually abuse a child.[37] •Pornography has a cathartic effect. Viewing child pornography is the sole outlet for an individual’s sexual attraction to children. Pornography use may substitute for, or even help the individual resist, engaging in hands-on offending.[38] •Pornography is a by-product of pedophilia. Pornography is created in the process of carrying out sexual abuse or is used to groom potential victims and prepare them for abuse.[39] Pornography is incidental to the abuse suffered by the victim.

May his soul rot in hell

Date of scheduled execution State Victim name Inmate name Status March 19, 2014 Oklahoma Adriana Waller, 1 Charles Warner pending In August of 1997, Shonda Waller and her eleven month-old daughter, Adriana Waller, lived in Oklahoma City with Charles Frederick Warner and his three children, aged 7, 5 and 2. At about 7:30 am on August 22, Warner left the house to go pay a traffic ticket. When Shonda woke up at 8:00 am, she stayed in bed and played with Adriana for a while. Adriana was her normal, playful self and did not seem to be experiencing any type of discomfort. When Shonda changed Adriana's diaper that morning, she did not notice anything wrong with Adriana. After Shonda got up, she made sandwiches for the kids and for Warner when he came home. Shonda and Warner had planned to go grocery shopping with all of the children that morning but Warner suggested that she go by herself and leave the children with him at the house. Shonda left to go shopping around noon. She arrived back at the house with the groceries at around 2:30 pm. She looked in on Adriana and saw her laying on the bed. A short time later Shonda told Warner that she wanted to go pay to have the telephone connected. When Warner went to get Adriana, he brought her out of the bedroom and said that she wasn't breathing. Shonda grabbed Adriana and asked Warner to drive them to the hospital. On the way to the hospital Shonda performed CPR on her daughter. When Shonda carried Adriana into the emergency room of Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City, Adriana appeared lifeless. Resuscitation efforts by medical personnel failed and she was pronounced dead approximately forty minutes later. Emergency room nurses proceeded to clean the baby. When nurse Robin Jones was changing Adriana's diaper, she noticed bright red blood around the child's anus and tears in the child's rectum. The injury appeared recent as there were no scabs or signs of healing. At this point post-mortem care stopped and the police were called. From the autopsy, the forensic pathologist opined that head and abdominal injuries had caused the child's death. She testified that the injuries were probably inflicted upon the child within an hour of her death, although they could have been inflicted up to three hours before she died. The police interviewed Warner late in the day on August 22 and into the early morning on August 23. Warner was subsequently arrested, charged and convicted of the first degree murder and first degree rape of 1-year-old Adriana Waller. In addition to the death sentence, the jury assessed punishment at nine hundred ninety-nine years imprisonment on the rape conviction. Warner’s original conviction in 1999 was overturned by the appeals court after it found the trial judge erred by seating a juror who said he had “a strong bias towards the death penalty.” Warner was again convicted and sentenced to death in 2003. During the retrial, Warner's 12-year-old son testified that he saw his father shake Adriana on the day she died. "My dad didn't get along with Adriana," said the boy, who lives in California with his mother and siblings. "She would cry, make a lot of noise." He also said the day the infant died wasn't the first time he had seen his father shaking the infant. After the baby was shaken, the boy said, he stayed most of the afternoon in his sister's bedroom. "I think he was angry so that's why I stayed in my sister's room," the boy said. (Maybe anonymous can write him a little letter before his send off telling him what a raw deal he is getting)