Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ahh Daily Strength is fired up

Those poor misbegotten Lovers of all things sex offender are on a rampage today. I must be pushing the usual buttons over there. Seems the predictable responses are to give Derek kudos for his bravery in showing up in Washington in his "costume" and hailing him as some kind of superhero for the cause. As usual Derek responds "in length" taking a bow and making excuses as to why his delivery was so bad, why no one showed up other than his sidekick Sobin who ranks equally as low as Logue does, why he was "escorted" out of every office he walked into (Blamed on the camera) and a myriad of other high five and cursory pats on the back for his efforts.

The bulk of responders at DS will praise a rattlesnake if it makes noise in favor of fighting sex offender laws and insures "they personally" wont get bitten. Derek Logue has that pesky habit of cannibalizing his own when they don't praise him enough. Even the men at DS give this pathetic pedophile a wide berth when interacting with him. Its woefully apparent they are all scared of any kind of retribution by him. I am not so amazed by the women on DS giving him the proverbial online blowjob of praise, after all these are the same women who were scrambling for bail money 30 minutes after their partners were found to be sexually feeding off their children, so they are conditioned to Praise a freak that turned their worlds and futures upside down. Its the "guys" (offenders) who ooze the slimy feeling thru the web that leaves one to ponder how much they enjoy "stroking" a guy whose every action has done more to Hurt than help their agenda. Hey don't get me wrong. Derek Logue does more for the Anti's in a single day than he ever has for his compadres  with Status. But I digress.

Today is a good day. I am obviously hitting my targets and I have barely been trying. On my second cup of coffee and once again My Observations have been validated . Some might take that as a win. I happen to walk away with the knowledge that it is an irrefutable fact that YES there is some very defective DNA walking and breathing in our airspace and they like hanging out at DS's "Families of Sex offenders". Oh and they HATE my guts, which is wonderful.