Sunday, January 19, 2014

71 years old and already has been thru the system..umm wonder if Gail Colletta thinks he would be a good candidate for a "diversion" program", and of course he shouldnt be vulnerable to the registry because GeeWizz he will have such a hard time "getting on" with his life and OMG what will it do to his family???? I would bet his family is crawling in a hole right now or signing up at RSOL??

Wow!!!!! Shana has officially lost it. In one fell public swoop she exposed her fiance' victim's' name, address and decimated his mothers reputation, and insinuated Mafia ties to her mother-in laws husband's business.(ALL with NAMES) I wonder if they have seen this? I am sure someone will bring it to their attention..all I can say is OMG.. I wouldnt want to be Shana Rowan. Can anyone smell a civil suit?? Not so bright Shana..

Perhaps I should start a Denial of the week blog?

Carol writes; I am married to a RS and he is the best man I have ever knew. "My husband was accused by his daughter who he told at 13 that she couldn’t hang with the bad girls she was hanging with and the next day he was arrested, they had no evidence just her word, he got "life but was later dropped to 11 yrs", she wrote him while he was in prison and told him she never thot it would turn out that bad, well like a dummy he hated her so bad for what she done at that time he tore it up and thru it away, not thinking it may help him later" Carol goes on blame politicians, law enforcement and spiteful wives for her plight. She also mentioned she and her 6 sisters were sexually abused by her father for years and her father's extended family sexually abused their children. She pondered whether it was "heridary"..umm She goes on to "bitch" that her own grandchildren are not allowed in the house now that he has been released. Carol doesnt admit it, but she infers she met him on a prison blog. She mumbles on, that each of "HIS" other children have attempted suicide but blames it on "their lack of contact with their dad" umm? There is much more written by her that is more incredible with every sentence but I'll suffice it to say, Its women like Carol who perpetuate dysfunction in our society for no other reason than they have never lived with out it. We know infamilar sexual abuse is a complicated emotional issue that leaves children torn emotionally, but Carol writes in no uncertian terms she "hates his daughter" for the life Carol has intentionally embarked on but hey..he is the BEST man she ever knew? Jesus Christ.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

There is a valid reason sex offenders are not allowed on Facebook. Doesnt matter whether you AGREE with the premise or not. Many offenders feel its a way of bucking a system they percieve as being unfair and unjust. What that is really telling the world is your not a person who can or will respect boundaries even at your own peril.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Raphael Connor had sex with toddler, posted images on Internet, detectives say | Local News - WESH Home

Raphael Connor had sex with toddler, posted images on Internet, detectives say | Local News - WESH Home

"Online profiles show a different side of Connor. His Twitter account preaches about his faith, his aspirations of becoming a lawyer and joining the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir."
Typical sex offender, show the world one face, while unzipping your pants with ANOTHER Victim..

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

and the noose gets even tighter...Gail Colletta looks like a rat on a wheel ..

Seems Gail Colletta (FAC) got all dressed up for nothing when appearing in front of the Jan.13 2014 senate legislative committee to influence their decisions to whether to bring the hammer down on offenders. Seems what IS influential is some well placed informative letters outlining the agenda of Florida Action Committee aka RSOL aka the NEW NAMBLA and some very descriptive court transcripts to those same legislators prior to this hearing. To sweeten the pot it didnt hurt to include some very strategic "comments" made by offenders themselves....ahhh life is good.

Friday, January 10, 2014

This is for anonymous

Just what I live for a convicted freak haling my good looks or lack thereof. I thought you would get a kick out of Valigators retaliation methods for your hundreds of threatening and deroggatory e-mails to me. You must be a newbie so let me explain the rules. They are very simple, really. I check out the registry almost every day I have three zip codes that I focus on. I keep these areas "clean". Now you must understand in any given zip code there is one poor bastard who is in violation of living within the restricted residency requirememnts. "Valigator has this uncanny ability to find him and if he is under community control or supervision, its a Christmas present. Valigator then reaches out and "touches" first the offender with a Word "document" copied and pasted from your comments expressing that due to these comments I must fulfill my duty as a citizen in "alerting" the Powers that be that he is in violation and he has these comments to thank for it. Usually I am lucky and can give the name and address of the offender "with his or her regards" on turning his world upside down. Then the wheels start to turn and I count my "personal best" in time Usually 24 hours removing an offender from his restricted address. Following? Let me alert you to the fact you have just turned an offenders world upside down an inside out due to your inappropiate communications with me. You might want to check with a few of your fellow pervs who thought they could get away with what your doing..and now KNOW better. But hey I get a kick out of it as does Law Enforcement so as I always say "do what blows your skirt up" someone is gonna pay for it.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ahh and the noose gets tighter..

The first of these changes would increase sentences for crimes involving child victims, and would prohibit these offenders from gaining any early-release privileges while serving their sentences. The next bill would require individuals to report information about vehicles, Internet usernames and passwords, passports as well as other additional information that could be used to identify the offender. This would allow communities to be able to better track those who have been convicted of sex crimes. Another potential change would add prosecutors and law enforcement members to the committee that analyzes whether or not an individual is likely to reoffend. This is in addition to a separate bill that would require civil commitments if two or more of these panel members decide that the individual is a sexually violent predator. These committees examine certain offenders who have completed their prison sentences, but must be determined to be unlikely to reoffend before they are allowed to be released. Read more: ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) - Orlando commissioners on Monday voted unanimously to increase the distance sex offenders must live from playgrounds, schools and daycare centers. Current law requires that offenders must live 1,000 feet away from where children congregate, but the city is increasing that distance to 1,500 feet. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer admitted that the Rock Lake neighborhood demographics prompted the vote. A search on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's website shows 250 sex offenders living within 2 miles of that neighborhood. "Certainly we had the issue of a large number of sex offenders being congregated in one neighborhood in our community. I think that is what brought the issue to the forefront," Dyer said. Read more: