Saturday, May 5, 2012


Shaun how old is this these young girls parents know a convicted sex offender is following them on social websites??
Laci couldnt be more than 16 and I noticed you have an abundant amount of teenage girls you follow. an hour ago, 4 hours ago its all there in black and white..ya know this blog will appear shortly anytime your name is searched..ask Gail Colletta..
Red flag #6 offenders are obsessed with retibution, even at the expense and embarrassment of their friends, families and employers..for those who stumble on this blog? Shaun has sent no less than 10 comments to be posted on this blog this am only, not to mention yesterdays submissions. "who does that"? most are redundant and I have not allowed them "more to spare his wife and kids than anything ..Shaun I will type very slow for you " you obviously do not know with who you tangle with" I only indulge in verbal pissin contests for a few hours, then I go beyond that..ask a couple of other offenders that thought they were on a level playing field with me...Oh thats right ..may be tough to do when those "violations" interfere with their profound communication skills...
.Red flag # 7 so far you have proved your bluster is bigger than your bite, your web tracks in an ongoing "communication mode with underage girls" ....a blind and deaf hunter could follow, "you do know I am a hunter right"? Your reckless disregard for the standing of your wife, children and grandchildren who you obviously are not taking to a completed thought due to your obsession with me will linger on the internet for years. You wanna go toe to toe on sex offender issues no problem but we both know you are way past that and its gonna hurt ya..and being the "textbook" socially disordered offender that you are? It will be all my fault right??? You have been warned in "spades" ..
update Sunday - 1st page 4th paragraph in "google Search "Shaun Webb sex offender-ouch!!!!!