Friday, May 25, 2012

Hastings man sentenced to life in prison for teenage rape |

Hastings man sentenced to life in prison for teenage rape |

You really have to wonder how a guy like this can be released to revolve thru the public to feed off them as if we are buffet tables.. My saying "you can't fix this kind of broke" is on point. Stick a needle in his arm and be done with him.. Florida has the worst of the worst slithering thru our streets..This freak was on the registry, he is one of many freaks that Sex offenders groups "RSOL" swear is over prosecuted and "harmless" ..Visualize how harmless this worthless excuse for DNA climbing thru your families window would visualize him blown into a thousand peices ..I  like the second visual better..

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Shaun how old is this these young girls parents know a convicted sex offender is following them on social websites??
Laci couldnt be more than 16 and I noticed you have an abundant amount of teenage girls you follow. an hour ago, 4 hours ago its all there in black and white..ya know this blog will appear shortly anytime your name is searched..ask Gail Colletta..
Red flag #6 offenders are obsessed with retibution, even at the expense and embarrassment of their friends, families and employers..for those who stumble on this blog? Shaun has sent no less than 10 comments to be posted on this blog this am only, not to mention yesterdays submissions. "who does that"? most are redundant and I have not allowed them "more to spare his wife and kids than anything ..Shaun I will type very slow for you " you obviously do not know with who you tangle with" I only indulge in verbal pissin contests for a few hours, then I go beyond that..ask a couple of other offenders that thought they were on a level playing field with me...Oh thats right ..may be tough to do when those "violations" interfere with their profound communication skills...
.Red flag # 7 so far you have proved your bluster is bigger than your bite, your web tracks in an ongoing "communication mode with underage girls" ....a blind and deaf hunter could follow, "you do know I am a hunter right"? Your reckless disregard for the standing of your wife, children and grandchildren who you obviously are not taking to a completed thought due to your obsession with me will linger on the internet for years. You wanna go toe to toe on sex offender issues no problem but we both know you are way past that and its gonna hurt ya..and being the "textbook" socially disordered offender that you are? It will be all my fault right??? You have been warned in "spades" ..
update Sunday - 1st page 4th paragraph in "google Search "Shaun Webb sex offender-ouch!!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Shaun Webb Michigan sex offender

Ahh my new little stalker Shaun Webb..seems Shaun took issue with some of my post on an article on sex offenders.. So the usual tit for tat thats escalated to a playground bully exercise in futility on his part.

What was one of the comments? "you brought it on yourself Valerie" anyone notice how my boots are shaking? Remember my mantra of offenders "can be their own worst enemies" well old Shaun here fashions himself as a writer and has a couple of books he is hawking on the internet. Thats all well and fine and I cant critique his books due to the fact I am not interested in reading them (obviously not many other people are either). But thats not my only thoughts on Mr. Webb.
Shaun Webb professes his innocence any and everywhere he lands..His tales of woe involved a school he worked at as a janitor and was accused of sexual misconduct by a student. I dont think anyone is oblivious to the fact that there are false accusations out there and being caught up in that has got to be one of the worst situations a truly innocent person would face. But I am not Mr. Webb's judge and jury. But I am an observer of human behavor, espcially behavor by convicted sex offenders.
My opinion is based on my feelings after interacting with Mr. Webb, keeping in mind that my feeling's are neither right or wrong but come strictly from a perspective I get from those (feelings).
Shaun Webb makes no secret about the vile contempt he has for his accuser thats (red flag) #1 and I will tell you why..absolutely every quote I have ever read from a "truly innocent" person looks at the accuser as misguided, manipulated and are being or have been guided by those who have more nefarious motives. Not Shaun Webb, his rantings are directly aimed at the accuser with the infamous quote "a snot nosed kid" . Mr. Webb may defend that quote with being in a bad mood or other justifications of having a bad day, but the majority of those of us who have observed sex offender rantings over our many years, see something "textbook"in Shaun Webb's mindset. Blame the Victim, Blame the judicial, blame the system, and make the convicted the "wronged" one.
Red Flag # 2- Shaun Webb is openly hostile to persons on the web who find these crimes abhorrant. (take me out of the mix) Everyone knows how curt and short I can be with these crimes with my comments are harsh, but then again my tolernace level is non existant with these offenders and or their advocates at this juncture. But Mr. Webb is hostile towards the general public who are offended by these crimes and express it on public forums. He inferrs they are stupid and uninformed.
Red flag # 3- One poster on this particular forum where I had the misfortune to become aquainted with Mr, Webb posted a very profound  account of her 13 year old daughter had been violently raped and this Parent made no bones about her frustration with her feelings in relation to that rape. What did Mr. Webb do? Never acknowledged it or empathized with the woman, No what Mr. Webb did was to ignore it and continue to focus on me and his wrath that he would make me his "pet project" and I "only brought it on myself" ..Now you know me, the Shaun Webb's of this world and their attempts to defame me in some way is little more than poop on the bottom of my shoe, but thats not the flag, the flag was he became obsessed with me at the expense of this womans profiling the  victimization of her child, and his responses to her and others who made comments of being victims were offhanded, short and often demeaning. Never taking his focus off me..I found that to be a Large red flag.
Red flag #4- Shaun Webb never missing the opportunity to "hawk his book" (s) has a "backpage" written by Shana Rowan, the New Yourk Chapter of RSOL. You know my feelings on her, but this goes deeper than that. Why would a "truly innocent guy" align himself with groups consisting of any and all members regardless of "convictions"? Never quite understood that about sex offenders, Doesnt matter if the Sex Offender was every definition of a Romeo or tore the insides out of a 4 year old, they are all one brotherhood and stand together in a United front for no other reason than the common denominator of Sex offender status..I was always amazed at that, oh I have come to accept the reality of it, but one really has to wonder how a guy who professes such innocence can find any common ground with persons who have criminal histories that to the majority of society would warrant a needle stuck in their arm?? Big Red Flag to me!
Red flag #5- And this should be more to his wife than to myself, Nancy and Shaun from what I gather had been married prior to his conviction. Nancy dutifully stands behind her husband and supports him in his endeavors. Ok I get that..I wouldnt do it, but thats just me, I refuse to walk on that glass for the rest of my life, but does his wife realize or has she read her husband's rants on the internet? I have these visions of this woman getting up everyday carrying the weight of support for this family not to mention the anchor of Sex offender status strapped to their necks and here Shaun is roaming the internet "making someone like "Me his pet project"..think about it..he spends hours and hours a day "focused" in retalitaion against persons who have an aversion to Sexual abuse??? Who does that? Who can actually look at their wife as she walks out the door putting another 8 hours a day to keep a roof over their head and then you can envision Shaun rubbing his hands together counting the seconds until she pulls out of the driveway so he can resume his retaliation and google searches of "me"? If I were his family I would be livid about his post and wasted days and put his worthless ass and his manuscripts out the front door to fend for himself. I can hear him now as she walk in from another long day blowing smoke up her backside that a "movie" will be made from his books and life will be wonderful..yea that the same thing is "it will never happen again honey, I promise"???
Now I am no voodoo doctor that watches these freaks heads spin, but I would venture if their were "red flag manuals" on sex offender behavor? Shaun Webb would be quickly on his way to fulfilling all of them..