Saturday, June 20, 2015

Derek Logue's Level three Sexual Predator's facebook page

Derek like to buck the system, but more important likes to "sign into" public forums with a facebook page,  The pervs all do it and it's a convenient avenue for intercommunications with each other. Derek and his Pedophile friends then have the ability to "access"  other facebook pages if those persons or groups have not "privatized" their settings. Facebook is LOADED with sex offenders and rarely will Facebook act on the complaints by concerned members. But more important these "freaks" have access to YOUR photos. Derek has bragged he can photoshop anything and "anything" means your kids to be used in the CP trade.

What persons may want to take notice of also are the women who comment and or "LIKE" Derek's aka (oncefallen) Post.  They willingly open up their pages and photos of their kids to him and the other offenders he communicates with. Real "mother of the year' material these women are NOT.