Sunday, December 22, 2013

RSOL "Gail Colletta's how to bullshit Legislators Conference

RSOL’s Presentation for effective state advocacy and lobbying strategies "how to bullshit Legislators Conference Featured speakers Eric Imhof Suzonne Kline Gail Colletta Now this was interesting to say the least. This (how too) You Tube version of loosening the noose on sex offenders in your particular state, came across more like a sitcom of the old game show “What’s my Line”? Gail Colletta and her collection of EXPERTS sat on a panel and instructed the audience how to get Up Close and Personal with those who have the power to turn a sex offender’s world up side down. 1) Never use the term “Sex” Offender. Seems to be a mood killer. Use the term “Offender” and confuse them with drug dealers and gang bangers and when you think you have them (coming over to the dark side) in legislation verbiage quickly insert the term “sex offender” before they know what hit them.. 2) Don’t use the term “victim” it brings to mind blubbering beaten, assaulted and tearful persons which can be a “mood killer”. 3) Get in their Faces; make sure they acknowledge they know you. They may not remember where they know you from, “doesn’t matter” after a while they will think your old friends and they will introduce you to their colleagues whom will think your all on the same team.. 4) Recruit experts (even if they have been forced to resign from previous positions) that can razzle dazzle them with big words and confusing statistics. Approach the ATSA (voodoo doctors) who want to be taken seriously and have the need to garner more respect than they actually have in the mental health field. 5) Leave legislators with a “packet” of information that “glorifies” and highlights your position and include footnotes. Even if those “footnotes” include not so flattering statistics, chances are they won’t read them anyway. 6) Pretend to be on the same side initially to get an audience with them. Butter them up and congratulate them on their efforts to make their state safer, then throw them a curveball to cut cost by abolishing the registry and don’t mention the “cost” of diversion programs which ultimately will cost a bundle. 7) Tell them your there to educate them and again insert into conversation that offenders, (never sex offenders) are just nice guys and you want them fully informed by leaving them a Bar graph comparing them to shop lifters. 8) Never approach 1st year legislators, they aren’t savvy enough find their way around the Capitol Building much less due anything of substance for anyone. Why waste your time?? 9) Kiss up to legislators even if they are opposite of your party affiliation, tell them you VOTED for them. 10) Make sure you attend political gatherings and make a donation, soon you’ll figure out who can be bought and for how much.. 11) Never bring up the Adam Walsh Act, even though it’s proven to be positive for moderate risk offenders, RSOL needs to oppose every aspect of AWA. After all RSOL doesn’t want any oversight for offenders at all. 12) Even if the esteemed panel of Imhof, Kline and Colletta hate the Florida Governor and the entire Republicans smile and tell them you VOTED for them..