Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Usual Quote of Sex Offenders, it is tiring

I am not a particularly religious person, in fact if one searches the web I have been called the "Devil Incarnate" by sex offenders and Or their advocates. The "Daily Strength" is especially gifted at posting  this observation of me.
Once the conversation deteriorates, my spelling errors are pointed out and my arrest record for "Standing My Ground"  is posted and ultimately  just before I am banned "oh my", Here  are a couple of  common themes and quotes that are posted:
""Do not judge others, and you will not be judged."
""Judge not, that ye be not judged""
In my many many years of observing these abhorrent crimes and the people who commit them, the one common denominator always comes down to either "judgement or Forgiveness" and if it is not "forthcoming fast enough? You can take to the bank the above quotes and smell the seething of "righteousness" permeating from sex offenders towards those (like me) who have NO tolerance for their whining. Well as I was channel surfing the other nite ( I wont call it an epiphany) but something did catch my attention and I lingered to listen.