Monday, November 3, 2014

from the daily strength "families of sex offenders" site

Echo moon write "i honestly can't even begin to imagine or try to understand what her life must be like. to have her personal thoughts and demons eat at her every moment she breathes. to be so totally driven by such insane anger, bitterness, hatred and vindictiveness has got to rot the soul and what little there is left of the brain??"" Oh Really, seems to be a common theme among this group,a perception of some angry bitter old alcoholic that has nothing to do but pick on sex offender families. I think its time we get something on the table (not that it will help). I rarely drink, it doesnt feel good the next day and a woman my age has a tendency to wear the alcohol she drinks and I pride myself on my looks, and its really not a vice of mine, contrary to Oncefallen's interpretation of a picture of me at a fundraiser. I along with the Mayor, two city commissioners all played the game and all left sober and happy. The Mayor of Fort Lauderdale is in the background. "what life must be like" as echo ask? Life is good, close friends and family members and a man who for 27 years has never lied or cheated on me or MOLESTED MY CHILDREN. He stepped up to the plate with a single mother and they adore him, who are now out on their own.. I live in a beautiful home in fort lauderdale with a country club membership with which I enjoy many Sunday brunches with the people I love and who love me. I have a wonderful job with the best boss in Lauderdale and clients who appreciate and love me. That job has been ongoing for 25 years. I tried to retire 15 years ago but it was agreed that I needed to stay, and I am happy I have. I thoroughly enjoy hunting birds and alligators. Its my thing and I am very very good at it and a better shot than most people I know.My arrest and subsequent lawsuit against the police department that vindicated my stance that day is one I am especially proud of. I have no intentions of "expunging" it or hiding from it. Contrary to Oncefallen's inserts of felong convictions and multiple arrest record visions, I am not a felon and am very active in the republican party "in which I vote"! I have a concealed weapons permit of which I did not have "on me" the day of the arrest. I will encourage anyone who is curious to google Dale Weeks, Dale Weeks was the equivalent of Hannible Lector who happened to move into my neighborhood the week before the incident. Regardless of your feelings on the flyers, Dale Weeks was not going to live in my zip code-period and end of discussion. If you have a issue with that, my opinion is you can go fuck yourself, If another Dale Weeks moved into the neighborhood tomorrow, I would do the same thing again. I have no horror stories or horrendous tales of abuse as child, in fact I come from the most loving and caring and affluent families one could ever hope to have,so I cant really wrap my head around the horror stories I read on your site on a daily basis. It makes no sense to me, I dont get it, but more important I dont get how many on the daily strength can condition themselves to it. I dont hate you, and in as much as it soothes the daily strength group to think I wallow in hate, alcohol and demons, I actually have a very charmed life who think your post often mirror some very stupid and nieve' women who are an embarrassment to the rest of our species. You enhance that embarrassment when you align with sexual predators or offenders who on site you brown nose, but in reality are the source of Your predicaments. I can never quite square that in my head. My perception of your group is you have found yourselves in a very horrible position often by no actions of your own, but the longer you spend with the group You relish the pain of a new member so you can rationalize your position. New People come on with tales of woe, you welcome them and encourage them to make the wrong choices, so you wont have to be faced with making the right ones yourself. I have read absolute horrendous exposes' of scenarios these women pour out to you and you long timers actually encourage her to stay with these deviants, because You WANT her and her children who are often the victims, to stay in this dark place and re-enforce and validate YOUR horrible lives.I also believe in reform but True reform wont come from those who align with the "loudest mouths" and the worst criminal histories, True reform will come from non offenders with the loudest mouths (me) but I refuse to exert my extensive knowledge and efforts on those who thank, revere and hold in esteem the very deviants you and WAR, Sosen, RSOL hold up as heros. You know who they are, you know they are dangerous and you know they are guilty, but look to them as heros because they hold a common status?? I hope that helps (for many of you) it will be pointless, due to the fact you want me to be some lonely, desolate, angry, woman. Sorry to disappoint, I wouldnt change a thing about my life or my family (contrary to your heros references to people I dont know). What I do is a calling, it takes no effort and no regret. Is it harsh? most definitely, I suggest you get use to it. I also suggest many of you stand back and walk away from many of the losers who will be a rope around your necks for the rest of your lives, for others I hope a better place comes soon.