Friday, January 10, 2014

This is for anonymous

Just what I live for a convicted freak haling my good looks or lack thereof. I thought you would get a kick out of Valigators retaliation methods for your hundreds of threatening and deroggatory e-mails to me. You must be a newbie so let me explain the rules. They are very simple, really. I check out the registry almost every day I have three zip codes that I focus on. I keep these areas "clean". Now you must understand in any given zip code there is one poor bastard who is in violation of living within the restricted residency requirememnts. "Valigator has this uncanny ability to find him and if he is under community control or supervision, its a Christmas present. Valigator then reaches out and "touches" first the offender with a Word "document" copied and pasted from your comments expressing that due to these comments I must fulfill my duty as a citizen in "alerting" the Powers that be that he is in violation and he has these comments to thank for it. Usually I am lucky and can give the name and address of the offender "with his or her regards" on turning his world upside down. Then the wheels start to turn and I count my "personal best" in time Usually 24 hours removing an offender from his restricted address. Following? Let me alert you to the fact you have just turned an offenders world upside down an inside out due to your inappropiate communications with me. You might want to check with a few of your fellow pervs who thought they could get away with what your doing..and now KNOW better. But hey I get a kick out of it as does Law Enforcement so as I always say "do what blows your skirt up" someone is gonna pay for it.