Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wonder what Pro-sex offender group this (mother of the Year) belonged too?,0,6727868.story

Sex offenders gravitate toward women with children. It s what they do. The women have issues I cant begin to get into here. Then these same women join "support groups" to whine and cry about the status and undo hardships they must endure living with a guy who just made a "youthful mistake" by joining groups like USA FAIR, Florida Action committiee, and Anystate RSOL to abolish the registry and diminish the repercussions to sex offenders by bombarding forums trying to convince YOU and I how harmless they are. Anytime you read a comment trying to pursuade YOU to "Reform" sex offender laws? think of this broad. Many of these women try and convince the public their "loved one" just went down for underage consentual sex, in reality many of these guys should have a had a needle stuck in their arm, but without fail the women swear by all things holy they have a 0% reoffend rate. Meanwhile the same guy is unzipping his pants around her kids while she tries to convince us all offenders just got a "raw deal". Make no mistake there are many women who literally "feed their children" to these freaks like its an all you can eat buffet. (Why do you think they offend with people they KNOW)? Put a bullet in his brain and be done with him. And hope to God her daughter may one day forgive her.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Will Gail Colletta ever shut UP?
I find it amusing , if the subject matter was not so pathetic that the mothers, wives and girlfriends of sex offenders attempt to make "legislative Policy" for the rest of us. Gail Colletta sees no further than letting all the rats out of the bag under the guise of alleviating homelessness. Lets dissect those "homeless" shall we? The sheer numbers of offenders who have committed their crimes in other states but are freely allowed to come into Florida is mind-numbing. Why should Florida have a welcome basket for every "felon with a sexually based conviction" for no other reason than they like the weather better here? Look at the offenders whose "country of origin" is outside the United States? Why haven't they been deported? Why do repeat recidivist have "gain time" early release from our prisons? No, Gail Colletta sees no further... than trying to cram 10lbs. of sex offenders in a 1 lb.s sack (that sack being Florida). Gail Colletta has an agenda, that being to alleviate any repercussions for those convicted of sex crimes. Namely (her son) Alex after he is released from prison. Alex liked looking at infants and small children being raped on the family computer. I want to know what gives Gail Colletta the guts to attempt to make legal policy for the families of Florida when she couldn't determine what her own disturbed son was doing on the family computer? But now wants to pass herself off as the Sex offender policy diva of Florida. I find the pure audacity of that insulting.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Police: Man kidnapped, sexually assaulted 5-year-old

Police: Man kidnapped, sexually assaulted 5-year-old

And we are still asking ourselves why these freaks dont have dead or alive (preferably DEAD) bounties on their heads?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Shana Rowan, so which is it?

Shana has her new little you tube video which is to enlighten us to her new endeavors..She speaks to her supporters and her detractors in which she emphasizes to "bring it on". Well when one attempts to bring it on what do we find?? Your comments are blocked by the owner of this video??? Umm Ok well here is my comment, Shana Rowan, your a Liar and a fraud. You are one of the most "vocal" threats" to America's Families. Women as yourself, need your own registry!!!

Oh and its not the "legislators" fault your freak boyfriend has no qualms about sexually abusing a 6 year old.
And stop with the Blue eyeshadow for For Gods sake, that shade doesnt look good on anyone and in conjunction with wet hair? You look like a drowned rat that sees its own ghost..just sayin ( again)

Gail Colletta is fine tuning her Bullshit Again

Gail Colletta of "Florida Action Committiee" is obviously hoping her activism will over-shadow her self serving motives and she is very vocal lately. Recently she (Gail), Shana Rowan and Derek Logue did an interview on the topic of a Florida Sheriff  posting Sexual Predator signs in Bradford County.

Derek did his usual inference that he was really a Romeo and is over prosecuted and underserved by his fellow man. Lets not leave out he strongly misleads the public by insinuating he is only a designated Predator due to the legal and verbal definitions of any particular state and those definitions have absolutely No Bearing on his crime...yea right..

Gail Colletta is as always ona rampage to make sure her "Demon seed" son wont have to face any repercussions when he finally gets released for his conviction. I just want to reach out and shake her and say Gail, "you really should get down and kiss the Judicial for giving your son the sentence they did, the majority of the public thinks he should be going to  a civil commitment center after his (too soon) release date"!!! It is my opinion Gail Colletta must not have any problems with freaks looking to "get off" watching infants being raped. Otherwise she wouldnt also infer her son's tales of woe begin and end with an illegal internet sting. Never does she look inward and come to the conclusion that the rest of us do, that indeed her son is a superfreak and he has issues that wont even be cured by incarceration. Yet Gail does what she does best, make useless noise about "educating" the rest of us who didnt raise a kid addicted to infant/child porn. I still cant decipher her "educational" bullshit stance? As hard I searched? All I found were links to take the heat off these pervs and petitions to demand the public "look the other way" concerning these crimes???

Last but never least is Shana, swearing by all thing holy, sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rates of any criminals (except murderers) .. Shana is a Liar and an enemy of families. She is self serving pillow partner of a guy deemed a sexually violent offender. But to listen to the perpetual Shana bullshit, you would think her lover woke up one day and accidently found himself on the registry? Kinda reminds me of other offenders versions of their convictions. "I accidently fell , and raped a kid on the way down" "it really wasnt my fault"?? These numb-nuts completely embarrassed themselves on this "Huffington Video" and it should be listed under a comedic sitcom category.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


SEX OFFENDER CAUGHT WITH HIS PANTS LITERALLY DOWN | BREAKING NEWS | Sky Valley Chronicle Washington State News This is why you keep the freaks out of parks!!

Bond remains same for sex offender accused of incident with 4-year-old - Crime - The Daily News, Jacksonville

Bond remains same for sex offender accused of incident with 4-year-old - Crime - The Daily News, Jacksonville The article states ":and is required to be registered as a lifetime recidivist" .I always find this "label" incredulous, or the "habitual sex offender" ?? One would think if society has deemed a person with these Labels, wouldnt a needle in the arm or the very least "civil commitment" be the order of the day??

Sex offender accused of being on Facebook - Crime - The Daily News, Jacksonville

Sex offender accused of being on Facebook - Crime - The Daily News, Jacksonville

Derek Logue might want to read this one..

Sex offender arrested at school in Mt. Juliet

Sex offender arrested at school in Mt. Juliet   another one who cant keep his compulsions to hurt another human being under control!