Friday, June 7, 2013

Shana Rowan, so which is it?

Shana has her new little you tube video which is to enlighten us to her new endeavors..She speaks to her supporters and her detractors in which she emphasizes to "bring it on". Well when one attempts to bring it on what do we find?? Your comments are blocked by the owner of this video??? Umm Ok well here is my comment, Shana Rowan, your a Liar and a fraud. You are one of the most "vocal" threats" to America's Families. Women as yourself, need your own registry!!!

Oh and its not the "legislators" fault your freak boyfriend has no qualms about sexually abusing a 6 year old.
And stop with the Blue eyeshadow for For Gods sake, that shade doesnt look good on anyone and in conjunction with wet hair? You look like a drowned rat that sees its own ghost..just sayin ( again)


Anonymous said...

Anyone who has seen your mug shot laughs at the irony of your comments about Ms. Rowan's looks. She's hot and you are not.

Valigator said...

Actually she is a very pretty girl thats why the neon eyeshadow always slays me..she doesnt need it and it detracts from what she is saying. Feel better?

Virginia Z. Hall said...

Wow! Now in addition to being a "victim advocate", flatulent blogger and top notch argument in favor of birth control, you are an image consultant? No end to your imaginary talents. Go back into your cave.

Valigator said...

Obviously your a little dyslexic Virginia , kinda like your "loved one" who cant read sexual assault laws. Now very slowly go back and read this thread..I'll make it easy for ya..Shana looks like a drag queen with the shiney blue eyeshadow.