Friday, June 7, 2013

Gail Colletta is fine tuning her Bullshit Again

Gail Colletta of "Florida Action Committiee" is obviously hoping her activism will over-shadow her self serving motives and she is very vocal lately. Recently she (Gail), Shana Rowan and Derek Logue did an interview on the topic of a Florida Sheriff  posting Sexual Predator signs in Bradford County.

Derek did his usual inference that he was really a Romeo and is over prosecuted and underserved by his fellow man. Lets not leave out he strongly misleads the public by insinuating he is only a designated Predator due to the legal and verbal definitions of any particular state and those definitions have absolutely No Bearing on his crime...yea right..

Gail Colletta is as always ona rampage to make sure her "Demon seed" son wont have to face any repercussions when he finally gets released for his conviction. I just want to reach out and shake her and say Gail, "you really should get down and kiss the Judicial for giving your son the sentence they did, the majority of the public thinks he should be going to  a civil commitment center after his (too soon) release date"!!! It is my opinion Gail Colletta must not have any problems with freaks looking to "get off" watching infants being raped. Otherwise she wouldnt also infer her son's tales of woe begin and end with an illegal internet sting. Never does she look inward and come to the conclusion that the rest of us do, that indeed her son is a superfreak and he has issues that wont even be cured by incarceration. Yet Gail does what she does best, make useless noise about "educating" the rest of us who didnt raise a kid addicted to infant/child porn. I still cant decipher her "educational" bullshit stance? As hard I searched? All I found were links to take the heat off these pervs and petitions to demand the public "look the other way" concerning these crimes???

Last but never least is Shana, swearing by all thing holy, sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rates of any criminals (except murderers) .. Shana is a Liar and an enemy of families. She is self serving pillow partner of a guy deemed a sexually violent offender. But to listen to the perpetual Shana bullshit, you would think her lover woke up one day and accidently found himself on the registry? Kinda reminds me of other offenders versions of their convictions. "I accidently fell , and raped a kid on the way down" "it really wasnt my fault"?? These numb-nuts completely embarrassed themselves on this "Huffington Video" and it should be listed under a comedic sitcom category.

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