Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Marc Klaas thinks of Shana Rowan

Marc Klaas is right on the money in his assessment of Shana Rowan.


oncefallendotcom said...

Mark has no Klaas. No one cares about him or you. By the way, You are wasting your time reporting "Stop Online Vigilantism." If it goes away, another takes its place. You'll never be able to silence me. But you do a very good job of silencing yourself, seeing as your only fan these days uses a screen name for male genitalia. Guess that is as close to cock as you can get these days.

Valigator said...

Gotta smile Derek, in one fell swoop, you managed to insult the father of a murdered child, admit to being on a restricted website for sex offenders and subconscientiously insert your facination of the body parts of the same sex. Wonder what those "voodoo sex offender doctors" would garner from such a post??

oncefallendotcom said...

The shrinks are more interested in you, since you are completely incoherent and only post while intoxicated. We all know the real reason you chickened out of the Dr Phil show, because going on would have meant you'd have to admit to targeting an underage girl as part of your crusade of trolling.

Your worship of victim industry profiteers like Mark No-Klaas the ass is appalling. Klaas is a waste of humanity, and fewer people are listening to that piece of excrement these days.

Here is the thing, you dumb twatwaffle, no one listens to you. I wouldn't doubt YOU were playing the role of "Harry Johnson," since the only person who listens to you is, well, just you. Even the losers at NPFP ignore you these days.

Valigator said...

Well Derek isnt it nice to know at least (your my number one fan) by the amount of post you contribute.

Speaking of alcohol induced post, I thought you guys couldnt buy booze on your food stamp allowance's anymore? By the way..Melissa sends her regards Derek, you are familiar with Melissa I assume. She is very familiar with you.

Valigator said...

Oh and when did the "The Test" jump to being the Dr. Phil Show??

Ya know you pervs really ought to get your ducks and television shows in a row. I keep tellin ya Derek, there is more than one reason you guys made the "list".
If you cant seem to get the correct version of what show is what, I dont hold out much faith in your descriptions of your convictions either.
Which reminds me, Shaun has been on the "down-low" lately. Thats a good thing. He needs to keep his mouth shut and his head down. From the looks of the sale of his latest book I would venture he should be on the verge of slitting his wrist, your his buddy, tell him (for me) to increase his meds and he can weather this dismal failure along with the rest of his endeavors in life in no time at all..