Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wonder what Pro-sex offender group this (mother of the Year) belonged too?,0,6727868.story

Sex offenders gravitate toward women with children. It s what they do. The women have issues I cant begin to get into here. Then these same women join "support groups" to whine and cry about the status and undo hardships they must endure living with a guy who just made a "youthful mistake" by joining groups like USA FAIR, Florida Action committiee, and Anystate RSOL to abolish the registry and diminish the repercussions to sex offenders by bombarding forums trying to convince YOU and I how harmless they are. Anytime you read a comment trying to pursuade YOU to "Reform" sex offender laws? think of this broad. Many of these women try and convince the public their "loved one" just went down for underage consentual sex, in reality many of these guys should have a had a needle stuck in their arm, but without fail the women swear by all things holy they have a 0% reoffend rate. Meanwhile the same guy is unzipping his pants around her kids while she tries to convince us all offenders just got a "raw deal". Make no mistake there are many women who literally "feed their children" to these freaks like its an all you can eat buffet. (Why do you think they offend with people they KNOW)? Put a bullet in his brain and be done with him. And hope to God her daughter may one day forgive her.


Valigator said...

Cant debate on the issue's Derek, Oh really?? Pretty funny coming from a numbnut like yourself. As soon as an issue is brought up what do I get? Dont pay attention to the Florida Vigilanti who likes to pull guns on People??? I can make ten valid point of views and your collection of pervs and or the broads banging them want to post a picture of me at a fund raiser.. You twisted little fuck you wouldnt know what a debate is if it was tattooed on your forehead. You burn this into your brain and dont you ever forget it. I will be right behind you and your lying group of Perv lovers everytime I find you and or them spreading their bullshit on the web about how "wonderful" you pathetic convicts are. If I repeat myself its because the "Truth" never gets old unlike your never ending droning of copy and paste lies you want to pass off to the public. Told ya you should have never "fucked" with me..I'll eat you and your cohorts for breakfast everyday day of the week, every week of the year from here on out.

oncefallendotcom said...

I have to laugh at you, David Rowe, and Peterless Mason talking smack about me on NPFP. You are beyond obsessed. It must really piss you off knowing there is NOTHING you can do to me but bitch and complain on a troll page with other violence-prone people. Y'all should be placed on an island like Bikini Atoll.