Thursday, June 20, 2013

Will Gail Colletta ever shut UP?
I find it amusing , if the subject matter was not so pathetic that the mothers, wives and girlfriends of sex offenders attempt to make "legislative Policy" for the rest of us. Gail Colletta sees no further than letting all the rats out of the bag under the guise of alleviating homelessness. Lets dissect those "homeless" shall we? The sheer numbers of offenders who have committed their crimes in other states but are freely allowed to come into Florida is mind-numbing. Why should Florida have a welcome basket for every "felon with a sexually based conviction" for no other reason than they like the weather better here? Look at the offenders whose "country of origin" is outside the United States? Why haven't they been deported? Why do repeat recidivist have "gain time" early release from our prisons? No, Gail Colletta sees no further... than trying to cram 10lbs. of sex offenders in a 1 lb.s sack (that sack being Florida). Gail Colletta has an agenda, that being to alleviate any repercussions for those convicted of sex crimes. Namely (her son) Alex after he is released from prison. Alex liked looking at infants and small children being raped on the family computer. I want to know what gives Gail Colletta the guts to attempt to make legal policy for the families of Florida when she couldn't determine what her own disturbed son was doing on the family computer? But now wants to pass herself off as the Sex offender policy diva of Florida. I find the pure audacity of that insulting.

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