Saturday, March 1, 2014

ahh look another entire country has come to the conclusion sex offenders can't play nice so the public is entitled to KNOW WHO and WHERE these freaks live.. Guess that "shoots the shit out" of abolishing any registries anytime soon.. Just re-enforces that sex offenders are boils on the butt of humanity and regardless of whether they are publically acknowledged or NOT..they just cant keep their zippers up.


Anonymous said...

I see an armed rebellion in the near future. Maybe a few dead vigilante scumbags would certainly help move things along :)

Valigator said...

""few dead vigilante scumbags""??

I suppose that sounds good and empowering behind a keyboard "anonymous" but always at the end of the day persons as yourself get your kicks going after the "vulnerable". In real life you draw the line going after adults, because you dont have the "balls" to go after anything but kids. I know it and YOU know it. The world knows it.