Monday, July 15, 2013

Gail Colletta

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Valigator said...

I find it again amazing how this broad can run around maintaining How WE the PUBLIC need educating on sexual abuse in this country. Let me take a moment and educate her, Facebook makes no secret that Sex offenders/Predators are Not allowed on Facebook yet she seems to overlook that little aspect when one looks at her Facebook friends. Derek Logue is a Sexual Predator out of Ohio who loves "bucking Facebook" and manufactures Profiles when it suits him. One must first acknowledge that Gail and Derek are BFF's in their bullshit attempts for offenders to go back underground. So she overlooks the rules and Boundaries that Facebook has made perfectly clear concerning offenders and their profiles, WHY? Because playing by the rules doesnt fit into this "bitches" agenda. She and other Pro-offender advocates have the same mindset..ignore the rules and boundaries set forth when it isnt convienant, but want to stand in mine and my families face and want to EDUCATE us? Gail Colletta needs her own Registry for women who perpetuate the ongoing abuse of our children and yet "look the other way"..fucking hypocrit.