Monday, December 23, 2013

Gail Colletta and her co-horts on Preventing Sexual Violence.

Ahh another morning of reading (trying to make sense) of the Shana Rowan's, Gail Colletta's and other numerous words of wisdom from Pro offender divas about educating the public on sex offender myths. After all is said and done, I liken their prophetic words of advice to closing the barn door after the animals (literally) have been let out. Now I am not oblivious to their motives, but one is left wondering what their efforts have to do, with "preventing" sexual violence in our culture??? Stepping back to their "educating/prevention" mantra. In all these years I have yet to find one of their groups offering up a Hotline for offenders who for whatever reason may find themselves on the verge of re-offending and need to reach out to a "voice of reason" to circumvent another possible assault. I looked everywhere and for the life of me cant seem to find one of these groups who offer that option. I see plenty of ink begging for "donations" or a Hotline offering up how to weasel around the terms and conditions of their status, but not one link that could potentially PREVENT an assault from an offender who has been "triggered". Kinda leaves one wondering what these groups definition of Prevention actually is, dont ya think? The great thing is I can offer up some very profound advice that is free. Now I happen to think once some poor bastard has committed an act(s) of sexual violence and had his butt run thru the judicial/correctional his "chances" of rehabilitation are slim to none. He may have developed a "fear" of the repercussions, but his or her ability to filter healthy sexual boundaries have been pretty much shot. My definition of PREVENTION is exactly what it means. Smarter people than myself have determined a persons sexual proclivities are created very very early. Taking into consideration the existing cultural and family dynamics and leaving out the very real aspect of any form of sexual violence perpetrated against this young person and or members of their immediate family, then the prospects of prevention become more successful. I think it should be mandatory that later age elementary and middle school children, be forced to attend a SCHOOL forum where "sex offenders" are schlepped up on the stage handcuffed, surrounded by Probation and police to Expel their tales of woe" of why they found themselves on their perspective states sex offender registry! Not the watered down version but the court record's version. We do these seminars on drunk driving, we do it for the "just say NO to drugs" campaign, I think we should do it for sexual violence and how to recognise it and what the consequences are.


Anonymous said...

What's up Alcoholigator?

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Valigator said...

ahh as I sit here wrapping Christmas presents getting ready for the big day it does leave one to ponder how a freak as yourself has nothing better to do but "research" me around the web..What? no invites to family functions, no family Christmas Eve dinners? No yuletide cheer with friends? Silly me, most of these people have kids, Of course your not invited..oops the timer on the pies just went off..

Stacey said...

Thats the problem. These groups dont OFFER any "real programs" that proclaim to EDUCATE the Public other than making life easier on them. A person can scan the internet for Child Safety programs and NEVER see any approved curriculum originating from these groups. I have to think their education program is spanking an offender on the hand and saying "bad boy, Bad Boy" dont do that again.