Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Juan Carlos Chavez (Jimmy Ryce's killer)

For years I have been petitioning the governors office to fast track this man's execution. Like Clockwork I write to Florida's Governor and AG office to remind them how raw this crime still is to Floridians. I have recieved many responses over the years but here is the update on  Juan Carlos Chavez's the "political refugee" who washed up on Florida's shores to make a better life for himself, (yea right). For those not familiar?

Latest update:
Dear Ms. Parkhurst

Attorney General Pam Bondi asked me to respond to your email expressing your feelings about the tragic death of Jimmy Ryce, and frustration with the criminal justice process. The Capital Appeals staff of Attorney General Bondi’s office, myself included, share your sense of frustration concerning the lengthy appeal process which has followed this defendant's death sentence.

To give you some additional information the defendant still has an appeal pending in court. The Governor does have the right to sign a death warrant at any time. However, the Governor does not have jurisdiction over the court system, and his power is limited. For example, if a death warrant was signed prior to the defendant completing all of his litigation, then the appellate courts would issue a stay (stopping) of execution stating that the defendant had not been afforded all of his legal rights. This is the really frustrating part of the process. The reality of the criminal justice process as you have discovered, is that the defendant has all the rights in the process. This is the way our laws were originally designed. Please rest assured the Attorney General's Office is doing everything possible to see this defendant's sentence carried out. If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at ***-***-**** or via email. Thank you.


Jessica Allard

Victim Services Program Specialist

Office of the Attorney General

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