Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 year in Review

2013 legislation to toughen Laws against Sex offenders. This has been a year with milestones for Familes who are seeking Legislation to strengthen the repercussions of those who would like nothing more than to decimate our society. With the hard work and dedication of many who endure hours spent on research, contacting Legislators and taking time away from their families to advocate stronger laws against these people I say THANK YOU. Hawaii is not tough enough on child predators, according to Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom, who wants to change that. The East Oahu Republican introduced Jessica’s legislation in this session and hopes Hawaii will become the next state to mandate that sex offenders who abuse children will spend at least 25 years in prison. SB 799 and SB 1223 require electronic monitoring for those who sexually assault of a minor and it establishes mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years for felony sexual assault of a minor. ______________________________________________________________________________ “I will always vote to be the one that’s tough on crime,” Rep. Leslie Osborn, R-Mustang, recently argued during debate over a bill to impose mandatory prison sentences for those who fail to register. “I want us to remember that the people that are registering here include people who are rapists, child molesters. These are people that have done heinous crimes to members of our communities.” McKay testified before legislators as the House considers laws that would keep sex offenders out of state parks and prohibit them from going to schools unescorted if their victim was younger than age 18 — rather than 13, as the current law reads. It passed on a 12-1 vote. _______________________________________________________________________________ TALLAHASSEE -- Outraged by cases involving repeat sexually violent predators, four Florida senators filed bills Tuesday to signal an aggressive approach to protecting the state’s children. “Together these bills will make Florida scorched earth for those who seek to harm our children,” Senate President Don Gaetz said in a statement, calling the legislation a “centerpiece” of a joint House and Senate agenda.

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Valigator said...

My isnt it nice to know our Legislators are working during the Holiday season. Seems they must have more time to "read" communications from their constituients and respond with nice letters (not thank you for your interest form letters) that request More information, steer you into the proper channels and invite you to personal meetings and or arrange to set up meetings when they are in closer proximity to oneself..guess that RSOL conference by Gail Colletta on "how to talk to your legislators" is moot, when you preface your communication to these legislators exactly WHAT MOTIVES, Backgounds and Criminal Histories these groups who are pounding on their doors have???