Saturday, May 4, 2013

The World according to Shaun Webb Michigan sex offender Level 2

« Watch for me on TV!! Valigator Chickens Out!!!!!!
As usual, Valigator is bending the facts to satisfy her fear of going on the show with me. She found out my daughter was to also face her and she wanted NO part of it. She knew it’d be tough to explain why she thought it a good idea to follow a 16 yr-old on Twitter and Facebook (among other social sites). Also, lets be accurate about my reasoning. This show wasn’t about my case but about Val’s obsession with me. I was more than willing to go under the lie detector as related to her endless harassment. The show also wanted her to go under the detector. Isn’t it funny how Val only gives half the story? You pussied out Val. You knew you’d get crushed and couldn’t take it. You’d rather hide behind your keyboard drinking your whiskey and harassing the world.
The Facts: The Shows producers indicated that Shaun's daughter may appear on the show. I stated to the producers that it isnt in an "anti's style" to use the children of anti's or sex offenders as leverage in these battles. I also stated that in Shaun's daughters eyes he is her hero and needs to belive in his innocence. That his daughter "isnt a game changer" for me as far as appearing on the show, but if they were expecting a retaliation from me towards her I didnt feel comfortable with that. I also stated that I can take her verbal lashing but my response would only be to re-interate that "we dont use kids" in this War. The show was very respective of that and made mention that it gives "what I do, more weight". I dont follow Shaun's daughter on any social media site, He follows her, and she followers him on twitter (dont know about facebook) I never looked her up. I followed him on Twitter due to the suggestive sexual comments he was making to women and or more often (young girls) without disclosing his status.

I’m not a bit suprised that she backed out. She wasn’t going to be the star she so wanted to be. She wanted everybody to cowtow to her allegations and it just wasn’t going to happen. Even the producers thought she was bat-shit crazy. It’s always funny how Val sticks her chest out and threatens everyone, but when it comes down to it, she backs out like the yellow-belly she really is. Remember, she only tackles alligators AFTER they’re already dead.
Again I didnt "back out" I requested and recieved time off work, and my employers were very happy I was given the opportunity to platform my commitment to this issue publically. A few days prior to the flight out for taping I recieved a call from Josh the producer and I quote "Shaun is becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with" "He is now refusing to do the polygraph". (which is the premise of the show) My response is and I quote " I am not surprised, initially I knew Shaun could not refuse the opportunity due to the fact his ego wouldnt let him" but I am sure once he had a rare moment of rationality (in the middle of the night) he would get cold feet and the entire world would realize what a compulsive Liar he truly is."Josh asked if there was another offender I could recommend a few more hours passed and Josh called to say that Shaun stated "it wouldnt matter if I passed or flunked the test, those who think I am guilty will always think I am guilty" I told Josh "you maybe able to pursuade him if he thought the show would promote his worthless books, Shaun is a shameless publicity hound for his writings " Josh said and I quote "the show doesnt want to appear to promote these guys" I found that odd, due to the trouble Shaun goes too to maintain his innocence . Then there was a comment by Josh that said the studio was located 500 feet from an elementary school and there could be legal issues with his appearance. I told them if that was the case any offender I recommended would have the same issue?? It may be prudent to ask "legal" what to do in that case. Josh then asked if there was anyone else I could think of that would appear with me, due to the fact they really liked me and would like to profile what I do on the show? I thought about it and came up (first with Derek Logue) and then with Shana Rowan. (not sure how the polygraph would come into play with her) but I sent them links to Shana, youtube clips and whatever interactions I could find between the two of us. I havent heard back and I do not know if they contacted Shana. "oh and my alligators are very much alive and anyone can see that looking at my videos "thats why its called a harvest Shaun" .


Valigator said...

Oh and another example of Shaun Webb the compulsive Liar:
Sahun Webb writes "Oh, and the producers thought it very strange that a near 70 yr-old woman calls herself Valigator. Very 4th grade."

The producer ask a series of questions on the phone, ever been committed, are you seeing a doctor for mental issues, ever been arrested and so on..once they determine they want you on the show they insist on a photo ID with Date of Birth and address either faxed or e-mailed to the show. (they dont want any issues booking a flight) and they want proof you are who you say you are. For Shaun to state the show thought it strange that a near "70 year old woman" is indicative of a liar who lies when he doesnt have to for "effect". Who is near 70 Shaun? The show knows exactly how old I am due to the requested info they wanted (which I assume they wanted from you also)?? Shaun I keep tellin ya boy, your way too easy to trip up. In fact the show got a big laugh when I forwarded your rant to them. They said it was a shame you backed out, it would have been nice to expose you for the true sociopath you really are. "could have been an interesting show"..

Valigator said...

Lets see what next:"Val has admitted to making up bogus book reviews to try and hurt my sales on Amazon. She has not read word one of the books. It was just an attempt to de-fame my literary career. She has again failed on all counts."
umm interesting, if memory serves me (which it does) I posted on amazon my real name and the fact I thought you were "guilty as guilty can get" which I still maintain. It was the "goodreads" reviewers who attempted to read your books and couldnt stomach anything after the first chaptor, then you went on to "make any negative reviewer your "project". In fact if anyone wants to read what verified reviewers wrote just go to the "goodreads" site and look it up, I only jumped in with my (real name) after reading your relentless stalking of the women who spoke negatively about your book. I offered up my insights of what "Shaun Webb" is capable of if you arent praised high enough for your shit writings. Face it, regular reviewers of Goodreads who did take the time and money to read your book were appalled at your behavor and had you banned from the site you were such a pest..

Valigator said...

ahh what else? Isnt it nice (our little interactions) will be forever posted for the world to see? Now, tomorrow 5 years from now?? ahh and now my personal favorite: ""Val claims I RAPED a 13 yr-old girl when in fact my conviction was for touching a 15 yr-old girls COVERED breast (Of which I was also not guilty). I was acquitted on ALL felony charges. I am on the registry for a ridiculous charge.""
I didnt claim it Shaun, the State of Michigan declared it so. You dont have to be a lawyer to decipher the criteria for Tier Levels in your state. Your a Tier 2 Shaun which means while all this time you proclaimed your victim was 15 and (sometimes you would forget and claim she was 14) we now find out she was 13 and it was no "accidently brushed up against her covered breast" as you have been lying about for so long.. No Shaun you cornered this little girl and assaulted her and thats exactly what the state proved you did. "rediculous charge my ass""

Valigator said...

Shaun writes "The woman is enamored, obsessed and overly interested in me and my life. I say she’s just lonely.""

No Shaun I only exist to respond to your lies and perverted sense of fairplay in this world. I warned you a long time ago, if you insisted on make me your "project" by posting any comments about me on the internet I would retaliate and set the record straight. You left me no choice with the TV show rant. You even posted it after you made a such a huge deal of never "interacting with me again" that you would not let this woman (me) interfere with a "healthy place" you wanted to be in your life! But being the sexually and mentally compulsive,deranged, impulsive offender that you are, you had to "showboat" about the Tv Show. Notice no where on the web did I promote the request to be on "the Test" anywhere, you why Shaun?? Because I knew down deep in my gut you were going to crash and burn when one of your more lucid moments (which are rare) hit the light of day and you would be forced to confront the world with the many disparities of your never ending whining bullshit story (I am innocent) actually hit the public.. see how smart I am Shaun? Your ego wouldnt allow you to think that far, so now your backpeddaling to figure out why you are now not appearing on the show.. I didnt have to do that Shaun, thats the difference between anti's and sex offenders, we are so much more brighter than you pervs are..